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Rand Paul at Baylor: "lewd, crude, and grossly sacrilegious."

Here you go, folks -- Rand Paul in action.

GQ has the story

-- quote

What's truly interesting about Rand Paul and Baylor is not the issue of whether or not he graduated; it's what he did at Baylor during the two-and-a-half years he spent there. As I discovered in the course ofreporting a story about Paul for GQ, he wasn't your typical Baylor student.

Baylor seemed like a natural fit for someone like Paul. Located inWaco, it's the world's largest Baptist University and has a long history of educating the children of prominent Texas conservative politicos. As the son of Houston-area Congressman Ron Paul, young Rand—or Randy, as he was known back then—appeared to be following in that tradition. But when Paul showed up in Waco, he didn't conform to type. According to several of his former Baylor classmates, he became a member of a secret society called the NoZe Brotherhood, which was a refuge for atypical Baylor students. "You could have taken 90 percent of the liberal thinkers at Baylor and found them in this small group,"recalls Marc Burckhardt, one of Paul's former NoZe Brothers. Sort of across between Yale's Skull & Bones and Harvard's Lampoon, the NoZe existed to torment the Baylor administration, which it accomplished through pranks and its satirical newspaper The Rope. The group especially enjoyed tweaking the school's religiosity. "We aspired to blasphemy," says John Green, another of Paul's former NoZe Brothers.

In 1978, the Baylor administration became so fed up with the NoZe thatit suspended the group from campus for being, in the words of Baylor's president at the time, "lewd, crude, and grossly sacrilegious." DuringPaul's three years at Baylor, according to former NoZe Brothers, if the administration discovered a student was a member of the NoZe, thepunishment was automatic expulsion.

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I wonder how folks in Kentucky would feel about their senate candidate being a member of a group banned from Baylor for being "lewd, crude,and grossly sacrilegious". Now Paul was at Baylor from 1981-1984, so while the group was banned before he got there - the were still active as a secret society and still up to the same shenanigans.

While this isn't Bobby Jindal's exorcisms, and a lot can be written off to being a stupid college kid high on dope and alcohol -

-- quote

The strangest episode of Paul's time at Baylor occurred one afternoonin 1983 (although memories about all of these events areunderstandably a bit hazy, so the date might be slightly off), when heand a NoZe brother paid a visit to a female student who was one ofPaul's teammates on the Baylor swim team. According to this woman, whorequested anonymity because of her current job as a clinical psychologist, "He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door,and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong hits. They'd been smoking pot." After the woman refused to smoke with them, Paul and his friend put her back in their car and drove to the countryside outside of Waco, where they stopped near a creek. "They told me their god was 'Aqua Buddha' and that I needed to bow down and worship him," the woman recalls. "They blindfolded me and made me bowdown to 'Aqua Buddha' in the creek. I had to say, 'I worship you Aqua Buddha, I worship you.' At Baylor, there were people actively going around trying to save you and we had to go to chapel, so worshiping idols was a big no-no."

-- end quote

Rand Paul obviously doesn't hold organized religion in much of any regard.

Can you pick out Rand Paul in the photo:

The NoZe Brotherhood does exist at least to the point they have a wikipedia entry ..and an official webpage - . . . and even have a facebook page of members which of course is set to private.

G. W. Bush made 77 trips to Crawford, TX, for 490 days, at $226,072 per trip!!

Rightwingers are going berserk because President Obama goes out to Andrews AFB, MD, to play golf then shoots hoops at the White House.

Meanwhile, let's review a few FACTS: Bush Made 77 Trips to Crawford TX at $226,072 a Pop!!$226,072-a-Pop

At a bare minimum, for the flights alone, Bush's 77 vacation trips to Crawford cost us $226,072 per trip. That's $17,407,544 so he could ride his bicycle in the woods and clear brush for the cameras.

Try to google the cost of the Bush's 77 trips to Crawford TX on Air Force One and the information is nowhere to be found. Because it was never reported. I had to calculate the costs myself.

At a bare minimum, for the flights alone, Bush's 77 vacation trips to Crawford cost us $226,072 per trip. That's $17,407,544 so he could ride his bicycle in the woods and clear brush for the cameras.
The minimum cost per trip to Crawford TX is $226,072. That's just the estimated cost of flying Air Force One round trip - about two hours of flight time each way at $56,518 per hour.
This report assumes that flight operating costs are $56,518 per hour for Air Force One and $14,552 per hour for Air Force Two. These figures are based on the per hour cost figures cited by GAO for fiscal year 2000, adjusted for inflation.7
According to the Congressional Research Service, the President’s domestic travel also involves the use of accompanying cargo planes.8 This report assumes one cargo plane accompanies the President on each trip at an operating cost per hour of $6,960. This figure is based on the per-hour cost cited by GAO for fiscal year 2000 for the C-17 cargo plane, adjusted for inflation.
The distance from Crawford to Washington DC is 1295 miles.
Speed: 630 miles per hour
George W. Bush is today making his final visit to Camp David as president.

He will likely miss the place: According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, today's trip marks Mr. Bush's 149th visit to the presidential retreat. The planned three-day stay, during which the president is being joined by family and former and current aides, will bring his total time spent at Camp David to all or part of 487 days.

Yes, that's 487 days. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Knoller reports that Mr. Bush has made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.