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Fox "news" lies -- again

Is Fox capable of telling the truth? Probably not.

One of their latest lies is the claim that President Obama has "given a large swath of Arizon back to Mexico."


-- quote

As we pointed out, Fox Nation used the preposterous headline "Obama Gives Back Major Strip of AZ to Mexico" in trumpeting a Fox News report about a closure of land in a national wildlife refuge in Arizona:

In the June 15 report, America Live guest host Shannon Bream says, "A massive stretch of Arizona now off limits to Americans. Critics say the administration is, in effect, giving a major strip of the Southwest back to Mexico."

There are a few problems with this: A representative of the refuge told Media Matters that the "massive stretch" of land is about five miles square, it's been closed since 2006, and it obviously hasn't been given back to Mexico.

Bonnie Swarbrick, who is the public information officer for the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona, said that the area in the refuge bordering Mexico was "closed in 2006 during the construction of a vehicle barrier." (That would have been more than two years before Obama even took office). Work on the vehicle barrier progressed into the construction of a 12-foot fence along the part of the refuge that borders Mexico, which is about seven miles long. The area has been kept closed "to allow the Border Patrol to do their work," she said.

Swarbrick added that the small strip of land that is closed makes up "less than 0.03 percent" of the refuge and said that the rest of the reserve is still open to the public. [UPDATE: A subsequent press release from the Fish and Wildlife Service made clear that the closed land makes up about 3 percent of the refuge.]

As for the Fox Nation headline, Swarbrick called it "totally false" and said the notion that America had given the land back to Mexico is "ludicrous."

-- end quote

Catherine Crabill: Dumb as a post

The Old Redneck lives in Northumberland County, VA, in Virginia's 1st Congressional District and in the 99th District of the Virginia General Assembly's House of Delegates.

There's an active "Tea Party" in our area whose hero is a batshit-crazy woman named Catherine Crabill. Never mind that Crabill and her husband left Arizona one step ahead of the law -- she raves about all the Tea Party's favorite bullshit and they just love her.

I'm not going into detail about this loon -- Google "Catherine Crabill" and read about her.

However, around 11:00 PM, 20 June 2010, I wandered over to her blog to see her latest ravings. I was not disappointed.

Go to this link and read her claim that " Obama got his own private armed forces in the Health Care Bill. " To prove this loony claim, she quotes at length from one section of the health care bill passed by Congress earlier this year. Here's the link:

This woman is absolutely clueless. What this section of the bill does is establish a reserve officer corps for the public health service that will be available for call-up during national medical emergencies.

Apparently she doesn't understand what a commissioned officer is because she seems to be all worked up about the provisions of the bill that state the President will appoint these reserve Public Health Service officers.

Jesus Christ but she is stupid -- ALL commissioned officers of all federal services are appointed by the President and approved by the Congress -- this includes commissioned officers of the Army, navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. I'm a retired Army officer; I pulled out my framed commission from back when I was commissioned in 1967 -- sure enough, it reads: "The President of the United States of America, reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, and abilities of (my name) I do hereby appoint him (rank) in the United States Army etc., etc., etc."

Of course, I don't doubt that her Tea Party friends -- being as ignorant as she is -- will eat up this bullshit.

Makes my head hurt to think about it.