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Baltimore: The truth is emerging -- slowly, but it's emerging

One of the cops charged with murdering Freddie Gray has a history of mental problems and domestic abuse.  And this guy carries a badge and a gun with permission to use both!!!

Records from the sheriff's office and court show Baltimore Police Officer Lt. Brian Rice, a central figure in the arrest of Freddie Gray, was hospitalized three years ago over mental health concerns. He also had his gun confiscated.
The report doesn't indicate how long Officer Rice was hospitalized, but his guns were confiscated, according the Associated Press. The Carroll County Sheriff's Office report quoted Rice as saying he "could not go on like this" and threatened to commit an act. The act itself was censored in the public version of report…
Rice had twice been accused of domestic violence and was temporarily ordered by a court to stay away from the person in the second case…
He faced action in Maryland's civil courts over alleged domestic violence in 2008 and 2013, according to public filings. In both cases, requests for protective orders were denied by the judge. For a week in 2013, Rice was also ordered not to abuse, contact, or go to the home or workplace of the second person who took him to court.

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