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Republicans are lying about Obama's executive orders

As of late June 2014, House Speaker John "Tan in a Can" Boehner is threatening to sue President Obama because of Obama's "executive overreach," mainly in issuing a vast number of Executive Orders.

As is usual with Republicans, Boehner is lying.  In fact, we have to go back to Grover Cleveland to find a president who has issued fewer EOs per year than President Obama.

Here are the numbers on Presidential Executive Orders:

Here's a Forbes article on the topic, complete with a chart:

Republicans and conservatives have complained loudly lately that President Obama has been resorting to non-democratic and unconstitutional governance; imperiously ignoring the so-called “will of the people” by issuing a cascade of new executive orders. According to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Mr. Obama is acting “like a king” by issuing his recent executive orders on gun control. Conservative author and radio talk show host Mark Levin contends that Obama’s executive orders are “un-American” and even “fascistic.” 
If so, then certain Republican presidents – including Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan – must be classified as even more monarchical, un-American and “fascistic” than Barack Obama. The nearby table shows the number of executive orders issued per year by every U.S. president since 1900. 
The average for all twenty presidents is 44 per annum (p.a.), with Democrats averaging 59 p.a. and Republicans averaging 34 p.a. Harry Truman had the highest rate of decree issuance (113 p.a.), while Warren Harding had the lowest rate (just 2 p.a.). So far, Mr. Obama has averaged 37 executive orders p.a., which is below the long-term average of 44 p.a., and lower also than the rate of five GOP presidents – including Gerald Ford (84 p.a.), Dwight Eisenhower (60 p.a.), Richard Nixon (58 p.a.), Ronald Reagan (48 p.a.), and George H.W. Bush (41 p.a.).

It's obvious what's going on here.  The Republicans want to tie up the White House with frivolous attacks for the next two years as part of their do-nothing strategy.

Emails prove it: In Virginia, Kilgore BRIBED Puckett with job offer

Email messages recently obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch prove that Delegate Terry Kilgore did, in fact, bribe Senator Phil Puckett to resign from the VA State Senate, thereby handing control of the Senate to Republicans.

First, let’s review the background.

 -- Virginia’s state legislature, the General Assembly, is made up of two houses:  The House of Delegates (HOD) and the State Senate.

 --  Following the November 2012 elections, Republicans controlled the HOD, 68-32.  The Senate was evenly divided, 20-20.  The Lieutenant Governor, a Democrat, presides over the Senate effectively giving Democrats control of the Senate.

 -- Governor Terry McAuliffe proposed that Virginia accept Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act; Republicans vigorously and completely opposed his proposal.

 -- Medicaid expansion passed the Senate but stalled in the House.

 -- Then, in early June, State Senator Phillip Puckett (D, Russell County) resigned, leaving Republicans in control of the Senate, 20-19, giving them control of both houses of the General Assembly and dooming Medicaid expansion.

 -- Virginia was one of the states that benefitted from the several hundred billion dollars paid by tobacco companies as a result of a nationwide lawsuit.  The Virginia Tobacco Commission is responsible for allocating the hundreds of millions of dollars Virginia got from the settlement.

 -- Immediately after Puckett resigned, two rumors began to spread.  First, that his daughter was not able to be appointed to a permanent judgeship because of his position as a Senator; now that he resigned, she would be given a permanent appointment.  Second, Puckett was rumored to be appointed as a member of the Tobacco Commission – a very lucrative position because, as a Commission member, he could dole out a lot of money to friends.

 -- Rumors also pointed to Delegate Terry Kilgore (Republican, Scott County) as the individual who put together the rumored deal.

 -- Puckett, of course, denied that any such “bribes” had been offered.
 And now for the latest:  On 25 June, the  Richmond Times-Dispatch and the  Roanoke Times newspapers published the texts of email messages from the interim director of the Tobacco Commission that clearly show Puckett was, in fact, bribed by Kilgore to resign, thereby handing control of the State Senate to Republicans.

