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Rep. Pete King (R, NY) finally speaks the truth

As of Thursday, 26 February, the US House of Idjits is moving toward shutting down the Dept of Homeland Security while throwing a hissy fit over President Obama's immigration executive orders.

Rep. Peter King (R, NY) finally admits the truth:

“We can’t allow D.H.S. not be funded,” said Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York. “People think we’re crazy. There’re terrorist attacks all over the world, and we’re talking about closing down Homeland Security. This is like living in the world of the crazy people.”
Well, Pete, here's a news flash for you:

YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You people are foaming-at-the-mouth, tire-biting; chasing-your-own-tail CRAZY!!!!  Years ago, families kept their funny uncles, insane cousins, and batty old aunts locked away in an upstairs bedroom.  Today, those same people are the Republican Party.

Of all President Obama's many accomplishments, the greatest one is what he accomplished by merely being elected:  His election removed the mask of decency from the GOP and revealed the fundamental evil that is today's GOP.

What happened??

Somewhere the GOP jumped off the track.

Jeb Bush speaks. Remember -- according to his mother, "He's the smart one!!!"

Here are quotes from Jeb Bush's recent speech on foreign policy -- at least, that's what everyone says he was talking about.

As you read these quotes, remember:  His mother, Barbara Bush, said "He's the smart one."  That explains a lot.

What useless war is Jeb Bush planning to fight??

Jeb "He's the Smart One" Bush has named his national security advisory team in preparation for his 2016 presidential run.  
Re-treads from GWBush's failed administration.  This is the crowd who started the Iraq War and who laid the groundwork for ISIS.

This may explain why the majority of Americans are ignorant

I flipped across the 500 or so channels on my satellite TV tonight. After getting past the "reality" shows, the 19 kids freak show, sports, and shopping, this is what I found:

MSNBC: ISIS is rampaging throughout the Middle East. We're all gonna die. 

CNN: ISIS is rampaging throughout the Middle East. We're all gonna die. 

Fox: ISIS is rampaging thought the Middle East. We're all gonna die and Obama is a Muslim sympathizer. 

Some things you could see if Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee

Now that it's looking as though Jeb Bush has a shot at being the GOP 2016 Presidential nominee, it's time to start warming up with a list of things you could encounter during the campaign.

How about this for a slogan:

His mother said he's the smart one.  Compared to . . . his brothers?

Or maybe:

Vote for Jeb.  The third time's the charm!!!

Of course, his opposition could argue:

Watch out for Jeb!!!  Three strikes and we're all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Zimmerman has six mug shots. Trayvon Martin has an obituary. You tell me: Who is the "thug?"

Jeb Bush steps into a HUGE pile of steaming manure . . . can he get out of it with his shoes clean?

Here's the story.  

As part of the process of assembling a campaign team, Jeb Bush hired ETHAN CZAHOR to be a leading member of his "media team."  Apparently Czahor is a techno-nerd who the Bush campaign hopes will keep them in touch with young people and their smartphones.

Well, things went along just fine for about five minutes -- until some of Czahor's tweets became public.

Such as, this one:

It gets better.

And better:

This guy doesn't know when the STFD and STFU.

Is anyone surprised that Czahor is a Tea Partier"

Way to go, Jeb.  You sure know how to pick 'em.  Of course, Jeb is a Republican and Czahor is a perfect example of what Republicans believe and how they act.

Virginia Republicans show their true colors - - - ugly, evil, small-minded, vindictive, lying sacks of shit

Here's the background.

In Virginia's 10th Congressional District, a hard-core rightwing radical, Barbara Comstock, was elected to Congress in November 2014.  Her election left a void in the Republican Partyleadership in the 10th CD.  That void was filled by one Jo Thoburn.

Journalists dug around into Thoburn's background and what they found was ugly, ugly, ugly -- and typical of today's Republican Party.  Turns out Thoburn is a prolific Tweeter.  Her tweets are filled with spiteful, vindictive name-calling aimed at other Republicans.

Here's an article that shows some of her Tweets.

In case you can't read the article, here are some of her tweets.

These and other tweets from Thoburn hit the Internet on Tuesday, 10 February.  By Thursday, 12 February, her Twitter account had been deleted.  When reporters contacted her Wednesday, 11 February, about the tweets, her reply was that her children had access to her Twitter account (????), then:  

“I could have, I don’t know if I did . . .  I can’t confirm if I wrote them.”

You would think that Barbara Comstock, close friend of Thoburn might have something to say, either in defense of her friend or whatever.  She is silent.  I guess the fact that Thoburn threw a fundraiser for Comstock overrides all sense of decency.

It gets even better.  The outgoing chair of the 10th CD GOP is noted for his racist, anti-Semitic jokes and comments.

And there you have it, friends, today's Republican Party -- evil, stupid, vindictive, lying sacks of shit.  Every one of them.

Oh, one more fact about Jo Thoburn:

Thoburn is president and chief executive of the Fairfax Christian School, which was founded by Robert L. Thoburn, a fundamentalist Presbyterian minister who served in Virginia’s House of Delegates from 1978 to 1980.
A Good Christian Republican displaying her Christian family values.  Kiss my Old Redneck ass.


