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RIOT IN KENTUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a bunch of white boys letting off steam.  No problem.  No cops in riot gear.  No arrests.  No National Guard.

Jeb Bush: Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant

Last weekend was the date for the "Faith and Freedom Summit" in Iowa.  This is a gathering of rightwing dingbats under cover of Christianity.  Attendance is mandatory for Republican presidential hopefuls -- most of whom wouldn't know Jesus if he sat on them.  It's an opportunity for them to thump their chests and proclaim how it's time to get God back in the White House (and get that black guy out).

Jeb Bush -- ever the wimpy coward -- didn't go, instead he sent a spokesman to throw red meat to the crowd:

"We have got to defund Planned Parenthood, by the way, and Gov. Bush supports those efforts."

Sure thing, asshole -- let's cut out any funding for Planned Parenthood.  That way, we can do away with their activities -- cancer screening, pre-natal care, birth control.

Fuck you, Jeb Bush.  WTF is it with Republicans and women's reproductive matters?  I outgrew my fascination with lady parts when I left the sixth grade -- which tells us a lot about the Republican presidential contenders and their supporters.

How much are thugs dressed as cops costing YOUR city?

The city (Baltimore) has paid about $5.7 million since 2011 over lawsuits claiming that police officers brazenly beat up alleged suspects.
On a cold January afternoon, Jerriel Lyles parked his car in front of the P&J Carry Out on East Monument Street and darted inside to buy some food. After paying for a box of chicken, he noticed a big guy in jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap.
“What’s up?” the man said to Lyles. Others, also dressed in jeans and hoodies, blocked the door to the street — making Lyles fear that he would be robbed. Instead, the man identified himself a police officer, frisked Lyles and demanded he sit on the greasy floor. Lyles objected.
“The officer hit me so hard it felt like his radio was in his hand,” Lyles testified about the 2009 incident, after suing Detective David Greene. “The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye.”

 I think it's time we each researched just how much police brutality has cost the town, city, county, etc., where we live.  Then, let your mayor, city council, board of supervisors, whatever, know that you are tired of paying for cops to beat up people.  Maybe-- just maybe -- that would get their attention.

UPDATE, 28 April 2015.  After posting this blog article, I decided to search around for more information.  What I found is ASTOUNDING!!!  

American cities are paying HUGE amounts of money to people who have been beaten up by cops!!!

New York City has paid almost HALF-A-BILLION DOLLARS in lawsuit settlements since 2009 -- $428,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (A Washington Post article cited below puts the figure for NYC at $735,000,000!!!)

Here's a quote from a Washington Post article:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this year that the city has payed out nearly half a billion dollars in settlements over the past decade, and spent $84.6 million in fees, settlements, and awards last year. The Chicago Police Department is about three times the size of the Baltimore PD. Chicago the city has about four times as many people as Baltimore. Crunch those numbers as you wish. Bloomberg News reported that in 2011, Los Angeles paid out $54 million, while New York paid out a whopping $735 million, although those figures include negligence and other claims unrelated to police abuse. Oakland Police Beat reported in April that the city had paid out $74 million to settle 417 lawsuits since 1990. That’s a little more than $3 million per year. The Denver Post reported in August that the Mile High City paid $13 million over 10 years. The Dallas Morning News reported in May that the city has forked over $6 million since 2011. And last month, Minneapolis Public Radio put that city’s payout at $21 million since 2003.

Do these mayors and city councils understand exactly what it's costing them to protect out-of-control thugs masquerading as cops?

Note to George W. Bush: Kiss my old redneck ass, boy, kiss my ass.

George Bush recently fired a shot at President Obama over Obama's handling of the historic fuck-up Bush left in the Middle East.  If you want to read Bush's brain fart, read it here.  

One thing Bush said caught my eye:  “In order to be an effective president ... when you say something you have to mean it,” he said. “You gotta kill em.”

WTF?!?!?!?  And again I ask "WTF?"  About the only thing GWBush killed was lots and lots of six-packs and God-only-knows how many lines of coke.

Oh -- yes -- and he killed 5,000 soldiers and half-a-million Iraqis with his useless war.

There is one person Bush didn't kill.  Osama Bin Laden.

Which is why GWBush can kiss my ass.