The following is quoted from the Times-Dispatch and Times articles:

A series of emails from the interim director of the Virginia Tobacco Commission outline plans hatched by Del. Terry Kilgore, R-Scott County, to offer Sen. Phillip Puckett, D-Russell County, a senior job with the commission once he resigned from the Virginia Senate.
The emails, obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, document the overtures made by Kilgore through the commission in the week leading up to Puckett’s June 9 resignation, which effectively transferred power from Senate Democrats to Senate Republicans — giving the GOP a majority in the evenly divided chamber prior to a crucial vote on the state budget and Medicaid expansion.
“If you’re in tomorrow Terry would like us to call Puckett to discuss what kind of role he might like with w/ Commission,” Interim Executive Director Tim Pfohl wrote to commission staffer Ned Stephenson on May 29.
Then, on May 30, Pfohl sent Puckett an email:
“Phillip: Chairman Kilgore has asked Ned and I to reach out to you to discuss potential roles(s) for you as an employee of the Commission. I’m not aware of the genesis of this idea, but Terry has asked us to speak to you when you’re available.”
On June 5, Pfohl emails Stephenson and other commission staffers:
“Ned: Terry asked that this morning we send Phillip our thoughts on the issue we discussed,” it begins.
Later that night, just two days before Puckett sent a letter announcing his resignation, Pfohl sent this email to Puckett with the subject line: “Today’s directive from Terry K.”
The email suggests the parties involved were concerned about how Puckett’s acceptance of a job with the commission would be perceived in light of his decision to resign.
“Phillip: Terry spoke to us today about announcing your role w/ the Commission in conjunction with what he said is your intention to announce your Senate plans tomorrow,” the email begins. “I implored him to ‘decouple’ those announcements for the sake of the appearance of the Commission manipulating the Senate balance of power and starting WW3 w/ the Governor’s administration.
“He seems to accept that your announcement should be a singular event re: your Senate position, but also instructed us to publish notice tomorrow of an Executive Committee meeting next Weds to get their approval of your role w/ us,” the email continues.
“I mention all this so you know what’s being planned on our end to give this the most defensible appearance of a due process,” Pfohl explains, going on to say that he felt that he needed to contact Virginia Secretary of Commerce Maurice Jones to let him know what was happening.
Pfohl said Jones wanted to know if Puckett had informed the administration of Gov. Terry McAuliffe about his plans.

“Let’s hope all this goes as smoothly as possible!” Pfohl’s email concludes.
(End quote from Times-Dispatch)

At this link you can read the email from Tobacco Commission Interim Director Tim Pfohl to Senator Phil Puckett outlining the terms of the bribe from Kilgore to Puckett. (PDF file)

This link contains all 74 email messages in which the bribe was designed, offered, and accepted.

Former Senator  Puckett and current Delegate Kilgore both belong in jail for this clearly illegal case of bribery of a public official.

Virginia Delegate Margaret Ransone's latest letter to constituents is BULLSHIT

On 25 June, Delegate Margaret Ransone (Virginia House of Delegates, 99th District) released a message to her constituents that is typical of the misleading, inaccurate information she and the Virginia Republican Party continue to spread about Medicaid expansion.  I suspect her "letter to constituents" is not her words -- this is nothing but Virginia Republican talking points.  

Her message and my comments follow.  Delegate Ransone's message is in this type -- Governor McAuliffe signed --  my comments are in red italics.

