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How about someone visiting these veterans' memorials?

With the GOP-forced government shutdown, a number of national parks and memorials were closed, including the WW II and Vietnam Memorials in Washington.  Grandstanding Republicans -- Ted Cruz leading the way -- attempted to distract attention from their destruction of our economy and our democracy by demanding that the "barrycades" at these memorials be removed.  On Sunday, 13 October, Cruz, failed politician Sarah Palin, and a few thousand veterans descended on Washington to attack President Obama, "liberals," and other rightwing bogeymen.

Meanwhile, here are three veterans' memorials that none of these clowns will visit.

Enough said.

Democrats have compromised ENOUGH. In fact, Democrats are the only people who have compromised.

I found this excellent article describing just how much the Democrats have compromised on budget issues.

Bookmark this site and the next time you hear a rightwinger raving about how they are ready to negotiate but Obama will not negotiate, point out to them that Obama and the Democrats not only HAVE negotiated, we also have compromised.

Here's a part of the article and a very revealing chart.

The Senate-passed measure to keep the government operating represents an enormous compromise by progressives to avoid a damaging government shutdown. The Democrat-controlled Senate agreed to temporary funding levels that are far closer to the Republican-controlled House budget plan than they are to the Senate’s own budget for fiscal year 2014. Moreover, this concession is only the latest of many such compromises over the past several years.
The Democrat-controlled Senate passed a continuing resolution, or CR—a temporary funding measure meant to keep the government operating—that would set the relevant funding levels at an annualized total of $986 billion. That’s about $70 billion less than what the Senate endorsed as part of its comprehensive budget plan back in April. But that actually understates the extent of the compromise.

Look at the chart again.  Notice that we Democrats have compromised to the point where the Senate Continuing Resolution is almost the same as Paul Ryan's budget that was praised by the GOTP and formed the basis of the Romney-Ryan campaign.