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Mitch McConnell attacks fetal tissue research that HE VOTED FOR IN 1993

In 1988, the Reagan administration began a moratorium on fetal tissue from elective abortions being used in scientific research. But Congress lifted that ban in 1993 when it passed the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act, which allowed research on human fetal tissue regardless of whether the tissue came from a voluntary abortion. McConnell voted for that bill, as did Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Fred Upton (R-Mich.), all of whom have condemned Planned Parenthood in the past two weeks for its involvement in the practice. 

The numbers are out and Sarah Palin's political action committee -- SarahPAC -- is going broke, fast.

The six-month FEC filings are out and, as predicted, Sarah Palin's SarahPAC is going broke FAST.

According to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission by SarahPAC:

  • Sarah PAC started in January with $825,555.95 in the kitty.
  • They brought in donations of $489,813.81.
  • And spent a whopping $753,232.84.

Which means over a six month period SarahPAC actually spent  $417,490.70 more than they made in donations. So they spent almost twice as much as they brought in.  Remember, Sarah is a fiscal conservative who does not believe in spending more than you make.

Which leaves them with only $562,136.92 on hand.

Now remember this is NOT a quarterly report but rather a biannual report containing all receipts from the beginning of January to the end of June.

Well now we know for sure, SarahPAC is about to go bankrupt.  

SarahPAC brought in a mere $489,813.81 over a six-month period.  Compare this to the glory days when she was bringing in over $5 million a year.

Notice on page 4 of the report SarahPAC claims to have donated $25,000 to other candidates.  SarahPAC spent $753,232.84 on all expenses.  So -- SarahPAC donated only 3 percent of their expenses to help other candidates. HOWEVER -- only two weeks ago SarahPAC issued a fund-raising appeal in which she claimed to have spent over $40,000 to support conservative candidates.

Not only is SarahPAC -- her ONLY source of income -- going broke, but she continues to lie about it.

Let's say this again:  The PAC is Sarah Palin's only source of income for herself and her family:
-- Husband Todd is unemployed and recently bought a new airplane.
-- Son Track is an unemployed, unemployable drunk with a drug habit.
-- Daughter Bristol works occasionally at a dermatologist's office in Anchorage. However, she's a single mother with a 6-yr-old and she is knocked up again.  Bristol may be supplementing her income by servicing clients for her friend, Marina Lupas, who runs an "exotic escort service."
-- Daughter Willow is a hairdresser in a low-rent Anchorage salon. 
-- Daughter Piper (age 12) is in school.
-- Son Trigg is 6 and is a Down Syndrome child who requires -- but does not receive -- special care and education.

Given the Palin family's proclivity for trips to Vegas (first class all the way), new houses in Arizona, boats, snowmobiles, new cars, and on and on and on, the $562,136.92 on hand in the PAC will see them through the end of 2015.

NYT article claiming Hillary Clinton is under criminal investigation because of her emails is a total crock. Lie. All the way.


Kurt Eichenwald  is one of my favorite journalists because he doesn't pull punches.

But even for him, the takedown of the New York Times latest story about the criminal referral in the Hillary Clinton email thing is brutal. It is so ugly and so vicious that I almost had to avert my eyes as he tore the Times apart piece by piece.

As ugly as the Eichenwald piece is, it is a thing of beauty. It also exposes the New York Times as being fundamentally incompetent.

We already know that the Times story started off by saying Hillary was under criminal investigation and then moved on to say, no it wasn't Hillary, it was the State Department. But Eichenwald just shreds everything in the story, top to bottom, with such ferocity it made me cringe.

It's impossible to sum up everything Eichenwald says, but he goes through the documents cited by the Times one at a time and shows how the reporters (intentionally) took parts out, ignored elements that misrepresented what sentences meant, put unrelated paragraphs next to each other to make it seem like they were connected when they weren't and on and on.
A few choice examples:
The piece is wrong in all of its implications and in almost every particular related to the Inspectors Generals’ conclusions. These are errors that go far beyond whether there was a criminal referral of Clinton's emails or a criminal referral at all. Sources can mislead; documents do not.
For example, Eichenwald quotes the document and shows how it wasn't about Clinton at all, but about how officials at the State Department now are handling requests under the Freedom of information act.
This is about the process being used by FOIA officials in reviewing former Secretary Clinton. And, former government officials have nothing to do with how FOIA officials deal with requests for documentation. To jump from this fact to a conclusion that, somehow, someone thinks there is a criminal case against Clinton (the original story) requires a level of recklessness that borders on, well, criminal behavior.
Eichenwald's belittlement goes to the level of making fun of the Times reporting.
Yes, there is memo after memo after memo, which the Times preens was given to it by a senior government official (for those who have thoughts of late-night meetings in parking garages or the Pentagon Papers, they were unclassified documents. Reporters obtain those kind of records through the complex, investigative procedure of asking the press office for them.) And all of them are about the exact same thing: the process being used by current FOIA officials reviewing the emails of a former official is messed up. That’s like criticizing the former owner of a car for the work conducted by the mechanic of the new owner.
UPDATE:  And update before publishing: Eichenwald said in his piece that the "criminal referral" part was false in total, and not just in relationship to Clinton. Now, the Dept of Justice Inspector General is saying just that.