Governor McAuliffe signed the budget on June 21st. However, the Governor has unconstitutionally attempted to veto language that plainly states he does not have authority to expand Medicaid unilaterally.
WRONG.  The question of whether or not Gov. McAuliffe acted unconstitutionally is for the courts to answer, not for Republicans in the General Assembly to answer.   
Speaker Howell ruled this veto out of order. It is dead and will not be enrolled in the final version of the budget.
Governor McAuliffe says he is going to implement Medicaid expansion in Virginia. This is an unacceptable executive power grab that we simply cannot allow.
WRONG.  Again, this is for the courts to decide.
Governor McAuliffe spent months asking the General Assembly to expand Medicaid. He held the budget hostage over the issue for three months.  The legislative body pleaded with him to pass the Budget, then we can debate Medicaid Expansion.
WRONG.  IN FACT, it was Republicans who "held the budget hostage."
 By doing that we are given the opportunity to thoroughly discuss facts, sort through emotions, and most importantly focus on the long term effects financially and socially of Medicaid Expansion on Virginians.
She can't be serious, but, sadly, she may be.  Medicaid expansion has been on the table for almost THREE YEARS -- THAT'S PLENTY OF TIME TO DISCUSS FACTS.   The FACTS are simple:  Virginia Republicans decided long ago to not accept Medicaid expansion as a way of delivering a political defeat to Gov. McAulifee and, by extension, to President Obama.
Now, Governor McAuliffe says he doesn't need legislative approval and that he is going to implement Medicaid expansion in Virginia.
Good for him.  Let's hope he succeeds.
 In Virginia, we have three co-equal branches of government. However, the power to make laws and spend taxpayer dollars rests SOLELY with the legislature. We cannot allow the Governor to exercise that power.
Because we were suspicious that Governor McAuliffe might try to expand Medicaid unilaterally, House leaders asked a prominent and respected attorney to objectively examine who has the authority to determine whether or not Virginia expands Medicaid.
 Paul Clement served as the United States Solicitor General for three years. He has argued more than 70 cases before the Supreme Court and more cases than any lawyer in or out of government since 2000.
Paul Clement is a hardcore right wing attorney who was appointed by President George Bush to be Solicitor General -- not exactly a disinterested or neutral party.
In his analysis, Clement concludes: "[T]here is simply no constitutional path for the Governor to expand Virginia's Medicaid program without obtaining the requisite authority and appropriation of funds from the General Assembly to do so."
  As the people's representatives, we cannot allow this ridiculous executive power grab to stand. We are prepared to challenge the Governor through all available avenues, including the Court system.
 I personally trust hard working Virginia families to help their neighbors that may need assistance, whether it be through financial donations or volunteering their time.  I trust that you know how to best help your community. 
She can't be serious.  So -- she expects neighbors to pitch in and pay medical expenses for their neighbors without medical insurance?  This may be the silliest comment I have ever heard from an elected official.
We simply cannot fund an expansion of Medicaid to non-disabled, childless, adults when we are having trouble funding core services of government.  I will stand against this authoritative action the Governor has taken against our great Commonwealth and its people.
 Now we get to the heart of the matter -- "Non-disabled, childless adults" is Republican-speak for moochers and freeloaders.400,000 Virginians lack medical insurance, not because they are "non-disabled, childless adults" who want a government handout.  IN FACT, most of the uninsured in Virginia are working people who employers do not make health insurance benefits available.  This comment by Ms. Ransone tells us all we need to know about her and the Republican Party as they continue their war on the working poor.
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I AM  sharing your newsletter -- hope you enjoy my comments.
 God bless,
So -- she closes with "God bless" -- after all, Jesus would oppose Medicaid expansion for the thousands of freeloaders who simply want a government handout.  Right?  Ms. Ransone and the Republicans do not understand that a BUDGET IS A MORAL DOCUMENT that reflects the values of those who prepared the budget.  Keeping 400,000 uninsured working people without medical care tells us all we need to know about the values of Ms. Ransone and Virginia Republicans.  "God Bless" won't cover up the stink.
If I were not a gentleman, I would call Ms. Ransone and suggest she kiss my ass.

Remember back in 2013 when John McCain went to Syria to "pal around" with ISIS terrorists??

Remember in 2013 when John McCain made that trip to Syria to hang out with ISIS radicals? Now, ISIS is using that photo of them hanging with John McCain as propaganda for themselves.

...This 2013 photograph of John McCain is being circulated by members of ISIS as a photo of him with members of some of their members in Syria... The poster does not specify which of the men is actually from ISIS or “Al Qaeda In Iraq” as they were once called.

I'M OUTRAGED: Between 5 million and 22 million email messages are missing!!!

While House Republicans are all a'twitter and all concerned about a few thousand missing email messages at the IRS, I wonder why they aren't investigating to loss of between 5 million and 22 million email messages?

The Bush White House email controversy surfaced in 2007, during the
controversy involving the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys.
Congressional requests for administration documents while
investigating the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush
administration to reveal that not all internal White House emails were
available, because they were sent via a non-government domain hosted
on an email server not controlled by the federal government.
Conducting governmental business in this manner is a possible
violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch
Act.[1] Over 5 million emails may have been lost or deleted.[2][3]
Greg Palast claims to have come up with 500 of the Karl Rove lost
emails, leading to damaging allegations.[4] In 2009, it was announced
that as many as 22 million emails may have been deleted.[5]

PROOF: Obama negotiates with terrorists!!!!

Photos have surfaced showing President Obama negotiating with terrorists who are bent on destroying America!!!