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Thoughts on the US Open golf tournament: KWITCHERBITCHIN'

The Old Redneck, the author of this blog, is a very amateur golfer.  I took up the game when I was on active duty (Army) in Japan in the late 1980's.  I have an 11 handicap and a set of clubs that's  over 20 years old.

My brother was a senior engineer with Bechtel (he retired recently) and back in 2000 he scored passes that allowed us to play a round at Augusta, home of the Master's Tournament.  I shot 78 at Augusta.  With my handicap, that's the equivalent of shooting a 67 at Augusta.  Augusta is an easy golf course -- wide, smooth fairways; 1st cut, 2nd cut, then rough; manicured greens that are like putting on carpet.

The Chambers Bay course at which the just-concluded US Open was played is a TOUGH course -- fescue greens that are like putting on a gravel driveway; slopes and valleys that will eat your ball; fairways bordered by rough; bunkers that eat golf balls.

Every single player in the US Open pissed and moaned about how difficult the course was.  The pro golfers whom we see in these major tournaments are millionaires -- some of them millionaires many times over.  They fly around in private Gulfstream IV's; they entertain guests on their $20 million yachts.  At the courses, they live in private homes, reserved for them, that are mansions.  And these guys piss and moan because the course makes them work for a living??????  STFU and hit the ball!!!!! 

We need MORE courses like Chambers Bay -- make these spoiled brats earn their pay like the rest of us.

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