Why don't white communities across the USA do something about white-on-white crime????

After all, whenever a black guy shoots someone, the rightwingers start the chant about "black-on-black" crime.


Police have identified the gunman who killed two women and wounded seven other people at a Louisiana movie theater before fatally shooting himself.  All victims and the shooter were white.

Investigators said 59-year-old John Russell Houser opened fire Thursday night during a showing of the film, “Trainwreck,” in Lafayette — about 500 miles from his home in Phenix City, Alabama.

Police said Houser, who they described as “kind of a drifter,” fired 13 rounds from a .40-caliber handgun into the theater crowd after watching the movie with them for about 20 minutes.

Officers arrived almost immediately, disrupting Houser’s escape plan, and he turned the gun on himself.

Authorities did not release a possible motive for the mass shooting, which came three years and three days after a gunman massacred 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Investigators said Houser had been in Lafayette since early this month, and they found disguises, including glasses and wigs, at a nearby Motel 6.

Houser was alone and did not wear a disguise during the shooting, police said, but he had switched the license plates on his car parked outside the theater.

“He wasn’t saying anything, I didn’t hear anybody screaming either,” said Katie Domingue, who fled the theater with her fiancé.

Police identified the victims as 21-year-old Mayci Breaux, of Franklin, and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson, of Lafayette.

Houser’s LinkedIn profile indicates failed attempts in a series of get-rich-quick schemes, including efforts to capitalize on a weightlifting craze and flip real estate.

He sold T-shirts in 1975 that identified the wearer as being able to life 300 pounds, and he operated and sold the Peachtree Pub about 35 years ago in Columbus, Georgia.

Houser claims in his social media profile that he guest hosted more than 60 episodes of “Rise and Shine” on WLTZ-TV in the 1990s, where he “invited political controversy on every one of them, and loved every minute of it.”

He also claims he was a guest 13 times on Doug Kellet’s WRCG-AM talk radio program.

Houser apparently was a frequent speaker at Columbus Water Works board meetings and City Council meetings, where he claims to have helped save millions of dollars by identifying “mega-thousands” of misappropriated expenditures.

Police said Houser had a criminal record, including arson and selling alcohol to a minor, but had not run into any trouble in at least a decade.

Let's review:  "Watchdog" on government spending.   Frequent speaker at city council and water works board meetings.  Sounds like a typical Teabagger to me.  

Sounds to me as though it's time for theaters to ban white men who show up unaccompanied.  

And it's time for white folks to do something about white-on-white crime.  Right????

If these numbers were from attacks by Muslims . . .

According to the Gun Violence Archive, the total gun violence figures for 2015 to date include:
  • 27,894 shooting incidents 
  • 7,164  deaths 
  • 14,370 injuries 
  • 405 dead children under age 11 
  • 1,381 dead between ages 12-17 
  • 181 dead from mass shootings (defined as 4 or more, not including the shooter) 
  • 2,463 officer involved shootings 
  • 1042 accidental shootings
That's the butcher's bill for 2015, so far. We can expect all of these numbers to just about double by the end of 2015.

If these were the casualty figures of an ebola epidemic, just imagine the uproar this country would be in.   

Imagine if these were the casualty figures from ISIS/Al Queda terrorist attacks on our own soil. 

We have an epidemic of gunshot wounds, and we are not doing anything about it.

Then, there's this -- 24 July 2015

A Louisiana cinema showing Amy Schumer's new movie, Trainwreck, was the scene of a deadly shooting spree Thursday evening that left three dead, including the shooter, and at least seven injured, after an assailant opened fire on an audience of around 100 people before turning the handgun on himself.

