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Tea Party hypocrisy on display in Texas

More examples of Tea Party hypocrisy in action.  Damn, but you people are losers.

Remember back when Hurricane Sandy hit the NE US and Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz of Texas voted against disaster aid to the affected areas -- need to balance the budget and stop deficit spending, he said.  Well, now that Texas is being slammed with rains and floods, guess who is the FIRST Senator to come begging for relief money from the feds? 

And -- you know that on-going horseshit about Exercise Jade Helm and how the Tea Party in Texas is convinced it's a cover for Obama to declare martial law in Texas and put everyone in "FEMA concentration camps?"  Guess who is at the front of the line,  begging the feds to put them in FEMA camps!!!

Texans are notorious for their suspicion of the federal government. From the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy to the constant Republican whining about “big government” and President Obama’s secret plans to take everybody’s guns away, it’s no surprise that studies show that 57% of Texans have an unfavorable view of the federal government. Perhaps that’s why Governor Abbott failed to mention the President’s phone call offering FEMA’s support during the his press conference on Tuesday. FEMA is already on the ground, working with state officials to coordinate the response and recovery efforts, and victims left homeless are clamoring for Governor Abbot and Texas Republicans to accept federal disaster assistance from President Obama and FEMA.

1,200 Texas residents have had their homes washed away by the raging floods, and are in desperate need of temporary housing- and the situation isn’t going to improve any time soon. “We’re very vulnerable right now,” said County Commissioner Will Conley of Hays County in Central Texas. “We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. … If we were to receive a small amount of rain, we could be right back into an emergency situation.”

As flood warnings sound once again over Houston, just days after the first storms ravaged the city and surrounding counties, Texans are placed in an uncomfortable position. Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party fanatic who shut down the government over the budget and voted against Hurricane Sandy relief money because it was “wasteful”, has suddenly found himself calling for the federal government to “fulfill its statutory obligations” and provide disaster relief assistance.

In theme that recurs among Republicans states across the Midwest, the incredible irony is that for all the complaints about federal interference and the overreach of “big government”, Texas is the number one recipient of federal disaster funds. Forty-six Texas counties are currently under a state of emergency. During the 2011-2012 years, Texas received over give billion dollars in federal relief money- effectively subsidizing their climate change denial and refusal to prepare for a rapidly changing world.

As usual, the Tea Partiers show their stupidity and hypocrisy.

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