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Republicans making excuses for the Charlotte church shooter. I'm not surprised. That's the way they are.

A few days ago, a 21-year-old white man walked into a black church in Charlotte, NC, participated for a few minutes in a Bible study, then, pulled out a pistol (purchased for him by his parents; he could not buy a gun because of his previous arrest record) and he murdered nine people.  He told one woman he would not kill her because he wanted to leave survivor to tell the story. He also told this women that he wanted to kill black people because "you rape our women, you are taking over our country, and you must be stopped."

Here's the reaction to that evil, hate-filled crime by REPUBLICANS, TEA PARTY FAVORITES, AND RIGHTWINGERS IN GENERAL.

A member of the NRA Board of Directors blamed the pastor of the church for the shooting.

Jeb! said he doesn't know if the crime was racially-motivated.

Lindsey Graham said the Confederate flag that if permanently affixed to a staff at the SC state capitol is "part of who we are."

Whenever a white man commits a mass shooting, he is mentally ill, he's a lone wolf.  When a black man kills one person, he's a thug, a fatherless criminal who was raised by a single mother on food stamps.  And the black guy rarely survives to stand trial.

A history of rightwing, Tea Party, and Republican support for the Confederate flag.

Mike Huckabee -- another Tea Party favorite who is unfit for public office -- says more guns would have stopped the carnage.

And -- for everyone's information:  The author of this blog was born and reared in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.  Next to the Mississippi Delta, Wilkinson County is the most Southern place on earth.  I count over 25 Confederate soldiers in my ancestry, including one Confederate brigadier general.   My great-great-grandfather and his extended family owned almost 300 slaves -- I have the plantation records from their cotton and sugar cane plantations.  I do not own a Confederate flag, have never owned a Confederate flag, and I believe anyone who owns or displays a Confederate flag is ignorant and evil.

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