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Time for a dose of reality

As we all know, rightwingers, conservatives, Republicans, biblethumpers, and their followers live in an alternate universe where up is down, down is sideways, day is night, and Ronnie Raygun is the Greatest Person Who Ever Lived.

And, as we all know, these people are nutty.

Now that the election is over and President Obama is assured of a second term, it's time for a dose of reality courtesy of Rachel Maddow.

Mitt Romney: Sleazebag of the highest order

We now are learning just what a sleazebag Mitt Romney really is.  And he wants to be President?

The story goes like this: 

  • Staples founder Tom Stemberg was in the midst of a nasty divorce with his wife Maureen Stemberg Sullivan. Romney, a friend of Stemberg’s who invested in his company, testified in court that Staples was not worth very much. Staple’s stock was “overvalued,” Romney said in court, adding, “I didn't place a great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company's future.”
  • Romney’s testimony helped ensure that Maureen received very little money when the divorce case was resolved. However,  just weeks after the divorce ended, Romney and Tom went to Goldman Sachs and cashed in THEIR stock for a fortune.  Short story -- Romney lied to help his friend and screw over the friend's wife.
  • But it  doesn’t stop there. Sullivan -- the wife -- was suffering from cancer and multiple sclerosis, Stemberg canceled her health insurance. The kicker is that Stemberg was then working with Romney as a health care adviser.
As of noon, Thursday, 24 October, a judge in Boston has ruled that Romney's testimony in the trial -- previously sealed under court order -- is now unsealed and the transcript of his testimony is expected to be publicly available late Thursday afternoon -- just in time for the nightly news.

Here are a few other facts:

This case matters because it goes to Mitt Romney's honesty, credibility and character. 

It also matters because Tom Stemberg gave a speech at the RNC convention and advises Mitt Romney on health care. 

Bain Capital had invested in Staples. Mitt sat on Staples Board of Directors.  He KNEW what Staples was worth.

It also matters that Mr. Stemberg, Staples CEO, is a spokesperson on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney. 

Notice the double standard. The Romneys played for sympathy for Ann Romney. But it's ironic that Ann Romney claimed she needs a tax-deductible horse because of her MS, while another sufferer of the very same disease and cancer should be screwed out of what was hers because of Mitt's lies.  And when Mitt's very own health adviser, Tom Stemberg, canceled his sick wife's health insurance to punish her in the divorce proceedings, there is something really ugly going on. 

Yes, there is evil in the world and that evil is Mitt Romney.

Romney-Ryan Tax Plan Encourages US Companies to Move Jobs Overseas

Mitt Romney has been reluctant to discuss details of his economic and tax plans for good reason:  The Romney-Ryan tax plan would encourage US corporations to ship jobs overseas by eliminating US taxes on profits from overseas operations.

Romney’s campaign website contains a brief description of his tax proposals including the proposal to switch US corporate taxes to a “territorial system.”

Simply stated, a “territorial tax system” means that profits for a corporation or income for an individual earned outside the US are not taxable.  Read that again:  Under the Romney-Ryan tax plan, all profit that a corporation makes from operations outside the US is not taxable.  Ditto for an individual; any income an individual earns from sources outside the US (such as the Cayman Islands) is not taxable.

If this nation adopts the Romney-Ryan territorial tax plan, US corporations would rush to close operations in the US and move their operations overseas because profits earned from their overseas operations would not be taxable by the US government.

We already know that as head of Bain Capital Mitt Romney was a leader in closing US factories and shipping jobs overseas.  Now we see that, as president, those “12 million jobs” Romney promises would be in China, Malaysia, Honduras . . . everywhere except the United States.

Queen Ann Romney tells the Little People to stop being mean to her and Mitt

This is disgusting.

We all know the Romney's are super-wealthy.  What we didn't realize is how much hate and disdain the Romney's have for the rest of us -- but -- Queen Ann Romney is letting us know what she and Mitt REALLY think about the rest of us.

First, here's Queen Ann telling us "We have told You People all you need to know."

And now here's the latest from Queen Ann:  "This is hard!!"

Since the revelations in secret videotape of Mitt dismissing half of all Americans as freeloaders, even Republicans have been complaining about Romney.  Now, Queen Ann fires back at the Republican detractors, telling them:

“Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring,” she said. “This is hard and, you know, it’s an important thing that we’re doing right now and it’s an important election and it is time for all Americans to realize how significant this election is and how lucky we are to have someone with Mitt’s qualifications and experience and know-how to be able to have the opportunity to run this country.”

And she thinks her husband should be the president of ALL THE PEOPLE??  Or maybe she just wants him to be the president of the one percent who are like them.

Mitt Romney: 616 verifiable lies in 33 weeks

Mitt Romney has told 616 verifiable lies in 33 weeks.

Go to this article for links to the lists of Romney's lies.

Today's Republican Party is a FRAUD -- a hate-filled, obscene, evil FRAUD

In this speech, in less than six minutes, Virginia 6th District Democrat Andy Schmookler sums it all up, better than many better-funded and better-known Democratic candidates have ever done in their lives. Powerful, brilliant...


This video needs to go viral. This speech needs to be repeated by every Democrat and Democratic candidate.

Here's a transcript:

...This Republican Party that we have now is not our fathers' Republican Party. It is neither conservative nor interested in dealing with our problems. This is a party which has become unlike anything we've ever seen at center stage of American politics. We have to recognize that we're dealing with something which is different from what we're used to, which is showing a dark and sick and broken spirit that has taken over a once great party.

You can see this sick and broken spirit in various patterns...a spirit which never has enough of either wealth or power, even though we have the greatest income inequality that we've had in living memory, this force is working to widen that gap still further with the Ryan budget...with Mitt Romney's tax proposals; all of them take from average Americans to give to those who already have the most.

...This force has given us a Supreme Court that's handed down that disgraceful decision in Citizens United, putting our government up for auction. All men are created equal is getting swamped by the almighty dollar.

This is a force that makes a fight over everything. When Barack Obama tried to reinstitute cooperation as a dynamic in our political system by proposing Republican ideas as a solution to genuine American problems, all of a sudden what THEY had proposed as cap and trade became socialism, what they had proposed as an individual mandate became unconstitutional, what they had proposed became called death panels.

This is a force appealing only to the worst in people, not feeding our faith, hope and love, but feeding our hatreds and fears. And it's a force which is consistently dishonest...and that is their Achilles heel, because the only way a force like this can have power is by deceiving people into believing that they are something that they are not.

Which is what brings me here, unexpectedly in my life cycle, to be a political candidate...When I was 15, my dad told me I was not cut out to be a politician. Dad said you're too straightforward, you insist on saying what you really think, and that's not how politics works. I saw that he was right. That was 50 years ago, and in those 50 years I've sought the truth about why it is that some societies serve their people well, while other societies hurt them. And in all those 50 years, I never thought I'd run for political office.

