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"christian love" in action -- 4-year-old receives standing O while singing "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven"

Here it is, folks -- the video of a 4-year-old in church singing ". . . ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven . . ." and receiving a standing ovation.

And this is what christians do when they think no one is watching.

The Romney Presidency: In Pictures

Want to see what the Romney presidency would look like? Okay, here you go.

Day One

Day Two

Windsurfing and waterskiing

Remember back during the 2004 presidential campaign when John Kerry's campaign decided it would be a good idea to show video of ol' John windsurfing to prove that he's just a regular guy?

Only they discovered that wind surfing is pretty much the purview of the spoiled rich?

Well, now Willard is headed down the same path. Willard RMoney has challenged Obama to a water skiing contest.

WATER SKIING? Behind a $70,000 ski boat powered by dual 150-hp Yamahas at $11,000 EACH?? (Not including insurance, maintenance, marina fees, fuel, pylons, booms, skis, ski line, etc., etc., etc.)

Sure, Willard. Just exactly what every unemployed American is doing -- out water skiing.

How about challenging Obama to something truly American -- like a game of one-on-one basketball? Or a few rounds of H-O-R-S-E?? You know -- something the regular folks can connect with.

Like we didn't see this coming

Like we didn't see this coming -- no, not at all.

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) really doesn't want
to talk about gay marriage.

During his weekly briefing on Thursday, Boehner was asked several
questions about his views on the issue, ranging from whether he
considers marriage equality a civil rights issue to how much of a role
he thinks the issue should play in campaigns. And every time, he had
the same answer.

"I'm going to stay focused on what the American people want us to stay
focused on, and that's jobs," he said. [...]

"The president and the Democrats can talk about this all they want,"
he said. "But the fact, is, the American people are focused on the
economy and they're asking the question, 'Where are the jobs?'"

Yes, that laser-like focus on jobs that they've had for a year and a
half -- you know, that GOTP focus on jobs -- in between all the votes about abortion and contraception and abortion and Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare and tax cuts for millionaires and oil companies and abortion and contraception and redefining rape and gays.

Guns are like penises

Guns are like penises.

Half the population owns one but only fools and nuts wave them around, threaten people with them, and shoot them off in public.

Media, GOP give Obama credit for recent drop in gas prices. Right??

The media and the Republicans were happy to blame President Obama for the high price of gasoline in March, but they are giving Obama none of the credit for the drop in gas prices today.

It seems like only yesterday that the GOP and their corporate media lackeys were telling us that gas prices would ruin Obama, but they have gone silent as gas prices have fallen since Obama announced his administration’s crackdown on oil speculation.

As recently as last month, Mitt Romney was still blaming President Obama for the price of gas:

“He gets full credit or blame for what’s happened to this economy and what’s happened to gasoline prices under his watch and what’s happened to our schools and what’s happened to our military forces — all these things are his responsibility while he’s president.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner went as far as to claim that gas prices could cost Obama the election:

“But if the economy doesn’t get better, I don’t think he’ll win. If people don’t feel better about government-run health care, I don’t think he’ll win. And if gas prices are $5 or $6, he certainly isn’t going to win.”

The media was happy to give the Republicans a free forum and plenty of airtime to use to blame Obama for gas prices, but on April 17 Obama called for a crackdown on oil speculation:

“We can’t afford a situation where speculators artificially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating the perception of a shortage, and driving prices higher, only to flip the oil for a quick profit. We can’t afford the situation where some speculators can reap millions (of dollars in profits), while millions of American families get the short end of the stick. That’s not the way the market should work.”

Since Obama announced his crackdown on oil speculation, gas prices have fallen twelve cents a gallon. The media response to this news has been total silence.

Is Wisconsin a Communist state???

In mid-April, the Obama campaign unveiled their 2012 campaign slogan: "FORWARD!"

Immediately, the rightwing wackjobs, knuckle-draggers and mouth-breathers rushed around telling everyone that "Forward" really is a communist, Marxist motto, thereby proving something about President Obama. For example, the radical rightwing Washington Times wrote:

The Obama campaign apparently didn't look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called "Forward (generic name of socialist publications)."

Well, okay. I guess the word "Forward" belongs to the commies.

So, perhaps these rightwingnuts can explain the Wisconsin state flag:

Pat Robertson Goes to War: The Liquor Officer

The Liquor Officer,
Pat Robertson Goes to War

Televangelist Pat Robertson, founder of the "Christian Coalition" and host of the daily "700 Club" television program, is a fraud and a liar. And don't bother to tell me that he is forgiven and that makes it right. Pat continues to defraud people and lie, even on his "Christian" broadcasting network.

I am a retired Army colonel. I served 28 years in uniform, including service in Vietnam. Many of my friends were killed or wounded in Vietnam. There is a special bond between men who have served in combat and God save the fool who tries to pass himself off as a combat soldier when he is not. That's exactly what Pat Robertson tried to do when he ran for President in 1986.

Quoted below is an excerpt from the book The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston (Prometheus Books, published in 1996). In this excerpt, we learn that Robertson's claims to have served in combat in Korea are a lie -- his father, a US senator, intervened to keep him out of combat. In fact, Pat served in the rear where he consorted with whores and made regular trips to Japan to purchase liquor for the rest of the officers in the rear, hence his title "Liquor Officer."

Quoted from The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston, pages 40 - 42.

Revelations about Robertson's war record also dogged his campaign. In his campaign literature Robertson claimed to be a combat veteran of the Korean War. In fact, he served three miles from the front in a headquarters function ferrying codes to Japan and never saw combat.

