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Anne Graham Lotz: Just another biblethumping huckster -- Mayday!! Mayday!!! The world is coming to an end!! Send money!!!

Normally when someone insists that they have a direct line to God you get a little concerned for them. It could be the old voices in the head syndrome, or perhaps a touch of megalomania. In Anne Graham Lotz’s case, it appears to be an escalation of her business plan, as the daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham is going around shouting MayDay! MayDay!, warning people that The Rapture is just around the corner. 

Lotz is smart enough not to be pulling a Harold Camping, the late Oakland-based preacher, and founder of the highly profitable Family Radio stations, who actually set the date (May 21, 2011) for The Rapture, which of course didn’t happen. Even after he reset the date for October 21, 2011, there was no rapture. Unfortunately, more than a handful of followers took his predictions to heart, sold their stuff, moved away from their families, and hunkered down waiting for zero hour. A bus filled with Camping followers toured the country warning people that the end was near. Zero hour never came. Asd it turned out, the REAL policy was: “No Rapture, no tribulation, no earthquake, and ... no refunds.”

There is no shortage of End Timers, preachers who see the End of Times in just about anything; earthquakes, tsunamis, the rise of ISIS, Obama’s election and re-election. Pastor John Hagee, the proprietor over a multi-million-dollar multi-media enterprise and mega-church based in San Antonio, Texas, wrote a book linking the End Times to “blood moon” eclipses. 

Lotz herself has been down this road before: After the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, she wrote a column stating that the plane’s disappearance could be a sign of the coming of The Rapture.

These days, Lotz claims to be in direct contact with God. According to’s Michael F. Haverluck, “The gravity of two powerful messages from God — given in Joel 1:1 and Joel 2:17 — has been something that has weighed on her [Lotz] heart so heavily that she knew God was calling her to put America on high alert.”

“The impact on me was profound,” the daughter of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham recently explained on her web site ( “Both times, when I stepped off of the platform, I knew God had spoken.”

“The messages almost made the hair stand up on the back of my neck,” Lotz continued. “Why? Because God was clearly warning that His judgment is coming on America and on our world, and it’s going to be ugly. I knew it then, and I know it now.”

While Lotz, the president and founder of AnGel Ministries and the author of a number of books, is savvy enough not to set the date, nevertheless she insists she’s seeing signs of the End Times, and she is confident that it will happen in her lifetime (she recently turned 67). In a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Lotz spoke about her prayer initiative called “Mayday! Mayday: A Distress Call For Prayer,” which was scheduled to run from May 15 to the 23rd, a project encouraging Americans to pray to God for repentance ahead of the End Times.

"I picked these dates, the 15th through the 23rd because they are the days in between the ascension of Jesus and Pentecost on the church calendar," she explained. "And biblically, if you remember, the disciples went into the upstairs room, they prayed for those nine days, and one of the things I know they prayed for was that God would keep His promise and send down the Holy Spirit in fullness, which of course He did that at the Feast of Pentecost."

Lotz stated: "So the birth pains [detailed in the Book of Joel as evidence that the End Times are near], the signs that Jesus gives, whether it is in the environmental world or national world, the wars, or the persecution of Christians, the persecution of Jews, when we see that ratcheting up and increasing in frequency and in intensity in the same generation that sees the Gospel being preached to the whole world and Israel reborn as a nation, that's the generation that is the last." 

"I believe with deep conviction that is my generation," Lotz continued. "I was born just a week apart from the time when Israel was reborn as a nation [1948]. We are the same age. And I believe that if I live out my lifetime, a natural lifetime, I believe I will live to see the return of Jesus in the Rapture when He comes back to take us to be with Himself, which means preceding that there are going to be some signs. There are going to be some warnings."

This latest warning is probably the most definitive statement about The Rapture that Lotz has ever made. According to The Christian Post’s Samuel Smith, “Lotz compared God's impending judgment to the 10 plagues God cast upon ancient Egypt. She added that even the Israelites were subject to the first three plagues that God cast upon the pharaoh and his land. Similarly, Lotz said the church is likely to face some kind judgment, even if God protects the church from his full wrath.”

Of course the fact that the hair may be standing up on Anne Graham’ Lotz’s neck, and that she’s going around shouting MayDay!MayDay! doth not make the End Times so. What is fascinating, however, is how much space the Christian-based media continues to give her. The American Family Association’s OneNewsNow news service, The Christian Post, the Christian Examiner, Charisma News, the Christian Broadcasting Network all accord her a certain amount of respect, not to mention uncritical articles and interviews. The much-maligned late Harold Camping never got such royal treatment. Of course, Camping was unwise to go out on a limb with actual rapture dates, and, to top it off, he wasn’t a member of the Rev. Billy Graham’s family.

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