Until now. Now the dishonesty in our politics has become so bad and the lies from this gang that's hijacked the Republican Party are so often defeating the truth, that I figured now is the time for someone like me, that truthelling needs its champions. And that's why I'm running to replace Bob Goodlatte in Congress. [wild applause]

We've got a job to do here in the 6th district [of Virginia] that needs to be done on a national basis, which is to expose to the good, decent conservative people of our country and our district that the force that they're supporting is not the friend of their own deep values. It is not conservative; and we can see that by the way they trample on our political traditions. Like on the debt ceiling which we don't deal with that way; like the filibuster that we do not use that way. A conservative understands you don't just sweep your traditions aside; you honor them, you protect them, they're there for a reason.

But not this group, they're not conservative, they're not patriotic. We now know that even before President Obama was inaugurated, they met together to say, we're going to make this president fail. I don't think there's been a single time that an opposition party has made that their priority, but especially at a time of a national crisis, when we had two wars that they had botched...especially at a time when the whole American economy and the global economy were on the edge of an abyss. You don't want the president to fail if you're a patriot. If the president fails - we've only got one at a time - the country fails, and tens of millions of Americans suffer. No real patriot would ever want to do that! [APPLAUSE]

This Republican Party is a fraud, it is based on lies, you can see in Ryan's speech last week...I can see it in the emails I get from Bob Goodlatte. They pretend to be one thing, they are another. The truth is our weapon, let's go fight that battle and win it!

Paul Ryan tells working people who lost their jobs: "Here, eat some candy."

This video needs to be spread far and wide.

This is Paul Ryan at a Labor Day event, pumping for votes.

A constituent came up to Ryan and asked him:

"So what should I have to work for to get a job?" the man asked. "Should I have to work the same wages as in China? Should I have to work for $1 an hour?"

Ryan initially brushed him aside and said:

"C'mon, we're all here to have a good time."

Seeing that his constituent was persistent, Ryan relented and offered some hope and help:

"Would you like some candy?" Ryan asked. "Would you like a Packer-Badger schedule?"

Candy or a football schedule.

That's all job-seeking Wisconsinites ever got from Paul Ryan.

And the American people should not expect anything more or better from him.

". . . their number is negligible and they are stupid."

Ike Eisenhower described today's Republican Party perfectly:

Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.

-- Dwight Eisenhower, 1954

Mitt Romney creating jobs in China while destroying jobs in America

In the latest iteration of a tale that's been told too damn many times, we come to the Sensata plant in Freeport, Illinois, where 170 highly skilled workers who made electronic sensors for cars quite profitably are now watching their plant being dismantled and shipped to China, piece by piece.

Making it worse, Chinese workers were brought to the plant and the Americans who are losing their jobs are training the Chinese to do the jobs that the Chinese workers will take back to China, putting all 170 Americans out of work.

Sensata's majority owner? Bain Capital.

Workers and town officials offer an earful on greed, what capitalism is and is not meant to be about, the Bain business model, and "the big fairy tale" of Romney's talk of job creation.

Can you say "trailer trash?"

Last weekend, Sarah Palin traveled to Missouri to campaign for Tea Party Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman. Steelman fancies herself to be "Superman" -- her campaign hands out Superman T-shirts with "Steelman" replacing "Superman."

Here's a photo of Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman on the platform together.

Reminds me of a couple of skank ho's at Randy's Redneck Bar and Truck Stop near Bull's Gap, Tennessee, picking up truck drivers.

I am SO-O-O-O-O-O-O happy this piece of trash is not Vice President of the USofA. About the only thing missing from this photo is a shot of Palin's tramp stamp.

It appears that Sarah finally has given up any pretense of being a serious politician and now has gone full-blown laughing stock.

This is why Willard RMoney won't release his tax returns

A Vanity Fair article published today outlines Mitt Romney's foreign investments, including his $3 million Swiss bank account, a mysterious Bermuda corporation he owns, and investments in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and Ireland. Until he releases his tax returns, the American people will never know if Romney has been trying to avoid U.S. taxes, which begs the question: what does Romney have to hide?

In case you can't read the print on the infographic, here are the details.

BERMUDA: The Ann D. Romney Blind Trust held an interest in Bermudan company. Value not disclosed in tax returns.

IRELAND: Ann D. Romney Blind Trust held an interest in Goldman Sachs Liquid Reserve Fund and others. Value not disclosed in tax returns.

SWITZERLAND: Bank account held; Approximately $3 million. Value $3 million.

LUXEMBOURG: Romney Family Trust held interests in Bain Capital and other funds. Value not disclosed in tax returns.

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Ann D. Romney Blind Trust held interests in numerous investment partnerships. Value not disclosed in tax returns.

GOP Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt freaks out, thinking "Obamacare" has been overturned

First, some background.

On Thursday, 28 June 2012, the Supreme Court handed down their decision upholding the Affordable Health Care Act -- "Obamacare." CNN and Fox screwed up -- they initially reported the Act had been overturned.

One of the most reprehensible, hate-filled, stupid Republicans in Congress (and there are a lot of them who meet that description) is Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio. Schmidt is a hate-filled ignoramus.

When she heard the news that "Obamacare" had been overturned, she went batshit crazy, shrieking, screaming, dancing in the street. Watch it here:

“Thank God! They struck down the individual mandate! They took it away!”

That’s Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH), she’s a Birther and an abortion opponent. She once called fellow representative John Murtha Jr. a coward for wanting to end the pointless war in Iraq. Murtha was a 38 year Marine Corps veteran with a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Schmidt worked in her daddy’s bank and never served a day in her life.

That the GOP wants Obamacare gone is obvious. What is less obvious is why they want it gone. No, it’s not because it will “destroy America.” Conservatives, like Schmidt, said the same thing -- "destroy America" -- about Social Security, Medicare, 40 hour work weeks, labor unions, blacks and women getting the right to vote, and pretty much every bit of progress in the 20th Century. All of these things have strengthened the country.

No, what Schmidt and her fellow Republicans hate is that Obamacare was passed by Obama. That’s it. They’ve gone on the record as supporting pretty much every measure in the law but spent years and millions of dollars demonizing the whole package.

Why? To deny a Democratic president a victory. The GOP has declared the individual mandate -- an idea they invented -- as satanic Socialism simply because Obama embraced it.

Watching an elected official scream in esctasy over what she thought was millions of people, millions of children, losing any hope for health care is disturbing.

Even though she lost her primary bid for 2012 and will be out of a job next year, this video should be played nonstop until November as an example of just how little the GOP cares about the people of this country.

Are Republicans stupid? Or pathetic? Or both?

Republicans just can't stop looking backward.

