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Today's news digest: CONFIRMED: Fox promotes racism; conservatives deny that white men are terrorists

23 June 2015

How "Fox and Friends" became the most vile, repugnant show on TV.  

An unexpected side-effect of the heart-wrenching gun massacre in Charleston is that the coverage on “Fox & Friends” has managed to reach all new depths of hideousness, even for the typically horrendous Fox News Channel. It’s a high-water mark (or low-water mark) in what appears to be a ramping up of the awfulness on that far-right morning zoo. Indeed, ‘Fox & Friends” could very well be the newly crowned most vile show on that network, recently outpacing the other contenders from the rogues gallery: O’Reilly, Hannity and “The Five.”

The alarming statiscal relationship underlying conservatives' TV viewing habits and racism.

Fox News has for years come under criticism for its racially-charged coverage. Just recently, in January of last year, Isaac Chotiner wrote that Fox News creates segments “meant to scare its white audience into believing that African Americans, or Muslims, are out to get them.” Meanwhile, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow have both criticized Fox News’s coverage of the Ferguson murder last year.

New data suggests that their criticisms may be correct.

Using 2012 American National Election Studies data to test whether Fox News viewers have distinct racial attitudes, it can be demonstrated that, indeed, these viewers are more likely to reject the reality of structural racism and to endorse negative stereotypes of Black people.

Whitewashing terrorism:  Republicans, Tea Partiers, rightwingers have strict rules for defining terrorism -- unless the terrorist is an American white male, then, all is forgiven.

The Republican Party has a clear philosophy on fighting terrorism. First, we must prioritize the fight. Second, we must challenge the teachings that motivate terror. Third, we must confront separatists who promote these ideas in our own country. Fourth, we must monitor networks that fund radicalization and violence.

Unless, of course, the terrorism is committed by white nationalists. In that case, the rules don’t apply.

Virginia's Tea Parties claim to represent Real American Values.  They argue that we have lost many of our rights as citizens.  AT THE SAME TIME, Virginia's Tea Parties -- including the 99th District Tea Party -- are doing their best to take away from their own people the right to decide on their elected officials.  WHY DOES THE 99TH DISTRICT TEA PARTY PREFER RULE BY A SMALL, SECRETIVE GROUP?  DOES THE 99DTP NOT TRUST THEIR OWN PEOPLE?

State Republican leaders will decide Saturday how many of Virginia's party faithful can help pick the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.
Gathering at a hotel in Staunton, members of the party's Central Committee are expected to choose between an April 2016 convention, limited to delegates who attend, or a March 1 primary open to all voters.
Those favoring a convention, including many in the Tea Party wing, see it as a way to keep tighter control of the selection and to raise significant cash for the state organization. Those wanting a primary argue that the ballot gives a truer picture of what Republicans want and helps build a voter database for the general election.

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