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Florida is a STRANGE place

Florida certainly is a strange, mixed-up place.

In Florida, if you shoot and kill an innocent 17-year-old young man who is walking home from a convenience store, minding his own business, you go free.

On the other hand, in Florida, if you try to register an 18-year-old black man to vote, you risk a heavy fine and jail time.

Very strange.

Where are the gunnuts? Where is the NRA?

EVERY SINGLE TIME an innocent citizen is gunned down by a gun-wielding thug, the gunnuts and the NRA jump up on the podium, grab the microphone and start shrieking: "IF ONLY THE INNOCENT, UNARMED CITIZEN HAD BEEN CARRYING A FIREARM, HE COULD HAVE DEFENDED HIMSELF."

EVERY SINGLE TIME -- except ONE. Guess which one.

Scroll down for the answer.

BINGO -- you're right. Since the Trayvon Martin murder, the gunnuts and the NRA have not told us how Trayvon could have defended himself if only he'd been carrying.

Why is that?

(HINT: The gunnuts and the NRA don't want black folks to own guns.)

Virginia GOP Civil War is now out in the open!!!

Here in Virginia, our GOP has been somewhat immune from the civil war
that's raging nationwide, destroying the Republican Party.

No longer.

Today, our Attorney General, Ken Kookynelly, announced that he's
running for governor of VA -- election is 2013.

This is a huge rip in the fabric of the VA GOP because the current
Lieutenant Gov, Bill Bolling, is a moderate, well-liked, calm
Republican who was expected to be the candidate to follow our current
governor, Pat Robertson, Jr. -- oooopppsss -- meant to say " our
current governor, No-Jobs-Bob McDonnell."

During his tenure as state senator and AG, Kooch has established
himself as a champion of The Crazy. He sued Mr. Jefferson's
University, claiming that a scientist working at the U of VA had used
state grant money to produce phony climate warming data -- the courts
told Kooch, no, he could not go prowling through the University,
lopping off heads. Kooch took huge bribes from a phony charity in
exchange for not investigating their activities in VA -- but when we
Democrats blew the whistle on him, he backed down.

Kooch's first action after moving into the AG's office was to issue a
letter to the state's colleges and universities ordering them to
discriminate against gays and lesbians in their admissions and hiring
practices. The schools told Kooch to shove it up his ass and went on,
admitting and hiring anyone they wanted.

Everythng Kooch has done has been carefully designed to ingratiate
himself with the radical rightwing of the VA GOP and the Teahadists.
Now, he hopes to call in the markers in the from of rightwing votes in

Bolling, meanwhile, is stunned. He was generally expected to be the
next GOP candidate and he's acquitted himself decently as Lt Gov.

However, now we see there is no room for decent people in Virginia's
GOP or anywhere else in the GOTP.


Here's Kooch's announcement:

March 22, 2012
Dear Fellow Virginians,

I wanted to let you know that today I formally announced my candidacy
to be the next Governor of Virginia. Here is the entire announcement:

"This morning my campaign filed with the State Board of Elections to
formally establish a campaign committee to seek the office of the
Governor of Virginia. Serving as Attorney General of Virginia has
been the most rewarding and fulfilling position I have ever held. As
legal counsel to every state agency of government, the Office of the
Attorney General gives you tremendous insight and perspective on the
inner workings of state government that no other job can provide."

"I am running for Governor to continue the work I have undertaken
during my tenure as Attorney General and as a State Senator. I will
continue my work to strengthen our economy and preserve our liberty,
and to promote the principles of smaller, more efficient state
government, accountable to the people it serves. I look forward to
sharing my vision for the Commonwealth following the November

During 2012, I will be pushing hard to retake Virginia for our GOP
Presidential nominee, as I believe that this year's election is the
most important that I will ever live through. And here in Virginia, we
will also be part of the battle to retake the U.S. Senate - I intend
to be aggressively engaged in that effort as well. And I hope I see
all of you out there on the 2012 campaign trail!

Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of waiting until 2013 to start
running for Governor. So this year, I'll also be asking my fellow
conservatives, Republicans and other Virginians to support me in this
race... starting with you!

If you're willing to commit to supporting my campaign for the
Republican nomination for Governor in 2013, I'd really appreciate it
if you would let us know by replying to this email and letting us

Also, if you can do it, we could sure use your help to help us fund
this effort by donating today! We'll need it!

Finally, at the outset of this campaign, I'd like to ask each of you
Compass readers to forward this Compass on to a few friends that you
think might be interested in keeping up with my race. Or you can tell
them that they can go to and sign up for the
Compass right on my web site.

More to come, but please get on board today!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

What the GOP Presidential Candidates are Saying About the Murder of Trayvon Martin

The GOP candidates have offered opinions on abortion, contraception, the economy, the price of a gallon of gas, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. They continue to tell us who should have sex where and when and for what purpose and with whom.

Thus it is not surprising that the the Republican candidates would comment on the controversy surrounding the slaughter of Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent cover- up by the police.

Here is a complete report of every comment from each Republican contender:

Mitt Romney: ________________

Rick Santorum: ________________

Newt Gingrich: _________________

Ron Paul:__________________

Sarah Palin isn’t the Governor or a candidate. The shooting occurred on 26 February, almost a month ago, and Sarah Palin hasn’t Tweeted, written a Facebook post about it, or done an interview on Fox about this tragedy.

Arming Zimmerman: You REALLY need to read this commentary

I wish I could take credit for writing this article. I'll quote only a few passages -- you really need to read the entire article.

Here's the lead paragraph:

Across the country, Americans are outraged about a shooting that took place on February 26th in the city of Sanford, Florida. That evening, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was returning to the home of his father's fiancée from a 7-11 with snacks when concealed handgun permit holder and self-appointed neighborhood watch "captain" George Zimmerman, 28, began to follow him in his SUV. Zimmerman reported Martin as a "suspicious" person to a police dispatcher and was told not to engage the youth. He ignored this advice. Exactly what happened next is not entirely clear, but when police arrived on the scene they found an unarmed Martin lying face down in the grass, dying. He had been shot in the chest by Zimmerman.

Here's a link to the full article -- it's titled "ARMING ZIMMERMAN."

Here are a few more quotes.

On April 26, 2005, "Stand Your Ground" legislation was signed into law by Republican Governor Jeb Bush after being championed in the Florida state legislature by National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer. Florida's elected leaders ignored the overwhelming opposition of prosecutors and law enforcement to the law, including the National District Attorneys Association, the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, multiple State Attorneys, and police chiefs from cities like Miami and St. Petersburg.

. . .

"Justifiable homicides" in Florida have increased from 43 the year the law was enacted to 105 in 2009. The law has been invoked in at least 93 cases in Florida involving 65 deaths, a 2010 St. Petersburg Times review found.

. . .

A few years ago, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel conducted an investigation that revealed that Florida concealed handgun permit holders included more than 1,400 people who pleaded guilty or no contest to felonies, 216 people with outstanding warrants, 128 people with active domestic violence injunctions against them, and six registered sex offenders. In response, the Florida legislature and Governor Bush enacted a law banning the public and press from accessing this information in the future.

Florida also allows out-of-state residents to obtain their concealed handgun permits through the mail. There have been numerous complaints about dangerous individuals -- unable to get permits in their home states -- obtaining them from Florida. If their home state has a reciprocity agreement with Florida recognizing each other's permits, they can then carry in their own communities. This has led to mayhem and murder in some cases.

Maybe it's time to start cancelling vacations to Florida.

Would rush call these women "sluts??"

The GOP and Rush really need to re-think their war on women. They are about to piss off the wrong women.