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And the networks wonder why no one watches their Sunday morning "current events" shows

CBS, NBC, and ABC are concerned that ratings for their Sunday morning "current events" shows are dropping like a rock.

I quit watching the Sunday morning shows several years ago because they are worthless.  It's the same old "guests" who have NOTHING WORTHWHILE TO SAY -- Lindsey Graham, John McCain, occasionally Newt Gingrich provides some comic relief.

Check out the guests on the 23 March 2014 Sunday morning network shows:

Romney Could Have Stopped Russia's Invasion With His Power To 'See The Future' 

Rich Lowry Pretends Republicans Have A New Alternative To Obamacare 

Paul Wolfowitz Uses Nazi Analogy To Rile Up U.S. Anger At Putin

Mitt Romney.  Loser.
Rich Lowry.  Who is he?
Paul Wolfowitz.  He knows where the WMD are in Iraq.

I rest my case.