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Eric Cantor (R, VA): Lying sack of shit

Last year House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced the formation of the National Council for a New America, which he described as a group that would:

... engage with and empower the American people to develop innovative solutions
that meet the serious challenges confronting our country. It is the right time
to begin a thoughtful conversation about the future of this country.

And after a year of watching Republicans do anything but offer solutions or engage in thoughtful debate, the group has been "suspended" because, believe it or not, Democrats were mean to them:

Cantor aides explained that the group has been “suspended” one year after its
splashy launch in part because of the intense negative attention it received
from the Democratic campaign committees and other groups after its
introduction. [...]

Cantor spokesman John Murray said despite 5,000 positive news hits, the “relentless attacks from the left” became overwhelming to the whip office soon after its launch.


The facts of the matter are Cantor's group wasn't relentlessly attacked by the left -- EVERY ATTACK AGAINST CANTOR'S STILLBORN GROUP CAME FROM THE FAR RIGHT:

Tony Perkins:

In another step away from its conservative roots, Republican members of the
House unveiled The National Council for a New America in hopes of recasting the
Party's ailing identity. The effort only underscores the Republicans' present
identity crisis, as the GOP leadership kicked off the campaign devoid of the
values that once caused voters to identify with the party.

The group's priorities, which were unveiled at a pizza parlor press
conference, include the economy, health care, education, energy, and national
security. Notice anything conspicuously absent? Former Gov. Jeb Bush explained
the values void by saying it was time for the GOP to give up its "nostalgia" for
Reagan-era ideas and look forward to new "relevant" ideas. [...]

Turning away from those fundamental truths would be a death knell for
the GOP as little would be left to distinguish the Republicans from the

Mike Hickabee

In a fresh round of GOP infighting over the soul of the battered party,
Mike Huckabee just took a shot at a host of potential primary rivals,
disparaging Eric Cantor’s new group to revive the GOP, the National Council for
a New America, and the high-profile Republicans that make up the group’s "panel
of experts." [...]

"It is a sad day when our party comes to the point where we think it is
necessary to form a `listening group’ to find out what Americans think we should
be fighting for," Huckabee said. "Our problem is not lack of `experts,’ but too
many of them and not enough attention to the hard working people in our
communities that aren’t connected to the Beltway, but to the heartland."

And through a spokesman, Cantor folded:

"Eric reached out to Governor Huckabee, appreciates his efforts as a leader in our nation and he looks forward to remaining in close communication with all leaders," Dayspring told me, adding that social issues would be a focus of Cantor’s group: "All
issues, all topics, and all ideas will be included in the dialogue that the
National Council for a New America will have."

And -- Rush Limbaugh:

Here’s a brief timeline:

Thursday, April 30: Cantor announces a Republican listening tour,
saying the
GOP needs to “begin a conversation with the American people.”

May 2: Cantor says Republicans must “get back to listening to
the people.”

Monday, May 4: Rush Limbaugh smacks down Cantor’s project,
“we do not need a listening tour.”

Wednesday, May 6: Cantor caves,
saying “really, this is not a listening

And there you have it, folks -- proof that Eric Cantor (R, VA) is a lying
sack of shit. He formed a "group;" radical rightwingers who make up
the Republican "base" attacked his group; the group folded; and Cantor blamed
Democrats for his failure.