In Baltimore . . .

In Baltimore, as in many other places, what would happen if peaceful protestors who are seeking answers and cooperation, were met by the mayor and city council, and not by riot police?

Gaggle of Baptist preachers show us what real christians are like

Check out this video, made on 11 April at Middle Tennessee Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

This video shows the rest of the world what real "born-again" christians are like.  The men who are ripping around, dancing, shrieking, babbling, chanting, throwing their clothes in the air -- these men all are Baptist preachers.  

“It can’t get any better than this,” the church said on its Facebook page.  “This is one of the best meetings we’ve had so far! God breathed all over us during this time. We hope you enjoy this powerful video clip.” 

"God breathed all over" them?  I'm thinking maybe the breath in the place smelled a lot like Jack Daniels sipping whiskey.

These are the people who claim to be morally superior to the rest of us.

UPDATE:  This display of . . . of . . . whatever it is, is part of an annual "Teen Camp Meeting" held at this church.  Here's a video from the 2014 madness.  "The Trio" is singing that old favorite "I'm Not Going to Hell!!"


I can't wait for The Rapture

All my Biblethumping friends talk about "The Rapture."  The rapture is supposed to be an event that precedes the "second coming of Jesus" in which all "true Christians" are swept up to Heaven -- for example, if you're a "True Christian" and you're driving down the interstate when The Rapture occurs, suddenly you're car will be driverless.  You get the picture -- airplanes without pilots, person sitting next to you just disappears.

And they believe this shit.

I can't wait for The Rapture because afterwards, the average worldwide IQ will go up by 20 points or more.

GOP lies about Hillary Clinton already starting to pile up

It's been only a few days since she announced she is running for President but already the GOP lie machine is cranked up to nearly full volume against Hillary Clinton.

Let's check out the first two lies.

LIE:  The Republican National Committee chairman says Hillary Clinton paid women in her Senate office less than men.

FACT.  In fact, the salaries paid to Senator Clinton's staff, including women were identical.

LIE.   A book to be released in early May by former Sarah Palin staffer and long-time Republican "activist Peter Schweitzer purports to show vast amounts of foreign money flowing into the Clinton charitable foundation and then to Senator Clinton's campaign.

FACT.  Already -- before publication -- the book has been found to be relying on a phony press release and on a vast collection of rumor, speculation, hearsay, and phony information.

ThinkProgress details several of Schweizer's claims, and highlights one major error already found in the book. According to the site, Schweizer at one point uses a press release to bolster one of his many speculative claims, citing it to suggest there may have been a link between a private company that was paying Bill Clinton for speeches (and which supposedly issued the press release) and a State Department report released when Hillary Clinton was secretary. However, ThinkProgress notes, the press release Schweizer cites was revealed as a hoax back in 2013.   
This apparently sloppy sourcing from Schweizer is nothing new. As Media Matters extensively documented, Schweizer's career as a Republican activist and researcher is riddled with errors, retractions, and investigations that find his facts "do not check out" and his sources "do not exist." Our analysis found at least 10 separate incidents in which journalists called out Schweizer for his botched reporting.

Remember when the GOP was all about keeping religion OUT of the White House??

When JFK was running for President, I was a college student in Alabama.  The preachers, politicians, biblethumpers, holyrollers, evanglicals, and other assorted nutcases were aghast at the possibility of his election because he would "take orders from the Pope in Rome."  They were all worked up about the religious preference of the President.

Today's GOP Presidential candidates are doing everything they can to convince voters they will bring a chiristian theocracy to the White House.  What has changed??

Note to Taylor Swift: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

At last night's Academy of Country Music award show, "country" singer Taylor Swift took her leave of country music.  I have listened to exactly two Taylor Swift songs, both of them played for me by a worshipful Swift fan who told me I just HAD TO hear this country music.

Taylor Swift sings off key and sounds like a dying cat in a sack.

The shit she sings is NOT country music.  There has not been any country music produced in the US for decades.

And can someone tell me why the ACM awards are held in Cowboy Stadium and not at the Ryman Auditorium?  I suspect it's because none of today's "country stars" can find the Ryman with a guide.

Want to hear a REAL female country music singer?  Okay -- here are a few.