House Republicans said after the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding President Barack Obama’s health care law that they’ll vote to repeal it after Congress returns from its July Fourth recess.

The House will vote to repeal the health care law — again — on July 11, the office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said.

They lost. It's over. Obamacare is constitutional.

The key issue in front of the country isn't whether we should go back to the old health care system, it's how are we going to accelerate economic growth and add more jobs.

But -- while the rest of the country wants to move forward and focus on those challenges, Mitt Romney and the Republicans insist on looking backwards, fighting over yesterday.

Is it pathetic -- or stupid -- or both. With Republicans, it's probably both.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!!

Here it is, folks -- the rightwing, Republican message distilled into a few words: "FEAR!! FEAR!! FEAR!! AND SEND MONEY!"

Ann Romney committed fraud

Aspiring First Lady Ann Romney sold a dressage horse that could no longer perform dressage for $125,000 to an unsuspecting buyer after paying for the injection of a cocktail of painkillers that an expert witness said was unprecedented in his experience.

Ann Romney's High Horse

Super Hit had Butorphanol, Delomidine, Romifidine, and Xylatine in its system at the time of his sale, according to court documents.

Testified an expert: “In my 38 years of practice, I have never come across a drug screen such as this where the horse has been administered so many different medications at the same time.”

Ann Romney found herself briefly the subject of a lawsuit at whose core, according to court documents, was a heavily-medicated horse.
Romney and her trainers sold the horse, Super Hit, in 2008 for $125,000. And Super Hit had what a prominent veterinarian described as a staggering quantity of drugs in its system at the time of its examination before being sold, according to a toxicology report that's part of the lawsuit over the horse's condition.

The lawsuit, which was mentioned in a New York Times story last month, was filed in 2010 by a woman in San Diego who had bought Super Hit from Romney and her trainers, Jan and Amy Ebeling. The woman, Catherine Norris, sued Romney for fraud after the horse allegedly proved physically incapable of performing as a dressage horse.
The case with Romney was settled last September and she is no longer involved in the lawsuit.

According to a toxicology report provided to the horse's vet and testimony from a veterinarian, Dr. Steven Soule, included in the lawsuit, Super Hit had three sedative pain killers and one narcotic pain killer in her system when the horse was examined to check her condition pre-sale. The drugs were Butorphanol, Delomidine, Romifidine, and Xylatine.

Soule, who has been the United States Equestrian Team veterinarian since 1978, writes, “In my 38 years of practice, I have never come across a drug screen such as this where the horse has been administered so many different medications at the same time.” The horse had a defect in its foot, and Norris's lawyers alleged that the Ebelings had drugged the horse in order to hide its condition.

The New York Times has over the last few weeks turned a spotlight on the related topic of performance-enhancing drugs in horses. A Romney spokeswoman didn't respond to inquiries about the case or the broader policy.

Hmmm. What would have happened if Michelle Obama had - - let's say - - - had a luxury car with lots of miles on it. Then suppose she rolled back the odometer and sold it as almost new. Exactly what would have happened?

Romney tax deduction for his horse is more than median family income

GLADSTONE, N.J. — Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, who plan to attend the opening of the Olympic Games in London this summer, now have a personal rooting interest in the event.

Jan Ebeling, Mrs. Romney’s longtime riding tutor, and his horse Rafalca, co-owned by Mrs. Romney, earned a berth on the United States Olympic dressage team on Saturday.

. . .

Does this mean that Mitt is now going to claim that his wife is an Olympian, the same way he claimed that he knew what it was like to be unemployed?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Meanwhile, consider this: The Romney family’s dressage horse-related tax deductions last year exceeded median U.S. household income.

It's true: The private sector is doing just fine!!!

The private sector is making record profits.

Productivity in the private sector has reached record highs.

Private companies are sitting on over $3 TRILLION in profits.

The stock market -- in spite of occasional short-term drops -- is at or near historic highs.


Willard Romney and Gov. Krispy Kreme (of NJ) say: "Need a cop or a firefighter? Call Bain Capital!!"

The last three years are the worst on record for public sector job loss, and the 700,000 government jobs that no longer exist remain a large drag on the American economy.

New Jersey Gov. and Mitt Romney campaign surrogate Chris Christie (R) said those losses mean the country is moving in “the right direction,” and Romney himself backed up that statement later, criticizing President Obama for calling for the hiring of more teachers, firefighters, and police officers, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent reports. From CNN’s report of the Romney event:

Romney said of Obama, “he wants another stimulus, he wants to hire more government workers. He says we need more fireman, more policeman, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.”

Meanwhile, if you need a cop you can always call George Zimmerman -- oooopppsss!!! He's in jail. Well, you can always call Bain Capital.

Scientists say Oklahoma 2011 hottest summer ever; Sen Inhofe, a braying jackass, denies the fact

First the scientists speak.

After recalculating data, climatologists have declared that Oklahoma last year suffered through the hottest summer ever recorded in the United States.

"I'm from Oklahoma, and when you talk about the summer of 1934, there are a lot of connotations that go with that," said Deke Arndt, chief of the NCDC's climate monitoring branch in Asheville, N.C. "That whole climate episode - the Dust Bowl - that is a point in our state's history that we still look back to as transformative." Yet the summer of 2011, "was warmer than all those summers that they experienced during the Dust Bowl," Arndt said.

And now the jackass brays.

In a radio interview with Voice of Christian Youth America, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) argued that his belief that global warming is a hoax is biblically inspired. Promoting his book The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, Inhofe told interviewer Vic Eliason on Wednesday that only God can change the climate, and the idea that manmade pollution could affect the seasons is "arrogance".

And now the Old Redneck comments:

I have nothing to add.

"christian love" in action -- 4-year-old receives standing O while singing "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven"

Here it is, folks -- the video of a 4-year-old in church singing ". . . ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven . . ." and receiving a standing ovation.

And this is what christians do when they think no one is watching.

The Romney Presidency: In Pictures

Want to see what the Romney presidency would look like? Okay, here you go.

Day One

Day Two

Windsurfing and waterskiing

Remember back during the 2004 presidential campaign when John Kerry's campaign decided it would be a good idea to show video of ol' John windsurfing to prove that he's just a regular guy?

Only they discovered that wind surfing is pretty much the purview of the spoiled rich?

Well, now Willard is headed down the same path. Willard RMoney has challenged Obama to a water skiing contest.

WATER SKIING? Behind a $70,000 ski boat powered by dual 150-hp Yamahas at $11,000 EACH?? (Not including insurance, maintenance, marina fees, fuel, pylons, booms, skis, ski line, etc., etc., etc.)

Sure, Willard. Just exactly what every unemployed American is doing -- out water skiing.

How about challenging Obama to something truly American -- like a game of one-on-one basketball? Or a few rounds of H-O-R-S-E?? You know -- something the regular folks can connect with.

