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When does Senator Vitter (R, LA) resign??

Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted he sent lewd photos to young women and had "phone sex" with at least one of them, the howling mobs are demanding his resignation.

Let's go back to a similar admission involving a Republican Senator -- specifically Senator David Vitter (R, LA) who admitted to using the services of D.C. and New Orleans prostitutes. Remember, at the time Vitter was -- and still is -- the married father of four and a U.S. Senator.

After the revelations of his antics, Vitter was selected by the Southern Republican Leadership Conference as the man who "makes our party what it is."

In selecting the individuals who “make our party what it is,” SRLC [Southern Republican Leadership Conference] chose Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to kick off today’s events. Vitter, of course, is known for frequenting a Washington, D.C. and New Orleans prostitution service. The married father of four has led Senate efforts to pass a “Marriage Protection Amendment” and bring down ACORN. Today, right-wing activists rewarded Vitter with a standing ovation.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who followed Vitter, lauded the “principled conservative leadership that David Vitter has shown in the United States Senate.”

Now, what was that noise from the right about how Weiner should resign?

This pretty much sums it up

Sarah Palin gets up each day, goes outside, and does a cannonball into a pool of stupid.

Impeach "Justice" Clarence Thomas and do it NOW!!

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be impeached immediately. Here are excerpts from other websites with the details.


WASHINGTON,, a campaign finance watchdog,has asked the FBI and Department of Justice to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia (Ginni) Thomas for financial and judicial corruption partly based on the Justice's newest financial disclosures.

First, the organization alleges, Justice Thomas falsified 20 years of judicial financial disclosure forms by denying that his wife had income sources;

second, he engaged in judicial corruption by receiving $100,000 in support from Citizens United during his nomination and then ruling in favor of Citizens United in 2010 without disclosing that fact or disqualifying himself;

and third, he apparently conspired with his wife in a form of "judicial insider trading" by providing her with information about the result of the Court's decision in Citizens United prior to its issuance, which she then used to launch a new company to take financial advantage of that decision to benefit her and her husband.

On Friday, May 27, 2011 [ding,ding,ding],
Clarence Thomas' [corrected] 2010 Financial Disclosure Forms were released showing that he had invested thousands of dollars in Liberty Consulting Inc. a lobbying and consulting firm founded by his wife to cater to the "tea party." The disclosure also revealed that his wife received "salary and benefits" from Liberty Consulting and Liberty Central.

Today [June 1, 2011], is calling on the DOJ's Public Integrity Section and the FBI to consider this new information in their investigation of Justice Thomas and his wife.


by Jennifer Epstein, -- 1/24/11

Like all federal judges, Thomas must file annual disclosure reports on his personal finances, but he had omitted details of his wife’s earnings in what he wrote was a “misunderstanding of the filing instructions.” He also had checked a box marking no spousal income.

Last week [Jan 2011], watchdog group Common Cause reported that none of the nearly $690,000 the Heritage Foundation said it had paid Ginni Thomas between 2003 and 2007 had been reported on Justice Thomas’s annual financial disclosure forms.

In a statement Monday, the group said did not believe Thomas’s explanation.

Until 1996, Thomas included his wife’s income on his disclosure forms.


And there you have it, folks. Thomas needs to stop participating in Court business until this matter is settled -- with his removal.

Just how phony is Sarah Palin?

GIVE ME A GODDAM BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this photo of Sarah Palin at the Rolling thunder rally -- wearing a necklace consisting of a huge wooden (christian) cross.

Now, check out this photo of her one day later in NYC, where she has exchanged her cross necklace for a STAR OF DAVID necklace.

Can this woman be more phony???

Obama DOJ Civil Rights Division hiring more, smarter lawyers -- all with commitment to equal treatment under the law

Here's some good news from a NYT article. Turns out the Obama DOJ is hiring lawyers with real civil rights backgrounds for the DOJ Civil Rights Division -- and -- these lawyers are from top-tier law schools, not the rightwing diploma mills such as Pat Robertson's "Regents University School of Bible and Law."

Here's a link to the NYT article.

And here are some excerpts from the article.

WASHINGTON — Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division has reversed a pattern of systematically hiring conservative lawyers with little experience in civil rights, the practice that caused a scandal over politicization during the Bush administration.

. . .

The New York Times analyzed the résumés — obtained via the Freedom of Information Act — of successful applicants to the division’s voting rights, employment discrimination, and appellate sections. The documents showed that the Obama-era hires were more likely to have had experience in civil rights, and they graduated from more selective law schools, than those hired over the final six years of the Bush administration.