Phone calls were placed to 911 from within Grand Theater 16 in Lafayette around 7:30 p.m., and 12 ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Victims were taken to three nearby hospitals with injuries that ranged from non-life-threatening to critical.

The seven injured range in age from late teens to "probably into the 60s," said Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft during a press conference. One victim has been released; another is in surgery and is "not doing well," he said.

While investigators have not yet released the identity of the shooter, officials on the scene told CNN that he was a 58-year old white male with a criminal record. 

Although Grand Theater has a corporate policy against firearms in their cinemas, Louisiana state carry law only prohibits firearms in schools, places of worship, government buildings, or parades and demonstrations. 

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a prospective GOP presidential nominee, was in Baton Rouge at the time of the shooting, and he arrived in Lafayette about an hour later. In a news conference, he expressed his condolences for the victims' families. "As governor, as a father, and as a husband, whenever we see these or hear about these senseless acts of violence it make us both furious and sad at the same time," he said.

But when the topic of gun control came up, Jindal responded, "Let’s focus on the victims right now. Tonight's not the night."

Okay, Bobby, so tell us:  If tonight is not the night, WHEN IN GOD'S NAME IS THE NIGHT, you braying jackass?

Let's talk about Republican women

Do you recognize these intelligent, respected, thoughtful Republican women who were dedicated to public service?

Jane Bolin

Margaret Chase Smith

Olympia Snowe

Now -- can anyone tell me how Republican women went from Jane Bolin, Margaret Chase Smith, and Olympia Snowe to these shrieking harpies?

Sarah Palin

Michele Bachmann

Marsha Blackburn

Who could have known???

In the wake of the murder of Marine and Navy recruiters at a military recruiting station in Chattanooga, several "armed citizens" have taken it upon themselves to "guard" recruiting stations, standing around outside the recruiting offices, armed to the teeth with a variety of firearms.

Of course, nothing stupid, dangerous, or deadly could happen.  Could it???

An armed civilian outside an Army recruitment center in Lancaster, Ohio accidentally discharged his weapon on Thursday afternoon. 

According to the Columbus Dispatch, 28-year-old Christopher A. Reed accidentally fired one round from his AR-15 assault rifle when a passerby asked if he could see the weapon. 

Reed was pointing the weapon downward at the time and the slug was fired into the asphalt of the parking lot outside the Army recruiter based at the River Valley Mall. 

No one was injured. At around 12:01 p.m., an employee of the recruiting center flagged down passing police. 
The only damage, said the Dispatch, was a hole in the pavement.
Officers confiscated the weapon until Reed has made his appearance in court on Tuesday, July 28. 

He was charged with a misdemeanor count of discharging a firearm within city limits.

Reed is one of many civilians who have taken it upon themselves to take up arms and stand guard outside military recruitment centers in case of another attack like that which took place on July 16 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One week ago, gunman Mohammad Abdulazeez killed five service members in an attack on a recruitment center and a Navy installation. 

In a telephone interview with the Dispatch, Reed said he came to the recruiting center because the military won’t allow service personnel there to arm themselves.

“I’m nobody special,” said Reed. “I’m just a guy doing my job because my own government wouldn’t do it.”

Prepare for rightwing heads to EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The White House said on Wednesday it was in the final stages of drafting a plan to close the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the widely criticized detention center for foreign terrorism suspects. 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the administration hoped to "short circuit" opposition from Republicans in Congress who have blocked President Barack Obama from closing the prison, one of his top goals when he took office in 2009.

That "Pop!!!  Pop!!!  Boom!!" sound you hear is Republican heads exploding!!!!

Arizona drug tests 87,000 welfare recipients. Three fail. State saved $560.00.

The results are thin: According to USA Today, three years after the program began Arizona had tested more than 87,000 welfare recipients. The total number of drug cheats caught was exactly one — a single positive result, which saved the state precisely $560.

Checking in again in March, the Arizona Sonora News Service cited state Department of Economic Security figures which found that over the course of more than five years, "42 people have been asked to take a follow-up drug test and 19 actually took the test, 16 of whom passed. The other 23 were stripped of their benefits for failing to take the drug test."

That adds up to a grand total of three failed tests from 2009-2014. The net savings reaped from withholding benefits for those who either tested positive or failed to complete a drug test was around $3,500, once the $500 cost of testing the 19 is factored in, according to one state agency report. The haul is shockingly unimpressive when you consider the $1.7 million in savings state officials promised when they began the program.

