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Sarah Palin: Fox's "expert on parenting" . . . this is not a joke!!

On the weekend of 18-19 January, Sarah Palin was touted on Fox as an "expert on parenting" for the sole reason that she has five children.  

Calling Sarah Palin an expert on parenting is like calling her “Governor.” She resigned as Governor four years ago, so she is no longer “Governor”. She left her children five years ago when she began campaigning for Vice President and has never gone back to them.
Let's check in on Sarah's children to see just what sort of parent she is.
Track, a son, is the oldest of the Palin children  He was born about five months after Sarah and her husband Todd were married.  He is best known for vandalism of school buses, not graduating from high school, and getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock then divorcing her shortly after their hurry-up marriage and birth of their child.
track and britta

Bristol, second child and a daughter,  is best known for getting pregnant at age 17 on a drunken camping trip with her boyfriend.  You may recall that she and her boyfriend were dragged around the country during Sarah's campaign for the Vice-Presidency in 2008.  In addition to her pregnancy out of wedlock, Bristol is known for lying to her mother about camping trips, underage drinking, using illegal drugs, and lying on the floor on national television with a celebrity mounting her in simulated sex.
bristol dancing stars floor
Bristol did not graduate on time from high school, never attended college, and has admitted that she is a failure as a parent.  After her stint on "Dancing With the Stars," she moved into an LA apartment with two brothers, one of them her dancing partner.  After about six months, she moved back home to Wasilla, Alaska, and shortly thereafter moved in with a new boyfriend in a "trial marriage."  That lasted about two months and she was back in LA.
Sarah Palin's third child and second daughter, Willow, is best known for gay bashing, vandalizing property, underage drinking, using illegal drugs, not graduating from high school, attending beauty school but not working as a beautician, and habitually driving recklessly. 
Her last two children, daughter Piper and son Trig (who suffers from Down Syndrome) have spent the last 5 years wondering where their mother was. Perhaps there is hope for them as they have been raised by someone else. When Palin speaks about “self-motivation and self discipline” it seems that she is suggesting that kids develop best when parents abandon them and have to learn to motivate themselves, and discipline themselves.
And now let's all give a prayer of thanks that this pack of trash is not and never will be Vice President of the US.

What have liberals done to make Republicans so angry?

I wish I were as smart as Lawrence O'Donnell.  Because I'm not, I'll steal his answer to the question: "So what did liberals do to offend the Republican Party?" 

Pretty much sums it up.