Like we didn't see this coming

Like we didn't see this coming -- no, not at all.

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) really doesn't want
to talk about gay marriage.

During his weekly briefing on Thursday, Boehner was asked several
questions about his views on the issue, ranging from whether he
considers marriage equality a civil rights issue to how much of a role
he thinks the issue should play in campaigns. And every time, he had
the same answer.

"I'm going to stay focused on what the American people want us to stay
focused on, and that's jobs," he said. [...]

"The president and the Democrats can talk about this all they want,"
he said. "But the fact, is, the American people are focused on the
economy and they're asking the question, 'Where are the jobs?'"

Yes, that laser-like focus on jobs that they've had for a year and a
half -- you know, that GOTP focus on jobs -- in between all the votes about abortion and contraception and abortion and Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare and tax cuts for millionaires and oil companies and abortion and contraception and redefining rape and gays.

Guns are like penises

Guns are like penises.

Half the population owns one but only fools and nuts wave them around, threaten people with them, and shoot them off in public.

Media, GOP give Obama credit for recent drop in gas prices. Right??

The media and the Republicans were happy to blame President Obama for the high price of gasoline in March, but they are giving Obama none of the credit for the drop in gas prices today.

It seems like only yesterday that the GOP and their corporate media lackeys were telling us that gas prices would ruin Obama, but they have gone silent as gas prices have fallen since Obama announced his administration’s crackdown on oil speculation.

As recently as last month, Mitt Romney was still blaming President Obama for the price of gas:

“He gets full credit or blame for what’s happened to this economy and what’s happened to gasoline prices under his watch and what’s happened to our schools and what’s happened to our military forces — all these things are his responsibility while he’s president.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner went as far as to claim that gas prices could cost Obama the election:

“But if the economy doesn’t get better, I don’t think he’ll win. If people don’t feel better about government-run health care, I don’t think he’ll win. And if gas prices are $5 or $6, he certainly isn’t going to win.”

The media was happy to give the Republicans a free forum and plenty of airtime to use to blame Obama for gas prices, but on April 17 Obama called for a crackdown on oil speculation:

“We can’t afford a situation where speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher, only to flip the oil for a quick profit. We can’t afford the situation where some speculators can reap millions (of dollars in profits), while millions of American families get the short end of the stick. That’s not the way the market should work.”

Since Obama announced his crackdown on oil speculation, gas prices have fallen twelve cents a gallon. The media response to this news has been total silence.

Is Wisconsin a Communist state???

In mid-April, the Obama campaign unveiled their 2012 campaign slogan: "FORWARD!"

Immediately, the rightwing wackjobs, knuckle-draggers and mouth-breathers rushed around telling everyone that "Forward" really is a communist, Marxist motto, thereby proving something about President Obama. For example, the radical rightwing Washington Times wrote:

The Obama campaign apparently didn't look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called "Forward (generic name of socialist publications)."

Well, okay. I guess the word "Forward" belongs to the commies.

So, perhaps these rightwingnuts can explain the Wisconsin state flag:

Pat Robertson Goes to War: The Liquor Officer

The Liquor Officer,
Pat Robertson Goes to War

Televangelist Pat Robertson, founder of the "Christian Coalition" and host of the daily "700 Club" television program, is a fraud and a liar. And don't bother to tell me that he is forgiven and that makes it right. Pat continues to defraud people and lie, even on his "Christian" broadcasting network.

I am a retired Army colonel. I served 28 years in uniform, including service in Vietnam. Many of my friends were killed or wounded in Vietnam. There is a special bond between men who have served in combat and God save the fool who tries to pass himself off as a combat soldier when he is not. That's exactly what Pat Robertson tried to do when he ran for President in 1986.

Quoted below is an excerpt from the book The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston (Prometheus Books, published in 1996). In this excerpt, we learn that Robertson's claims to have served in combat in Korea are a lie -- his father, a US senator, intervened to keep him out of combat. In fact, Pat served in the rear where he consorted with whores and made regular trips to Japan to purchase liquor for the rest of the officers in the rear, hence his title "Liquor Officer."

Quoted from The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston, pages 40 - 42.

Revelations about Robertson's war record also dogged his campaign. In his campaign literature Robertson claimed to be a combat veteran of the Korean War. In fact, he served three miles from the front in a headquarters function ferrying codes to Japan and never saw combat.

Former GOP congressman Pete McCloskey of California, who served in the same unit as Robertson, claimed that Robertson had relied on his father's influence to get him out of combat duty. Robertson was so rankled by the charge that he sued McCloskey and Representative Andy Jacobs, an Indiana Democrat who also circulated the charges, for $35 million.

McCloskey insisted that Robertson was on a ship headed for combat until his father used his influence to have him removed. According to McCloskey, Robertson later boasted that he had used his father to "get him out of combat duty."

 The libel suit turned out to be an embarrassment to Robertson. During depositions, Paul Brosman, Jr., a retired university professor who served with Robertson in Korea, backed up McCloskey's claim and went even further, asserting that the televangelist had consorted with prostitutes and had sexually harassed a Korean cleaning girl who worked in the barracks. Brosman's deposition asserted that Robertson once feared he had contracted gonorrhea from a prostitute and was "very relieved" when he discovered the problem was a urinary tract infection. Brosman added that he had never personally seen Robertson with a prostitute and said some of his remarks were based on "scuttlebutt" he heard from others.

The trial also established that Robertson's father did indeed send a number of letters about his son, on Senate stationery, to Marine officials. In one the elder Robertson expressed concern that his son had not been adequately trained to be a combat officer.

McCloskey's lawyers also revealed that Robertson had used a freelance journalist to gather information to use against the congressman. The reporter, John Hasbrouck, had occasionally done pieces for the Christian Broadcasting Network but represented himself to McCloskey as a reporter for "Worldwide News Service." The New York Times reported that Hasbrouck interviewed McCloskey on videotape without telling the congressman he was working for Robertson. Robertson admitted in a deposition that he told Hasbrouck what questions to ask then reviewed the hour-long tape before deciding to sue McCloskey. The New York Times also reported that Robertson asked Iran-Contra figure Oliver L. North, then a White House security aide, to help him locate military records to boost his case. North put Robertson in touch with a Marine general in the Pentagon who provided copies of his service record.

In the end, Robertson dropped the lawsuit, claiming that the trial date, which was set for March 8, the day of the "Super Tuesday" primaries, was too inconvenient. Robertson groused that U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green "presented me with one of the most unfair choices I have ever had to make" when she set the trial date. When Robertson dropped his suit the court required him to pay some of McCloskey's court costs, though not his legal fees.

