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Mitt Romney: Sleazebag of the highest order

We now are learning just what a sleazebag Mitt Romney really is.  And he wants to be President?

The story goes like this: 

  • Staples founder Tom Stemberg was in the midst of a nasty divorce with his wife Maureen Stemberg Sullivan. Romney, a friend of Stemberg’s who invested in his company, testified in court that Staples was not worth very much. Staple’s stock was “overvalued,” Romney said in court, adding, “I didn't place a great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company's future.”
  • Romney’s testimony helped ensure that Maureen received very little money when the divorce case was resolved. However,  just weeks after the divorce ended, Romney and Tom went to Goldman Sachs and cashed in THEIR stock for a fortune.  Short story -- Romney lied to help his friend and screw over the friend's wife.
  • But it  doesn’t stop there. Sullivan -- the wife -- was suffering from cancer and multiple sclerosis, Stemberg canceled her health insurance. The kicker is that Stemberg was then working with Romney as a health care adviser.
As of noon, Thursday, 24 October, a judge in Boston has ruled that Romney's testimony in the trial -- previously sealed under court order -- is now unsealed and the transcript of his testimony is expected to be publicly available late Thursday afternoon -- just in time for the nightly news.

Here are a few other facts:

This case matters because it goes to Mitt Romney's honesty, credibility and character. 

It also matters because Tom Stemberg gave a speech at the RNC convention and advises Mitt Romney on health care. 

Bain Capital had invested in Staples. Mitt sat on Staples Board of Directors.  He KNEW what Staples was worth.

It also matters that Mr. Stemberg, Staples CEO, is a spokesperson on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney. 

Notice the double standard. The Romneys played for sympathy for Ann Romney. But it's ironic that Ann Romney claimed she needs a tax-deductible horse because of her MS, while another sufferer of the very same disease and cancer should be screwed out of what was hers because of Mitt's lies.  And when Mitt's very own health adviser, Tom Stemberg, canceled his sick wife's health insurance to punish her in the divorce proceedings, there is something really ugly going on. 

Yes, there is evil in the world and that evil is Mitt Romney.