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Want to read some really, really sick shit being pushed onto home schooled children??

Want to see what the rightwingnuts offer up as an alternative to public schools?  Well, folks, here it is -- think about this the next time you read some wingnut ranting about the evils of Common Core.

Did you know that non-spousal sperm causes cancer? Well according to materials from the Advanced Training Institute's home school curriculum, it does -- it really, really does -- and, remember, this is the curriculum the Tea Party and home schoolers push as a "Christian alternative" to that evil Common Core (this is the same curriculum the Duggar family used to learn all about sex and its many dangers).  Here's a quote:

Doctors have discovered that the seed of the man is an alien substance to the woman. It triggered responses similar to those of an “allergic” reaction. A woman who has a husband is able to develop “immunity” to this reaction; however, a promiscuous woman’s immune system becomes confused and unable to distinguish alien substances. This confusion is a key to the development of cancer.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that this refers to HPV which can cause cervical cancer. However, this is not due to the fact that a man's seed is "alien" to woman but rather due to the fact that the man picked up a dose from one of the other woman with whom he was sharing that seed.

Of course all of this potential cancer is caused by lust. And lust is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. (It really helps if you read that in the voice of Gomer Pyle.)

Armor of God, does that work better than a condom?

And medical diseases and diseases of the soul are linked.  More quotes:
Diseases of the body usually have their counterpart in diseases of the soul. There is, in fact, an intimate relationship between the health of the soul and the health of the body. 

By understanding the workings of a disease in one realm we can often gain significant insight to a corresponding disease in the other realm.

Ah, the old "bad things happen to sinners" argument. 

This was a popular idea in the 16th century. Hard to believe that it is being taught to children in the 21st, but, then, this is home schoolers and Teabaggers we're talking about here.

And remember men are not to blame when a woman is raped because of, well, you know, because of the gangrene of lust and all:

When a man looks lustfully at a woman, a flood of impulses travels through the optic nerve to the back of the brain. As a result, the glands and other bodily functions are activated, and the level of testosterone increases. 

Recent studies revealed a significant correlation between high testosterone levels and those who commit violent crimes.
Sort of like that flood of impulses that ran through Josh Duggar's body as he was fondling his little sisters' breasts and genitals.

This is EXACTLY the same rationale used in Muslim countries to convince women that an exposed elbow or ankle will drive a perfectly reasonable man crazy and fill him with the urge to rape her and every other female he can find.

It's never the man's fault, it's the old "the Devil made me do it" excuse.  And here I thought home schoolers, Teabaggers, and rightwingnutjobs were all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. 

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