 The case hurt Robertson in another way: it led to a spate of stories in the press recounting other instances of the TV preacher's dishonesty. In one of the most shocking examples, the Washington Post reported that in the summer of 1987 Robertson insisted that CBN's "financial affairs have been completely open and on the record." In fact, CBN refused to join the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an oversight group that provides voluntary standards for financial disclosure. (Robertson finally got around to signing up CBN for the ECFA in 1995, but only after most of his most profitable business ventures were spun off from CBN and the National Religious Broadcasters threatened to expel any members that were not accredited by the agency.)

 End quote from The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston, pages 40 - 42.

 I recommend that anyone who wants to know the truth about Pat Robertson read the book from which the above excerpt was taken. I believe, after reading this book, you will agree with the title that Pat is the most dangerous man in America.

Another book -- this one is out of print and may be difficult to locate -- is McCloskey, Paul N. (Pete) Jr. THE TAKING OF HILL 610, AND OTHER ESSAYS ON FRIENDSHIP. Woodside, Cal.: Eaglet Books. In there you will find a chapter titled "The Liquor Officer." That chapter goes into considerable detail about Robertson's military service, how his father intervened to keep him from combat, how he served as the "liquor officer," and about his behavior with Korean prostitutes who were in the rear with Pat.

Is THIS why Willard RMoney won't release his tax returns?

Why won't Willard RMoney (AKA: Mitt Romney) release his tax returns?

The answer may lie in this graphic.

Here's a better view of the graphic.

Willard Romney: Gutless wonder. No guts, no spine.

Now we know. Willard RMoney is a gutless wonder. Typical of super-wealthy, he's right at home ordering around peons -- buying up companies, firing workers, then celebrating the zillions in fees he collected -- got his start in life on his daddy's stock portfolio but whines about how tough he had it.

And now we see what he really is: A GUTLESS WONDER. NO GUTS, NO BALLS, NO SPINE.

A few days ago RMoney made an excellent choice when he appointed Richard Grennell to be his national security spokesman. Grennell had a powerful re'sume' of service in national security affairs both in and out of government.

But Grennell is homosexual. Openly. Has a long-time partner. Doesn't flaunt his personal life.

About one nanosecond after Grennell's appointment was announced, the entire GOTP rightwing went on full attack. All the products of cousin marriage who inhabit the swamp that makes up the rightwing of the GOTP got in the full attack mode, nooses in hand, foaming at the mouth, biting tires, chasing their own tails, these half-wits denounced Grennell and Willard in the vilest of language.

And what did Willard do? ROLLED. He rolled over. Less than five days after he was appointed, Grennell resigned.

If RMoney had a pair of balls, he would have stuck with his man and told the mad dogs to go pound sand. But he didn't.

If RMoney can't stand up to a howling mob or rightwingers, how do you expect him to confront Putin, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Saudis, the North Koreans. How do you expect him to stand up to Nancy Pelosi -- she'd run over him and not even leave a greasy spot in the road.

Willard RMoney: Wimp. Wuss. Pussy. Gutless wonder.

Pedophiles for Romney

Check it out.

Pedophiles for Romney.

"I don't care if you're only thirteen!!!"

Here are the lyrics to a song written and frequently performed by an American performer.

Ive got no inhibitions
So keep your keys out of your ignition
I steal a car like I got the curse
I cant resist the old lady's purse
Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait wont you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know Ive got to have you in a matter of time

Well I dont care if youre just thirteen
You look too good to be true
I just know that youre probably clean
Theres one lil' thing I got do to you

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait wont you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know Ive got to have you in a matter of time

So tell your mama that Im back in town
She likes us boys when its time to get down
Shes got this craving for the underage
I just might be your mama's brand new rage

Jailbait you look so good to me
Jailbait wont you set me free
Jailbait you look fine fine fine
I know I got to have you in a matter of time

Honey you you you look so nice
Shes young shes tender
Wont you please surrender
She's so fine shes mine
All the time, all mine mine
Its all right baby
Its quite all right I asked your mama
Wait a minute officer
Dont put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her and Ill share her with you

Now, read those lyrics again.

The song celebrates pedophilia -- jail bait -- I don't care if you are 13, I'll share you with the cop who arrests me.

So, tell me, who wrote and performs this song?

Here are a few hints. The person who wrote this song, who recorded it, and who performs it from time to time:

-- is a celebrity

-- is a spokesperson for the NRA

-- is a regular commentator on Fox

-- is the host of a radio talk show and a reality TV star

-- he was a featured performer at a presidential inaugural ball in 2005

-- his endorsement was actively sought after and welcomed by Mitt Romney

-- he has never hidden the fact that he is a child predator

-- he is a favorite of Republicans and rightwingers everywhere

And this filthy creature is: TED NUGENT, GOP superstar.

Tells you something about the Republicans.

How did you spend Easter Sunday?

Here's the Obama family on Easter Sunday

And here's Mitt Romney on Easter Sunday.

Here ends the lesson.

Franklin Graham's conversion and President Obama's Christianity

Today's edition of "CBS Sunday Morning" had a segment on Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son.

Finally, a major news outlet reviewed Franklin Graham's WHOLE story without overlooking his many years of alcoholism, drug use, and skirt chasing.

Franklin now is head of his father's multi-million $$$ "evangelism" business that lives off donations from and marketing to the faithful. Of course, because Daddy Graham has been socking it away for decades, the Graham family is quite wealthy. ( Just like Jesus, you know. )

Well, anyway. Franklin Graham spent several years worshipping booze, pills, white powder, and wimmin. Then, one day, something happened. What happened? There are two versions of what happened.

1. On today's "Sunday Morning," Franklin said his daddy laid it on the line one day and told him to get his himself straight and start living for Jesus -- or words to that effect. At that point, ol' Franklin realized he was doing the Devil's bidding and he needed to Get Right With God, so, he did.

2. The other version of his "conversion" is a bit less congratulatory. Franklin -- a dopehead in his late 20's -- realized he had two roads open to him - - an ever-downward spiral, or, "Get Right With God" -- which would make him heir to the fabulous Graham fortune.

He saw the light. I guess we'll never know -- was it a sincere conversion, or, did he see the light because of Daddy's millions?

But this brings us to the important point.

Franklin Graham has said in interviews he doesn't know if President Obama is a Christian. When pressed on the matter, Graham says, "Well, Obama says he's a Christian but only God knows what's in a person's heart."

Fair enough. Just as Franklin says he doesn't know what's in Obama's heart, neither do we know what went on in Franklin Graham's heart that brought about his turn to the straight and narrow -- real conversion, or, lust for Daddy's money.

Only God knows.

I'm just guessing -- I vote for the lure of Daddy's money.

What you should remember about Ronald Reagan

If you remember nothing else about Reagan, remember this.

