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Democratic Underground can kiss my Old Redneck ass!!!

For several years, I have been a regular reader and commenter on DemocraticUndergound.

No more.

DU is firmly in the grip of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party establishment.  If you post a comment that is even the slightest bit critical of Pelosi, you are warned and your comment is deleted.

I recently pointed out that the average age of the House Democratic leadership is 76 while the average age of the Republican leadership is 47.  For posting this comment, I have now been banned by the DU administrators.

If we Democrats continue to bury our heads in the sand -- which is exactly what the DU administrators are doing -- we are destined to be a permanent minority.

John McCain

Today, John McCain interrupted his cancer treatment -- provided by his gold-plated Congressional medical insurance -- to vote to take away health insurance from 22 million people.

Fucking die already, you piece of shit.

Bail set at $26,000?!?!?!?!?

Florida authorities have arrested a former youth pastor after a co-worker found hundreds of thousands of sexual-oriented pictures and videos of young girls on his laptop — including some he secretly filmed in his bathroom.

According to FOX13, 36-year-old Chad Robison was the music director at Seven River Presbyterian in Lecanto, Florida, when the co-worker stumbled upon the stash of videos and photos before alerting church authorities and law enforcement.

On Thursday, Robison was charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition with a victim less than 16 years of age, one count of knowingly promoting sexual performance by a child, and three counts of ‘video voyeurism’ for his own use.

According to Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast, “On his personal laptop we have more than 3,000 videos and 350,000 photographs that our detectives have combed thru. I want to emphasize this is a textbook case of an online sexual predator.”

Authorities state that Robison engaged with younger girls in video chat rooms, encouraging them to expose themselves while he recorded the encounters. Additionally the church employee amassed hundreds of thousands of images of young girls, some engaging in sexual acts.

Deputies note that Robison also filmed young girls in his home bathroom without their knowledge, with videos made as recently as several months ago.

Bail for Robison has been set at $26,000 and authorities are questioning church members searching for more victims.

Bail set at $26,000?!?!?!?!  If he'd been a black kid caught with a bag of weed, bail would have been twice as much.

It doesn't work that way

No, you can't be a Nazi and a proud American. 

Furthermore, you can't be a goddam Confederate-flag-waver and a proud American.  Doesn't work that way.

Just when you thought The Stupid could not get any deeper . . . here comes Sarah Palin

Courtesy of  Sarah Failin's Facebook page:

 Mama Grizzlies on the March! I'm Looking forward to joining Candy Carson, Missy Robertson and many other Mama Grizzlies as we march across America this September. Hope to see you there! --->

 According to the website:  

On September 23, 2017, HomeMakers for America, in partnership with conservative, faith-based and constitutional advocacy groups across the nation, will hold a Moms March for America! 

Moms and families will unite across the nation to promote a message of hope and decency as we stand for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution. The center of the march is Omaha, Nebraska, but you don’t have to come to Omaha to join the march. The event will be broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are!

(If you click on the link above, be careful, you'll go to Palin's website which is filled with fake links that will fill your inbox with spam.)

If you are finished chuckling about the idea of Sarah Palin as a homemaker I will proceed.

As you might imagine this is an uber Christian organization that sees the woman's natural role as that of a homemaker and mother, and is attempting to reinforce that those are the most lofty goals for females in this country.

The fact that they have invited Sarah Palin to be a speaker is ironic to say the least.

Here was a woman who could not wait to hand the responsibility of raising her children and maintaining her home to literally anybody who was willing to take that on.

She had staff members, family members, hired helpers, and eventually her own children handle those responsibilities from almost the very beginning.

The other women listed as speakers include Candy Carson (HUD Secretary Ben Carson's wife), and Missy Robertson (one of the Duck Dynasty morons).

Both of them are also fundamentalist Christians and so this is all in keeping with Palin's most recent attempts to remake herself as some kind of internet evangelist.