Patsy Cline, "Crazy:"

Kitty Wells, "It Wasn't God That Made Honky Tonk Angels:"

Loretta Lynn, "Coal Miner's Daughter:"

Mother Maybelle, "The Wildwood Flower:"

Dotsy, "I'll Be Your San Antone Rose:"


In South Carolina, man runs from cop, cop shoots him eight times in back, kills him, then tries to plant his taser on the dead man.

San Antonio cops suffocate man to death, laugh about it.

Floriduh cops shoot unarmed man, standing in his own driveway, searching in his car for a cigarette.  Cops say he "lunged" at them.  Sure he did.  Don't they all lunge at the cops?

Video proves cops suffocate man, mock him as he dies.

Man puts his hands up as ordered to by the cops, cop shoots him nine times anyway.

Man holding bottle of pills, cops say it's a gun, kill him.

Man is injured in wreck, approaches cops for help, they kill him.

Then there's this:  In Tulsa, OK, a wealthy businessman gives money to cops so they can buy equipment.  He also takes police chief on expensive fishing trips.  For this, he's allowed to carry a gun, a taser, and full cop equipment -- he's called a "reserve officer" and is allowed to participate in arrests.  He "helps" subdue" a suspect, reaches for his taser, pulls his pistol, and kills the guy.

Did anyone notice that ALL the men killed by the cops are black??  Coincidence??

Two members of Congress pose with a rifle. What if it had been two other members??

WTF are the GOP candidates to do now??? GOP ends battle to repeal Obamacare!!!


50 votes in Congress!!!!  


Are you listening you Tea Bagging idjits??  

Maybe you ought to throw out every Republican in Congress?!?!?

Tea Baggers:  Losers who just keep on losing!!!

                                 "GOP Drops Battle to End Obamacare!"
WASHINGTON — After five years and more than 50 votes in Congress, the Republican campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act is essentially over.Republican congressional leaders, unable to roll back the law while President Barack Obama remains in office and unwilling to again threaten a government shutdown to pressure him, are focused on other issues, including trade and tax reform.Less noted, senior Republican lawmakers have incorporated many of the law's key protections into their own proposals, including guaranteeing coverage and providing government assistance to help consumers purchase insurance.And although the law remains very unpopular with GOP voters, more than 20 million Americans now depend on it for health benefits, making even some of the most conservative Republicans loath to cut off coverage.Facing the prospect that the Supreme Court this year could strip away insurance subsidies provided through the law in most states, several GOP lawmakers have proposed extending the aid, perhaps even until a new president takes office.At the same time, the presumed Republican presidential front-runner, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has shown little enthusiasm for a new health care fight. Last year, he criticized the repeal effort.

No one makes country music any more

Country music died the day a big Sony billboard was raised over Music Row in Nashville.

From time to time the Old Redneck will post links to some real country music on YouTube.

And, NO, that shit they play on "country music" radio stations is not country music.  There is no more country music being recorded in the USofA.


(After "Sweet Memories") Play "Born to Lose" Again


"I'll Be Your San Antone Rose"

Mel Street

"Loving on Back Street, Living on Main"


"I Saw the Light"

Webb Pierce

"There Stands the Glass"

Did you know: Sarah Palin invented the whistle stop tour??? Well, she did -- just ask her.

Sarah Palin is now a D-list (and about to fall off the D list) has-been celebrity who now reaches out to the world through her Facebook page, avoiding contact with real journalists who ask embarrassing questions.

Now that Hillary Clinton has declared her Presidential candidacy, Sarah has turned her patented mean, spiteful commentary onto Hillary.  Here's a recent incomprehensible post from Palin's Facebook page.

Hmmm, as people all over the country are reminding each other, this Hillary Scooby-Doo Tour thing sure looks familiar. We're flattered the liberals think the idea is really keen! Since it's ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬, it's also pretty keen to thank the democrats for taking a page out of our playbook and also to share the picturesque, sincere, no-media "One Nation" RV trek of ours a few years ago. From way up North in the natural resource-rich state of Alaska down to the inspirational, loud and patriotic Rolling Thunder Rally in DC to a calm clambake on a cool New Hampshire night, it was a blast to introduce American people and places to folks who crave the reminders of what makes our nation exceptional and free! Our tour is proof we dare not go backwards and fundamentally transform America; instead we must move ahead to fundamentally restore all that is good and safe and strong in America. And we're pretty good about doing it without letting the media get in the way. (In fact, it was great to see the media finally have to do what the rest of the middle class does every single day – WORK FOR IT. Though I don't know why they were frustrated not being able to keep up with us, I mean, I was in our bus wrapped in the Constitution!)