Reagan was born and reared in small-town Illinois; graduated from a small, church-affiliated college. Moved to California to seek his fortune and hit it big.

In 1980, when he received the Republican nomination, he made his first speech as the GOP presidential candidate.

WHERE did Reagan make his first speech as the GOP presidential candidate? Did he - - -

- - - go back home to Illinois to celebrate his middle-America roots, or,

- - - go to California to celebrate the land of opportunity?


Reagan's first speech as the GOP presidential candidate was made in PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI -- site of one of the most heinous, obscene, evil crimes of the Civil Rights era. Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three young men who were registering black people to vote were kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and buried in an earthen dam. The men who committed the crime included at least one deputy sheriff. Everyone in the county knew who killed Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman but no one was talking.

And in that speech, Reagan proclaimed: "I support state's rights!!"

Now, those of you not from the South may think that "state's rights" refers to the 10th Amendment -- powers not delegate to the federal government are reserved to the states." NOT SO. When you go to Mississippi and talk about state's rights, you are saying: "The federal government will not interfere with you; you can treat your n***s any way you want to and we won't stop you."

Problem is, no one ever mentions this fact about Reagan when we should be shouting this from the rooftops because it was Reagan's visit to Philadelphia, MS, that completed Nixon's Southern Strategy and that finally converted all the South's Jim Crow Democrats into Jim Crow Republicans.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS?? A President of the USofA denouncing a Supreme Court decision??

Ronald Reagan, as a candidate:

Ronald Reagan ... campaigning in Birmingham, Ala., Thursday, blasted the court’s most recent abortion ruling as “an abuse of power as bad as the transgression of Watergate and the bribery on Capitol Hill.”

More highlights from the Reagan years.

Attorney General William French Smith accused the federal courts of “constitutionally dubious and unwise intrusions upon the legislative domain,” and vowed to oppose such “subjective judicial policymaking.” [...]

Smith criticized the federal courts particularly for:

Assuming “greater power of review of government action” concerning environmental protection and other issues, by deciding cases that they could avoid altogether under judicial doctrines such as “standing, ripeness, mootness, and presence of a political question” ...

President George W. Bush:

For the judiciary, resisting this temptation is particularly important, because it's the only branch that is unelected and whose officers serve for life. Unfortunately, some judges give in to temptation and make law instead of interpreting. Such judicial lawlessness is a threat to our democracy—and it needs to stop.

Sen. John Cornyn:

"I don't know if there is a cause-and-effect connection, but we have seen some recent episodes of courthouse violence in this country...And I wonder whether there may be some connection between the perception in some quarters, on some occasions, where judges are making political decisions yet are unaccountable to the public, that it builds up and builds up and builds up to the point where some people engage in, engage in violence."

Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), speaking at "Justice Sunday," (an event organized specifically to intimidate an "activist" judiciary:

Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, questioned the Supreme Court's power to strike down laws passed by Congress if they are not constitutional, a practice that dates to the early days of the Republic.

DeLay, again, after the court refused to keep Terry Schiavo on life support:

Mr. DeLay announced that "the time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior, but not today."

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT):

"When I first heard his decision, like many of you I wanted to take action immediately. I asked: how can we put some of these judicial activists on the Endangered Species List? I am still working on that!"

Finally, Mitch McConnell, after the Schiavo case:

MCCONNELL: I don't know. These are findings of fact that presumably the court, had it looked at it de novo from the beginning, which is what we granted the federal courts the authority to do, could have taken into account.

The courts obviously decided not to do that, and this tragic is obviously going to come to an end sometime shortly. [...] Look, it's a matter of life and death. The Congress made a decision to give the courts an opportunity to look at it again. They looked at it again, and they chose not to act.

Can you imagine that? Presidents, Senators, Representatives -- all attacking Supreme Court decisions!!!

Florida is a STRANGE place

Florida certainly is a strange, mixed-up place.

In Florida, if you shoot and kill an innocent 17-year-old young man who is walking home from a convenience store, minding his own business, you go free.

On the other hand, in Florida, if you try to register an 18-year-old black man to vote, you risk a heavy fine and jail time.

Very strange.

Where are the gunnuts? Where is the NRA?

EVERY SINGLE TIME an innocent citizen is gunned down by a gun-wielding thug, the gunnuts and the NRA jump up on the podium, grab the microphone and start shrieking: "IF ONLY THE INNOCENT, UNARMED CITIZEN HAD BEEN CARRYING A FIREARM, HE COULD HAVE DEFENDED HIMSELF."

EVERY SINGLE TIME -- except ONE. Guess which one.

Scroll down for the answer.

BINGO -- you're right. Since the Trayvon Martin murder, the gunnuts and the NRA have not told us how Trayvon could have defended himself if only he'd been carrying.

Why is that?

(HINT: The gunnuts and the NRA don't want black folks to own guns.)

Virginia GOP Civil War is now out in the open!!!

Here in Virginia, our GOP has been somewhat immune from the civil war
that's raging nationwide, destroying the Republican Party.

No longer.

Today, our Attorney General, Ken Kookynelly, announced that he's
running for governor of VA -- election is 2013.

This is a huge rip in the fabric of the VA GOP because the current
Lieutenant Gov, Bill Bolling, is a moderate, well-liked, calm
Republican who was expected to be the candidate to follow our current
governor, Pat Robertson, Jr. -- oooopppsss -- meant to say " our
current governor, No-Jobs-Bob McDonnell."

During his tenure as state senator and AG, Kooch has established
himself as a champion of The Crazy. He sued Mr. Jefferson's
University, claiming that a scientist working at the U of VA had used
state grant money to produce phony climate warming data -- the courts
told Kooch, no, he could not go prowling through the University,
lopping off heads. Kooch took huge bribes from a phony charity in
exchange for not investigating their activities in VA -- but when we
Democrats blew the whistle on him, he backed down.

Kooch's first action after moving into the AG's office was to issue a
letter to the state's colleges and universities ordering them to
discriminate against gays and lesbians in their admissions and hiring
practices. The schools told Kooch to shove it up his ass and went on,
admitting and hiring anyone they wanted.

Everythng Kooch has done has been carefully designed to ingratiate
himself with the radical rightwing of the VA GOP and the Teahadists.
Now, he hopes to call in the markers in the from of rightwing votes in

Bolling, meanwhile, is stunned. He was generally expected to be the
next GOP candidate and he's acquitted himself decently as Lt Gov.

However, now we see there is no room for decent people in Virginia's
GOP or anywhere else in the GOTP.


Here's Kooch's announcement:

March 22, 2012
Dear Fellow Virginians,

I wanted to let you know that today I formally announced my candidacy
to be the next Governor of Virginia. Here is the entire announcement:

"This morning my campaign filed with the State Board of Elections to
formally establish a campaign committee to seek the office of the
Governor of Virginia. Serving as Attorney General of Virginia has
been the most rewarding and fulfilling position I have ever held. As
legal counsel to every state agency of government, the Office of the
Attorney General gives you tremendous insight and perspective on the
inner workings of state government that no other job can provide."