Specifically, about 90 percent of the Obama-era hires listed civil rights backgrounds on their résumés, up from about 38 percent of the Bush group hires. (There were about 47 Obama-era hires and about 72 in the last six years of the Bush administration.)

Moreover, the Obama-era hires graduated from law schools that had an average ranking of 28, according to U.S. News & World Report. The Bush group had a lower average ranking, 42.

At the same time, there was a change in the political leanings of organizations listed on the résumés, where discernible. Nearly a quarter of the hires of the Bush group had conservative credentials like membership in the Federalist Society or the Republican National Lawyers Association, while only 7 percent had liberal ones.

By contrast, during the first two Obama years, none of the new hires listed conservative organizations, while more than 60 percent had liberal credentials. They consisted overwhelmingly of prior employment or internships with a traditional civil rights group, like the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Those findings were amplified by a report on Tuesday by The National Law Journal, which analyzed the résumés of nearly 120 career lawyers hired since 2009 across the entire division. Of that group, it reported, at least 60 had worked for traditional civil rights organizations.

. . .

All of which leads the Old Redneck to shout "HALLELUJAH!"

Biggest political story of the week? Not what you think!!!

The biggest political story of the last week of May-first week of June 2011 is not what you think -- it's not Palin's phony bus tour or the equally phony "Weinergate." Let's let Huffington Post tell the tale:

WASHINGTON -- The biggest political story over the past week didn't involve a bus tour, sordid tweets sent from a congressman's account or even the posturing over whether to raise the nation's debt ceiling.

Instead, it was the no-thrills release of a 16-page report by the Census bureau, which underscored a massive paradigm shift in how politics is conducted.

On May 26, the Census released what an official at the bureau described as "the latest, most up to date data on the Hispanic population in the United States." The numbers, culled from its 2010 survey, tell a remarkable -- albeit anticipated -- story: The Hispanic population is growing at a rate much faster than any other demographic.

"The new census data affirms that one of the great stories of the 21st century is the changing majority of America from a majority white country to a majority minority country," said Simon Rosenberg, president and founder of NDN, a Democratic-leaning think tank that has focused heavily on Hispanic issues. "From a national political standpoint it’s a huge development."

Here are links to the Census Bureau report on the growing US Hispanic population.

And here are a few more excerpts from the Huffington Post article:

Hector Barajas remains acutely aware of the weapon. As a Spanish media spokesman for both George W. Bush's 2004 presidential campaign and John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign as well as communications director for the California Republican Party, he has watched the evolving relationship between the GOP and the Latino population from a front row seat. His post in California has particularly presented challenges, with the bulging Hispanic community forcing statewide candidates into a sharp political pull between demographic realities and conservative political pressures.

Recently, he's been making the rounds to various Republican Party entities, urging them to readjust the rhetoric and appreciate the trends, noting Obama's failure to deliver on key promises to the Hispanic community creates an opening. One part of his pitch includes a slide showing that even if all immigration into the United States came to a halt, the Hispanic population would continue to grow, with births inside the country rising at an even faster rate than net immigration.

"Every 30 seconds a Latino turns the age of 18," he told The Huffington Post. "There are about 11 million Latinos over the age of 18 who are U.S citizens and not yet registered to vote. 2.4 million of them reside in Texas, 2.2 million reside in California. Can you imagine if half of them got registered in Texas, how it would change the politics there?"

. . .

Already in Texas, Hispanic population growth has spurred a high-stakes debate over how to restructure redistricting in the state. Republicans, reading the demographic tea leaves, have tried to create a super-majority Hispanic district in the Dallas-Forth Worth area so as to confine the effect of their vote. Hispanic officials, who once salivated at the idea of a firmly held House seat, are now inclined to fight the plan.

"They see the potential to have more of these districts with 30 to 40 Hispanics then to get a supermajority one," said Moses Mercado, a Democratic operative in D.C. who advised John Kerry's presidential campaign. "The growth is unbelievable. Instead of one super district you will have four or five … The [census] numbers were above what everyone was thinking. It is extraordinary, the large growth. And you are already seeing the impact of it."

Recognizing that trend, the Republican Party has begun a broad discussion about how to stem the flooding of Hispanics away from the GOP.
. . .

So -- where does this leave that part of the Republican "base" that is intent on deporting everyone with brown skin and a Spanish accent? on building border fences? on beefing up the Border Patrol? on denying a path to citizenship to Hispanics?