However if anybody thinks this means that Palin actually supports women, well then I have some Arizona beachfront I would like to sell you.

I am not sure what the payoff is for Palin aside from the fact that somebody is actually paying attention to her and asking her to speak.

I guess this will at least give her something to do other than putting one word exclamations on Facebook posts that link to Right Wing propaganda outlets.

 No word on whether or not Sarah's daughter, Bristol, and her two illegitimate kids will join the march.  Also, no word on just how far Sarah will "march" -- I'm betting she marches to a microphone, makes a shrieking speech, then marches back to the taxi to the airport.

I'm supposed to "tone down the rhetoric?"

In the wake of the shooting of members of Congress at baseball practice last week, we now hear calls from Republicans and their supporters to "tone down the rhetoric."


For years, Republican and NRA Board member Ted Nugent -- a pedophile draft dodger -- talked about shoving a machine gun up Obama's ass and pulling the trigger.  Now Nugent says maybe we need to tone down the rhetoric.
MEMO FOR NUGENT:  Suck on your machine gun . . . just like you told President Obama to do.

Democratic member of Congress Gabby Giffords was shot.  We called for everyone to tone down the rhetoric.  What did we get?  We got:
-- Silence from the GOP, from Fox, from Limbaugh -- silence from the entire rightwing noise machine.
-- Sarah Palin posted a map of the US with weapon sight crosshairs on the districts of Democratic Congressional members she wanted to defeat.

Donald Trump, Jr., recently said Democrats are not even people.
MEMO FOR DONALD JR:  Call your tailor and get yourself measured for an orange jump suit.  You'll need it after Mueller gets through with your family of criminals.

Senate Republicans are working in secret to take health insurance away from working Americans and we are supposed to tone down the rhetoric?

A deranged nutcase opens fire on a group of Republican members of Congress playing baseball.  Then, Congressional Republicans vote to allow mentally ill people to buy guns.

After eight years of listening to Republicans question President Obama's citizenship, after eight years of Republicans opposing every single Obama proposal, after years of useless "investigations" into the Clintons -- now I'm supposed to "tone down the rhetoric?"

Disillusioned, angry goobers in failing rural towns voted for a stupid, half-witted, self-centered man-child with the maturity of a sixth grader . . . and I'm supposed to "tone down the rhetoric?'

How about this for rhetoric:  
Republicans are the enemy of this nation.  
Anyone who voted for Trump is a fool.
Tone down this, you assholes:

And another conservative snowflake steps up to the microphone . . .

A conservative student filed a lawsuit to turn her failing grade into an “A” because she did not like her professor’s assigned readings.
Donna Kikkert complained that her professor assigned texts that focused on LGBT poets instead of classics such as Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe, and she was unable to persuade University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point faculty to let her read what she wanted, reported the (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel.
The 59-year-old Kikkert claims that Patricia Dyjak, her professor for Advanced Creative Writing Poetry, failed her in retaliation for complaining about course work involving “lesbians, illicit sexual relationships, incest and frequent swearing.”
She also accused the professor of exposing her bare breast while showing students a tattoo on her shoulder blade area.
“She has swung the pendulum far to the side of LGBT students and, in doing so, has chosen to totally discount the importance and the validity of the mainstream student population,” Kikkert argued in her suit.
Kikkert wants a court to force Dyjak to turn the F into an A, and she also wants the professor suspended for a year without pay or fired.
The professor is being represented by the state Attorney General’s Office because the university is a function of the state.
Dyjak declined to comment, but Assistant Attorney General Katherine Spitz has requested the case be dismissed because Kikkert’s allegations don’t amount to a violation of any law.
“Kikkert’s complaint fails because it does not provide any legal authority or other basis (and the defendant’s counsel is aware of none) upon which this court could require Dyjak to teach the work of certain poets in a college course … or to provide any particular student with the grade that student believes she deserves, rather than the one she earned,” Spitz argued in a court filing.
A Portage County judge dismissed the case, but Kikkert has said she may appeal.