So here's a little secret – a video from the SarahPAC vault that's never been released until now. (I knew it'd come in handy someday.) Makes me want to fire up the RV again, load up the kids... Enjoy!
- Sarah Palin

First -- I don't understand a word of this even after reading it FIVE times.  Palin is a master at throwing a lot of unconnected phrases together while her (dwindling crowd of) admirers cheer, thinking she is uttering some brilliant something.  This crap is word salad at its worst.

Next -- there's the comment about "wrapped in the Constitution."  If you recall her failed 2011 bus tour, she had a big tour bus painted to look like the first page of the Constitution. 

Then -- there's the bus tour itself.  Palin set out -- or so she claimed -- to tour America as part of her campaign for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination.  She was going to ride her tour bus around, stopping to greet "real Americans." IN FACT -- she flew around from place to place on a private aircraft on loan from Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham; the aircraft belongs to the Graham family's "evangelical" organization).  Sarah and some of her entourage would hop on the plane, fly to the next stop, meet the bus, get on the bus, and ride into public view making it appear she was riding around on the bus.  Pure showmanship and pure bullshit.

She showed up in a few places -- a fair in Iowa; some DC monuments; pizza lunch with Donald Trump; Boston where she made her famous ignorant claim about Paul Revere riding out to warn the British -- then -- the tour ended with Palin claiming she had to rush back to Alaska for jury duty.  She never showed for jury duty and the tour never re-started.  As with everything Palin touches, the tour fizzled.

Now, in this latest Facebook post, Sarah Palin is claiming that Hillary Clinton's current tour in her van -- Scooby -- is Hillary's attempt to copy her (Palin's) bus tour.  WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SHIT.  Sarah Palin did not invent the whistle-stop tour -- politicians and candidates have been touring around the countryside, campaigning for votes, ever since there have been elections.  

1916:  Presidential candidate Charles Evans Hughes and wife at Chicago's Union Station on their nationwide whistle-stop tour.

1932:  Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt on a whistle-stop tour.

And we could go on and on but the point is clear:  Sarah Palin is reduced to whining, bitching, moaning on her Facebook page -- and begging for money for SarahPAC -- which spends most of its money on Sarah and her family.

House Republicans repeal the Estate Tax, benefitting only 5,400 of the wealthiest Americans

This action also adds $269 billion to our national debt.

Let's face it:  Today's Republican Party is a collection of ignoramusses, liars, pedophiles, freaks, thugs, fools, and criminals.

The Clive Bundy "militia:" Thugs and criminals every one

Remember about a year ago when heavily-armed gunnuts, dingbats, loons, and assorted pot-bellied "militiamen" descended on Clive Bundy's ranch to defend his right to avoid paying fees to graze his cattle on public lands?

Let's check in on where some of these defenders of Clive Bundy are today.

... Richard Lee Cook - Nevada: A Nevada Oath Keeper who participated in the Bundy standoff (using the alias Richard X. Nelson), Cook was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. His prior criminal record includes possession of stolen property, attempted grand larceny, and attempted possession of a controlled substance. Trial is scheduled for May 12, 2015.

Jerad Dwain Miller and Amanda Woodruff Miller - Nevada: Ambushed and killed two Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and one bystander. They both died in the resulting shootout with police ...

Brent Douglas Cole – Alaska: was found guilty of assault on a federal officer (a BLM ranger) with a deadly weapon which inflicted bodily injury, assault which inflicted bodily injury on a person (a CA Highway Patrol officer) assisting a federal officer, and discharge of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Sentencing is scheduled for May 1, 2015 ...

Phillip Kay Lyman, Monte Jerome Wells, Shane Morris Marian, and Franklin Trent Holliday - Utah: These organizers of the illegal Recapture Canyon ATV ride in Utah were charged with conspiring to operate off-road vehicles on public lands closed to off-road vehicles, and aiding and abetting operation of off-road vehicles on public lands closed to off-road vehicles. Trial is scheduled for April 28, 2015 ...