Scott Walker: Lying sack of dog shit

Scott Walker raised Wisconsin educators' eyebrows late last month when he told an Iowa audience that the 2010 "outstanding teacher of the year in my state" was laid off to make room for a teacher protected by union rules. 

This was one of the reasons he fought so hard for Act 10 — his "bold way" of dismantling teachers unions and their contracts — Walker told the impressed Iowa Republican audience. 

Many in Wisconsin education circles suspected the governor was telling yet another of his trademark bullshit lies. 

And, in fact, Walker was LYING -- as usual.

So -- if anyone reading this blog can provide me with ONE -- just ONE -- instance of a Republican telling the truth, please add a comment and tell me about it.



Scott Walker raised Wisconsin educators' eyebrows late last month when he told an Iowa audience that the 2010 "outstanding teacher of the year in my state" was laid off to make room for a teacher protected by union rules. 

This was one of the reasons he fought so hard for Act 10 — his "bold way" of dismantling teachers unions and their contracts — Walker told the impressed Iowa Republican audience. 

Many in Wisconsin education circles suspected the governor was telling yet another of his trademark fibs. 

And, indeed, he was.

You really need to visit this website:

The site and the domain belong to a couple of gay guys in Texas who have been together for years.  Not too long ago they decided to grab up the domain just in case Jeb decided to run for president.  And now they will not surrender the domain to the Bush campaign.

Visit their website, read about them, and read their DISCUSSION section.

And piss on Jeb Bush.

Why does the Virginia GOP have a rabid anti-Semite as their party chairman??

One wonders why the Republican Party of Virginia selected John Whitbeck, a rabid anti-Semite, to be their party chairman.  Of course, this is not a surprising choice, given the GOP's record of ignoring minorities and of viewing the world as populated only by old, fat, white Protestants.

Chief Justice Roberts: Legal decisions of, by, and for the rich, powerful, and white

In every major case since he became the nation’s seventeenth Chief Justice, Roberts has sided with the prosecution over the defendant, the state over the condemned, the executive branch over the legislative, and the corporate defendant over the individual plaintiff. 

Two GOP Presidential hopefuls have said parents should not be required to vaccinate their children

For those of you born after polio had been eradicated from the US, an explanation is in order.  This is a photo of a polio ward.   The big round things are "iron lungs."  In many cases, polio paralyzed the nerves and muscles that control breathing, thus, people -- mostly children -- suffering from polio were placed in an "iron lung" and the machine breathed for them.  In some cases, polio patients would go into the iron lung for a few days, come out, go back in -- in other cases, they lived in the iron lung.  And died in the iron lung.

When the polio vaccine was developed, iron lungs became things of the past as did polio.

Now, at least two GOP 2016 Presidential hopefuls -- Chris Christie and Rand Paul -- are on record as saying we really should not require parents to vaccinate their children.

Republicans have become so crazy, nothing they say surprises me.

GOP Senator says employees in restaurants don't need to wash hands after using toilet . . . too much government regjulation

Senator Tom Tillis (DUMBASS R, NC) said in an interview that restaurants should not be required to require their employees to wash their hands after using the toilet.  Instead, the restaurant could post a sign to that effect then let the customers decide if they want to eat at the restaurant.  He didn't address the problem of what to do if the restaurant posts a tiny sign in an obscure place.

I have an idea:  Let's start with the Senate cafeteria -- remove all soap, water, and towels.

You first, you blithering idjit!!!

Now we know his problem

Senator Rand Paul (R, Another Planet) said today vaccines can cause "profound mental disorders."

"I've heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines," Paul said . . . 

So -- now we know what happened to him -- too many vaccines as a child.

Sometimes we need a break from politics: "Johnny Football" Manziel checks into rehab

One of the most over-rated NFL draft choices in recent years (the MOST over-rated is Washington ###skins RG III, well, maybe also Tim Tebow) has checked into rehab where he -- and the Cleveland Browns hope -- he'll learn to deal with his alcohol, drug, and general immaturity problem.  Don't count on it.

"Johnny Football" Manziel is like a lot of too-young players who ditch their college football careers in exchange for a big paycheck and the fame of being an NFL player.  In Manziel's case, he didn't deserve the top rankings or the Heisman Trophy bestowed upon him.  He played for a second-rate NCAA Div I team -- Baylor -- in a weak conference, in an offensive scheme that was designed specifically for him and the players on the Baylor team.

He had been a talented football player through middle school and high school, all of which earned him accolades leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy:  Because he was so much better than others around him, he was destined for greatness.  Forget practice, practice, practice; forget learning defensive schemes and adjusting at the line of scrimmage; forget the fundamentals necessary to an NFL quarterback.  Just read the press clippings.

The Old Redneck predicts Johnny Football will emerge from rehab, make all the proper noises about how he learned his lesson, then he'll go bust on the field.  And another Tim Tebow and Heath Shuler joins the list of over-rated has-beens who wind up selling life insurance, mutual funds, cemetery plots, and used cars.