Former GOP congressman Pete McCloskey of California, who served in the same unit as Robertson, claimed that Robertson had relied on his father's influence to get him out of combat duty. Robertson was so rankled by the charge that he sued McCloskey and Representative Andy Jacobs, an Indiana Democrat who also circulated the charges, for $35 million.

McCloskey insisted that Robertson was on a ship headed for combat until his father used his influence to have him removed. According to McCloskey, Robertson later boasted that he had used his father to "get him out of combat duty."

 The libel suit turned out to be an embarrassment to Robertson. During depositions, Paul Brosman, Jr., a retired university professor who served with Robertson in Korea, backed up McCloskey's claim and went even further, asserting that the televangelist had consorted with prostitutes and had sexually harassed a Korean cleaning girl who worked in the barracks. Brosman's deposition asserted that Robertson once feared he had contracted gonorrhea from a prostitute and was "very relieved" when he discovered the problem was a urinary tract infection. Brosman added that he had never personally seen Robertson with a prostitute and said some of his remarks were based on "scuttlebutt" he heard from others.

The trial also established that Robertson's father did indeed send a number of letters about his son, on Senate stationery, to Marine officials. In one the elder Robertson expressed concern that his son had not been adequately trained to be a combat officer.

McCloskey's lawyers also revealed that Robertson had used a freelance journalist to gather information to use against the congressman. The reporter, John Hasbrouck, had occasionally done pieces for the Christian Broadcasting Network but represented himself to McCloskey as a reporter for "Worldwide News Service." The New York Times reported that Hasbrouck interviewed McCloskey on videotape without telling the congressman he was working for Robertson. Robertson admitted in a deposition that he told Hasbrouck what questions to ask then reviewed the hour-long tape before deciding to sue McCloskey. The New York Times also reported that Robertson asked Iran-Contra figure Oliver L. North, then a White House security aide, to help him locate military records to boost his case. North put Robertson in touch with a Marine general in the Pentagon who provided copies of his service record.

In the end, Robertson dropped the lawsuit, claiming that the trial date, which was set for March 8, the day of the "Super Tuesday" primaries, was too inconvenient. Robertson groused that U.S. District Judge Joyce Hens Green "presented me with one of the most unfair choices I have ever had to make" when she set the trial date. When Robertson dropped his suit the court required him to pay some of McCloskey's court costs, though not his legal fees.

 The case hurt Robertson in another way: it led to a spate of stories in the press recounting other instances of the TV preacher's dishonesty. In one of the most shocking examples, the Washington Post reported that in the summer of 1987 Robertson insisted that CBN's "financial affairs have been completely open and on the record." In fact, CBN refused to join the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an oversight group that provides voluntary standards for financial disclosure. (Robertson finally got around to signing up CBN for the ECFA in 1995, but only after most of his most profitable business ventures were spun off from CBN and the National Religious Broadcasters threatened to expel any members that were not accredited by the agency.)

 End quote from The Most Dangerous Man in America: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition, by Robert Boston, pages 40 - 42.

 I recommend that anyone who wants to know the truth about Pat Robertson read the book from which the above excerpt was taken. I believe, after reading this book, you will agree with the title that Pat is the most dangerous man in America.

Another book -- this one is out of print and may be difficult to locate -- is McCloskey, Paul N. (Pete) Jr. THE TAKING OF HILL 610, AND OTHER ESSAYS ON FRIENDSHIP. Woodside, Cal.: Eaglet Books. In there you will find a chapter titled "The Liquor Officer." That chapter goes into considerable detail about Robertson's military service, how his father intervened to keep him from combat, how he served as the "liquor officer," and about his behavior with Korean prostitutes who were in the rear with Pat.

Is THIS why Willard RMoney won't release his tax returns?

Why won't Willard RMoney (AKA: Mitt Romney) release his tax returns?

The answer may lie in this graphic.

Here's a better view of the graphic.

Willard Romney: Gutless wonder. No guts, no spine.

Now we know. Willard RMoney is a gutless wonder. Typical of super-wealthy, he's right at home ordering around peons -- buying up companies, firing workers, then celebrating the zillions in fees he collected -- got his start in life on his daddy's stock portfolio but whines about how tough he had it.

And now we see what he really is: A GUTLESS WONDER. NO GUTS, NO BALLS, NO SPINE.

A few days ago RMoney made an excellent choice when he appointed Richard Grennell to be his national security spokesman. Grennell had a powerful re'sume' of service in national security affairs both in and out of government.

But Grennell is homosexual. Openly. Has a long-time partner. Doesn't flaunt his personal life.

About one nanosecond after Grennell's appointment was announced, the entire GOTP rightwing went on full attack. All the products of cousin marriage who inhabit the swamp that makes up the rightwing of the GOTP got in the full attack mode, nooses in hand, foaming at the mouth, biting tires, chasing their own tails, these half-wits denounced Grennell and Willard in the vilest of language.

And what did Willard do? ROLLED. He rolled over. Less than five days after he was appointed, Grennell resigned.

If RMoney had a pair of balls, he would have stuck with his man and told the mad dogs to go pound sand. But he didn't.

If RMoney can't stand up to a howling mob or rightwingers, how do you expect him to confront Putin, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Saudis, the North Koreans. How do you expect him to stand up to Nancy Pelosi -- she'd run over him and not even leave a greasy spot in the road.

Willard RMoney: Wimp. Wuss. Pussy. Gutless wonder.