As my sainted grandmother said:  "Trash will always show itself."

This pretty much sums it up

Now that Hillary Clinton is on her way to becoming the next President of the USofA, the Republicans are cranking up a mud-slinging storm of lies the likes of which has never before been seen anywhere on the planet.

Here's a simple response to their attacks on her:


A white South Carolina cop in North Charleston shot a young black man several times in the back as the young man was running away from him.  The cop claimed the victim took his Taser -- which is bullshit, never happened.

The black man was running away from the cop when the cop damn near emptied his magazine into the kid's back.

The cops claimed they performed CPR.  Bullshit.  The video of the incident clearly shows the young man lying on the ground for several minutes before any sort of aid is delivered.

The video also shows the cop dropping something on the ground beside the dead young man -- no doubt he dropped his Taser beside the body to support his lie.

When the video surfaced, the cop's attorney dropped him as a client.

This goddam cop needs to go to jail for life.  But he won't.  The cops will, no doubt, conduct a sham investigation and put this murdering sonofabitch back on the street.

UPDATE:  Here's the video.

Sick, twisted, demented, obscene -- you expect anything different from Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin posted this on her Facebook page.

This is sick, demented, obscene -- and typical of Palin -- using the symbols of Easter to raise money for SarahPAC.

Riots, looting, fires set in the streets - - - don't worry, it's just white kids blowing off steam

For the second year in a row, Kentucky has been bounced from the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament -- and for the second year in a row, UK students rioted in the streets of Lexington, burning sofas in the middle of the street, blocking traffic, throwing stuff at the cops.

But, hey, don't worry -- just a bunch of white kids blowing off steam -- no black thugs for the cops to shoot.

Scott Walker's record: Creates TEN new jobs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's incompetent radical rightwing governor (and GOP Presidential wannabee) Scott Walker came into office promising to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.

He then formed the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and gave WEDC the mission of creating jobs in Wisconsin.

As of April 2015, WEDC has created . . . are you ready for this? WEDC has created TEN jobs.  That's right 10 -- TEN.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Creates Ten Documented new Jobs with the Hiring of Mr. Duck 

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) continues its job creation by hiring its fifth chief financial officer (CFO). Brandon Duck, who is currently the CFO at a Trinity Basin Charter School in Dallas, will start as the fifth CFO of Scott Walker's brainchild, WEDC later this month. So far WEDC can document at least ten new jobs created since it was established by Walker in 2011. These jobs are as follows; two chief executive officers (CEO) employed by WEDC, three Chief Operating Officers (COO) employed by WEDC and five Chief Financial Officers (CFO) employed by WEDC. 

An interesting note to Mr. Duck's appointment is that the official announcement makes no specific mention of his current position at the Trinity Basin Charter School, but rather, notes that he is currently the CFO at a preparatory academy in Dallas. Walker is drawing from a very small network of like minded sycophants. Clearly, there are no charter school CFOs left in Wisconsin that would come within a mile of WEDC.

A frightening fact about police killings in the US

In only one month -- March 2015 -- police across the US killed 111 people.

Since 1900 -- that's 115 years -- British police have killed 52 people.

Yes, I know Great Britain has a much smaller and more homogeneous population than the US -- but 111 in a month compared to 52 in 115 years?

For example:

-- Police beat Phillip White to death in New Jersey.  He was unarmed.
-- Police shot and killed Meagan Hockaday, a 26-year-old mother of three.
-- Police shot and killed Nicholas Thomas, an unarmed man on his job at Goodyear in metro Atlanta.
-- Police shot and killed Anthony Hill, an unarmed war veteran, suffering from mental illness, in metro Atlanta.

This MUST stop.

It's past time we recognized a fundamental truth

Let's face it:  In much of the USofA -- especially in the South -- voters are happy to give up health care, education, jobs, good roads, their life savings -- everything -- as long as blacks can't vote, gays can't marry, and there are plenty of guns.

It's reminiscent of LBJ's comment:

"If you can convince the lowest white man that he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket.  Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll even empty his pockets for you."