"I am running for Governor to continue the work I have undertaken
during my tenure as Attorney General and as a State Senator. I will
continue my work to strengthen our economy and preserve our liberty,
and to promote the principles of smaller, more efficient state
government, accountable to the people it serves. I look forward to
sharing my vision for the Commonwealth following the November

During 2012, I will be pushing hard to retake Virginia for our GOP
Presidential nominee, as I believe that this year's election is the
most important that I will ever live through. And here in Virginia, we
will also be part of the battle to retake the U.S. Senate - I intend
to be aggressively engaged in that effort as well. And I hope I see
all of you out there on the 2012 campaign trail!

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of waiting until 2013 to start
running for Governor. So this year, I'll also be asking my fellow
conservatives, Republicans and other Virginians to support me in this
race... starting with you!

If you're willing to commit to supporting my campaign for the
Republican nomination for Governor in 2013, I'd really appreciate it
if you would let us know by replying to this email and letting us

Also, if you can do it, we could sure use your help to help us fund
this effort by donating today! We'll need it!

Finally, at the outset of this campaign, I'd like to ask each of you
Compass readers to forward this Compass on to a few friends that you
think might be interested in keeping up with my race. Or you can tell
them that they can go to and sign up for the
Compass right on my web site.

More to come, but please get on board today!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

What the GOP Presidential Candidates are Saying About the Murder of Trayvon Martin

The GOP candidates have offered opinions on abortion, contraception, the economy, the price of a gallon of gas, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. They continue to tell us who should have sex where and when and for what purpose and with whom.

Thus it is not surprising that the the Republican candidates would comment on the controversy surrounding the slaughter of Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent cover- up by the police.

Here is a complete report of every comment from each Republican contender:

Mitt Romney: ________________

Rick Santorum: ________________

Newt Gingrich: _________________

Ron Paul:__________________

Sarah Palin isn’t the Governor or a candidate. The shooting occurred on 26 February, almost a month ago, and Sarah Palin hasn’t Tweeted, written a Facebook post about it, or done an interview on Fox about this tragedy.

Arming Zimmerman: You REALLY need to read this commentary

I wish I could take credit for writing this article. I'll quote only a few passages -- you really need to read the entire article.

Here's the lead paragraph:

Across the country, Americans are outraged about a shooting that took place on February 26th in the city of Sanford, Florida. That evening, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was returning to the home of his father's fiancée from a 7-11 with snacks when concealed handgun permit holder and self-appointed neighborhood watch "captain" George Zimmerman, 28, began to follow him in his SUV. Zimmerman reported Martin as a "suspicious" person to a police dispatcher and was told not to engage the youth. He ignored this advice. Exactly what happened next is not entirely clear, but when police arrived on the scene they found an unarmed Martin lying face down in the grass, dying. He had been shot in the chest by Zimmerman.

Here's a link to the full article -- it's titled "ARMING ZIMMERMAN."

Here are a few more quotes.

On April 26, 2005, "Stand Your Ground" legislation was signed into law by Republican Governor Jeb Bush after being championed in the Florida state legislature by National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer. Florida's elected leaders ignored the overwhelming opposition of prosecutors and law enforcement to the law, including the National District Attorneys Association, the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, multiple State Attorneys, and police chiefs from cities like Miami and St. Petersburg.

. . .

"Justifiable homicides" in Florida have increased from 43 the year the law was enacted to 105 in 2009. The law has been invoked in at least 93 cases in Florida involving 65 deaths, a 2010 St. Petersburg Times review found.

. . .

A few years ago, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel conducted an investigation that revealed that Florida concealed handgun permit holders included more than 1,400 people who pleaded guilty or no contest to felonies, 216 people with outstanding warrants, 128 people with active domestic violence injunctions against them, and six registered sex offenders. In response, the Florida legislature and Governor Bush enacted a law banning the public and press from accessing this information in the future.

Florida also allows out-of-state residents to obtain their concealed handgun permits through the mail. There have been numerous complaints about dangerous individuals -- unable to get permits in their home states -- obtaining them from Florida. If their home state has a reciprocity agreement with Florida recognizing each other's permits, they can then carry in their own communities. This has led to mayhem and murder in some cases.

Maybe it's time to start cancelling vacations to Florida.

Would rush call these women "sluts??"

The GOP and Rush really need to re-think their war on women. They are about to piss off the wrong women.

CPAC 2012 welcomes white supremacists and Nazis after tossing them out in 2011

How times have changed. Last year, white nationalist Jamie Kelso attended CPAC looking for European-American allies in his quest to keep America genetically pure and lily-white. However, his potential young recruits weren’t having any of it:

Check out the video.

As Ed Morrissey reported on Hot Air:

A group of young attendees, and a few older conservatives as well, at first politely rebuff Kelso’s racist arguments, and then begin aggressively arguing with him in the hallway. Ron Paul supporters told him four times to take off his Campaign for Liberty button and paraphernalia.

The Daily Caller reported that Kelso “got an earful from some conservative activists who sent him packing” and “let him know that racism is not welcome in the conservative movement.” It was heartening to see young conservatives take a stand against the kind of bigotry that has no place in modern conservatism.

That was 2011. CPAC 2012 has revealed that the paleoconservatives are still firmly in control.

The conservative gay rights group, GOProud, was banned this year, but two prominent white nationalists were allowed to appear on a panel opposing multiculturalism.

And they were hardly sent packing. Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa fawned over Peter Brimelow, founder of the white nationalist site VDARE, saying, “I read your books!” Tomorrow, white nationalist Bob Vandervoort is scheduled to appear alongside two other Republican members of Congress.

Romney closed his Swiss bank account to avoid prosecution

Why did the Romney's really close the $3 million account at UBS?

Romney campaign headache

Malt, who oversees Romney's blind trusts, acknowledged during a conference call with reporters that he decided to shut down the Swiss account because he worried it could create a headache for Romney's campaign. "It might or might not be consistent with Governor Romney's political views," he said.

I think Romney is lying about closing that account.

Romney wants to appear as if he was being extra considerate about closing down the account - but there is more to the story.

Under pressure from federal authorities, the Swiss bank UBS is closing the hidden offshore accounts of its well-heeled American clients, potentially allowing their secrets to spill into the open.

In a step that would have once been unthinkable in the rarefied world of Swiss banking, UBS will shut about 19,000 accounts that prosecutors suspect have gone undeclared to the Internal Revenue Service.
To those who think the timing does not work - that article is dated 2009 and the Romneys closed their account in 2010 - need to understand that the process took a while in Switzerland. Not all accounts were forced to close until 2010. Here's an article from June, 2010 which shows that UBS was not allowed to pass on the data without parliamentary approval.

