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Sarah Palin and the "socialized medicine" lie

As we all know, Sarah Palin has railed against Democratic proposals for health insurance reform, mainly repeating the lie about "death panels." Her rants always include references to "socialized medicine," "government take-over of health care," and similar lies.

BUT WAIT -- THERE'S MORE: Turns out that Sarah Palin's own grandson is enrolled in a "socialized medicine" system in which his health care is provided by the federal government, free of charge. Here are the details.

Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, is involved in a court fight with her former boyfriend, Levi Johnson, over support payments and visitation rights for their child, Tripp, Sarah's grandson.

Sarah Palin's husband is Todd Palin, who claims to be part Alaska Native, although that claim is challenged by sources in Alaska. Todd Palin and some of his children are shareholders in the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, an Alaska Native regional corporation. Tripp Palin is eligible to become a shareholder in the corporation. The Curyung Tribe is part of the Bristol Bay Native Association, a non-profit consortium of tribes in the Bristol Bay area. Bristol Palin's name is a nod to her ancestry.

Tripp Palin -- Sarah's grandson -- is enrolled as a member of the Curyung Tribe as part of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. Sarah's grandson receives free medical services at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage.

This fact came to light in a court filing by Bristol Palin's attorney in response to a filing by Levi Johnson's attorney in which Johnson claimed he was paying medical insurance premiums for the child. Palin's attorneys replied that Johnston has never paid for health care or for insurance "Because the majority of Tripp's health care costs are already covered by the IHS (Indian Health Service) and the Alaska Native Medical Center, Mr. Johnston has no need to purchase additional health insurance and this deduction should not be allowed."

The document is available here [PDF link] courtesy of E! Online.

The revelation about Sarah's grandson and his government-provided healthcare can be found on page eight of the court document.

This latest escapade is just another in a LONG line of lies and shady deals by Palin that reveals her true character. For example:

-- As mayor of Wasilla, she pushed through the city council approval of a multi-million $$ sports complex. At the same time, she and Todd built an enormous, million-$$ home on a lakeside lot. Sources close to the matter report that the house was built by the same contractor who built the sports complex and the cost of most of the materials in the house were swept into the cost of the sports complex -- paid for by Wasilla taxpayers.

-- Then there's the question of her two houses in remote Alaska on which she has paid no property taxes. While Palin supporters claim that these two properties are merely "hunting shacks," IN FACT, the two houses both are two-story houses with garages and workshops as big as the houses. And they were built about the same time the contractor on the sports complex was building the Palin house in Wasilla.

-- And now this business about enrolling the grandson in the Indian Health Service.

Yep, Palin is typical Republican -- she's happy to feed at the public trough as long as no one else is allowed to.