After all, if Romney was so concerned about the optics of having a Swiss bank account, then why would he maintain the one in the Cayman islands?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s newly released tax return shows sprawling international financial interests, from Bain Capital entities based in Luxembourg to a Goldman Sachs fund in Dublin. It discusses a foreign currency transaction and details foreign tax credits.

But one of Romney’s biggest foreign investments is sheltered from U.S. taxation, partly because it is based in the Cayman Islands.
So --we find this interesting chain of events:

-- RMoney had a Swiss bank account.

-- The IRS pressured the Swiss to close accounts being used solely to avoid paying US taxes.

-- The Swiss did that.

-- RMoney closed his Swiss account but kept his Cayman Island accounts.

Just like the rest of us, right??

I mean, I moved all my money from Switzerland to the Caymans back in 2010 -- did you?

Let's cut through the crap: The Republican Party is a party of radical thugs

The Democratic Party is a party primarily of moderates, and the GOP is totally dominated by radical, far-right nutballs. And even that doesn’t take into account how far right the scale has been titled over the past 30 years.

Back in the '50s, an era conservatives romanticize, Dwight Eisenhower presided over a 91% marginal tax rate on the wealthy and launched the biggest public works project in US history -- which was paid for by tax increases.

During the '80s, another favorite decade of the right-wing, Ronald Reagan raised taxes 12 times -- including one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history -- and signed a bill that provided a path to citizenship for immigrants. Both of which would be unthinkable in today’s GOP.

Today, we live in an era in which a 35% tax on the highest earners constitutes tyranny, a $787B emergency measure to stave off a second Great Depression – over a third of which was tax cuts – is characterized as a historically unprecedented spending binge -- and the GOP's answer to immigration is to forcibly deport 12M people. Not to mention the fact that Senate Republicans have used the filibuster more than any other minority in history -- and that now it's commonplace for Republican presidential candidates to argue that the most popular programs of the New Deal and the Great Society should be eliminated.

Newt's "Family Values" on Display


But that's okay -- Newt converted to Catholicism and God says his adultery is forgiven.

House Ethics Committee Report on Newt Gingrich

Here's a link to the full House of Representatives Ethics Committee report on Newt Gingrich.

This report -- House Report 10-5-1 -- is titled In the Matter of Representative Newt Gingrich. This report was issued in January 1997 and has been public since it was issued. Nothing secret about it -- it was published by the US Government Printing Office and has been available online for years.

Eighty-four ethics charges were filed against Gingrich during his term as Speaker, all but one of which were eventually dropped. After an extensive investigation and negotiation by the House Ethics Committee, Gingrich was reprimanded and fined $300,000 by a 395–28 House vote. It was the first time in the history of the House that a speaker was disciplined for an ethics violation.

The last three charges were dropped because although it was found that he had violated a House rule in the past, there was no evidence that Gingrich was still violating it at the time of the investigation. The one charge not dropped was a charge of claiming tax-exempt status for a college course run for political purposes. In addition, the House Ethics Committee concluded that inaccurate information supplied to investigators represented "intentional or ... reckless" disregard of House rules.

The Ethics Committee's Special Counsel, James M. Cole, concluded that Gingrich had violated federal tax law and had lied to the ethics panel in an effort to force the committee to dismiss the complaint against him. The full committee panel did not agree whether tax law had been violated and left that issue up to the IRS. In 1999, the IRS cleared the organizations connected with the "Renewing American Civilization" courses under investigation for possible tax violations.

Mitt RMoney says he "lives in the real streets of America . . . "

Mitt RMoney suffers from deep-seated delusions.

KING: Governor Romney, you're raising your hand to come in the conversation. I want to let you in on the conversation, but also, as I do, you put an ad on the air paid by your campaign, not one of the super PAC ads, calling the Speaker an unreliable leader. Why?

ROMNEY: Well, let me go back and address first what you just heard.

What you've listened to, in my view, and the Speaker's rendition of history going back to 1978 and his involvement in Washington, is, in my view, a perfect example of why we need to send to Washington someone who has not lived in Washington, but someone who's lived in the real streets of America, working in the private sector, who's led a business, who started a business, who helped lead the Olympics, who helped lead a state. We need to have someone outside Washington go to Washington.
Got that??? RMoney says he is "someone who's lived in the real streets of America . . . "

And where would these "real streets" be?

It’s unclear whether those “real streets” are the ones by Romney’s beach house in California, his mansion in New Hampshire, or his multi-million dollar “colonial” in Massachusetts.

Of course, Romney has attempted to paint himself as an everyday, middle-class guy before.

After all, isn't everyone a Wall Street millionaire who keeps money in offshore accounts, makes $375,000 ("not much money) a year in speaking fees, and is comfortable making $10,000 bets?

Sounds as though most streets Romney spends time on are the ones paved in gold.

Books banned from Tucson schools

Here's the short version: Arizona is a land ruled by Neanderthals, dragging their knuckles across the Constitution and doing everything the can to push brown-skinned people into the ground. These Neanderthals passed through the state legislature a ban on teaching "ethnic studies" in Arizona schools.

In accordance with the ban, the Tucson Unified School District abolished its Mexican-American Studies program and today (16 January 2012), in front of students, removed from the shelves and boxed up books used in the program. The books are to be removed to a book depository and kept out of students' hands.

Here's a list of the books removed from Tucson schools (Thoreau? Zinn? Shakespeare?) :

Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years (1998), by B. Bigelow and B. Peterson

The Latino Condition: A Critical Reader (1998), by R. Delgado and J. Stefancic

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction (2001), by R. Delgado and J. Stefancic

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (2000), by P. Freire

United States Government: Democracy in Action (2007), by R. C. Remy

Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History (2006), by F. A. Rosales

Declarations of Independence: Cross-Examining American Ideology (1990), by H. Zinn

Table 21: American History/Mexican American Perspectives, 1, 2 - Texts and Reading Lists

Occupied America: A History of Chicanos (2004), by R. Acuna

The Anaya Reader (1995), by R. Anaya

The American Vision (2008), by J. Appleby et el.

Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years (1998), by B. Bigelow and B. Peterson

Drink Cultura: Chicanismo (1992), by J. A. Burciaga

Message to Aztlan: Selected Writings (1997), by C. Jiminez

De Colores Means All of Us: Latina Views Multi-Colored Century (1998), by E. S. Martinez

500 Anos Del Pueblo Chicano/500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures (1990), by E. S. Martinez

Codex Tamuanchan: On Becoming Human (1998), by R. Rodriguez

The X in La Raza II (1996), by R. Rodriguez

Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History (2006), by F. A. Rosales

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