Republicans won't be happy until they destroy every single tree in the USofA

It's amazing what garbage gets tossed into must-pass Congressional appropriation bills. Perhaps one of the most heinous in a long time was a land grab tucked inside last year's National Defense Authorization Act at the last minute, when no one was looking.

The Act included an eleventh-hour rider that would swap land between the National Forest Service and Resolution Copper Mining, a subsidiary of Anglo-Australian mining giants Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. The deal would turn 5,300 acres of Resolution-owned land over to the US Forest Service, in exchange for about 2,400 acres of public land, including an area known as Oak Flat. No secret what Resolution plans to do with Oak Flat: dig 7,000 feet into the ground to get at one of the world's largest copper deposits.

Sounds like a good deal, huh? The Forest Service takes in twice the amount of land it gives up, and the company claims that its new mine will create 2,400-plus jobs and generate $61 billion in local and state economic activity and tax revenue. And the copper? Well everyone knows the world needs copper!

The company's claim would mean more "jobs" than the entire population of the nearest town, Superior, Arizona, and about "twice as much revenue as the Super Bowl generates in 50 to 60 years." In addition to pipe-dream numbers, such digging has invariably led to wide, barren pits when the land caves in. The town already looks like a war zone, with dozens of craters created by other mines in the area.

But this isn't just any area around Superior; this is Oak Flat, a stunning piece of land in the Tonto National Forest. It is a sacred holy place to the San Carlos Apache tribe, where tribe members have performed traditional acorn gatherings and coming of age ceremonies--mostly for girls--for generations. And there's plenty of archaeological evidence to back this up. The land has been protected since 1955, when President Eisenhower decreed it closed to mining due to its cultural and natural value. Even Richard Nixon's administration renewed the ban in 1971.

Ah, but today's Repugnicans feel no such need to preserve the sacred. Especially when both of Arizona's Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, have been on the Rio Tinto dole. According to the New York Times, Rio Tinto affiliates have long been contributors to John McCain's senate campaigns, and Jeff Flake was a paid lobbyist for the giant Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium in Namibia before being elected to Congress. And they're not the only Repugnicans to try this: Former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi was frog-marched last year to the Federal Correctional Institution at Morgantown, West Virginia for attempting to force companies to buy his ex-business associate's land so Renzi could repay a debt. In addition to his three-year sentence, Renzi was earned the distinction of being one of the "20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress," according to a report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Members of the tribe and their supporters aren't taking this latest assault on their land sitting down. Rallies and occupation of the Oak Flat campground began in February, and a delegation of tribe members were in Washington last week meeting with lawmakers to gather support for a bill introduced by Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva. Grijalva's bill would, if passed, overturn the land exchange and protect the Oak Flat area into the future.

That is, until a couple more corrupt Arizona politicians try the ploy again.

"Open carry" of weapons in action

This is how "open carry" works.

President Obama needs to get busy: Not much time left to confiscate our guns and put us all in FEMA concentration camps

Jon Stewart devoted the entirety of Tuesday’s Daily Show to his interview with President Barack Obama.

“You don’t have that much time to take away Americans’ guns, declare martial law, and put hardworking Americans in FEMA camps,” Stewart noted. “If you’re gonna do that, you’d better get started.”

Tuesday’s show was Obama’s last appearance on the show before both men leave their respective positions, with Stewart set to sign off on Aug. 6.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving before me,” the president joked, before announcing that he had penned an executive order requiring Stewart to stay on the job, only for it to be “challenged in the courts.” 

“For me, this is a state’s rights issue,” Stewart quipped in response.

After lengthy discussions on both foreign policy and his administration’s interactions with the media, Obama closed the interview by insisting that “there is a common purpose at the neighborhood level” in the US, which is dissipated in the political world by polarizing elements and the influence of money.

“The only way to prevent that is by people getting involved,” Obama said. “It doesn’t take that much.”

“After seven years, is that the advice that you then bequeath to future President Trump?” Stewart asked.

“I am sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump’s current dominance in their primary,” the president said.

“Anything that makes them look less crazy,” Stewart responded.

It's about mentally incompetent people who own firearms

Courtesy of the LA Times:  

Seeking tighter controls over firearm purchases, the Obama administration is pushing to ban Social Security beneficiaries from owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, a move that could affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others. 

The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally and others. 

A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease."

Seems fair to me. If you are too mentally impaired to pay your bills on time, or make change for a dollar, you probably should not be trusted with a weapon.

In my opinion there are a lot of Americans running around armed to the teeth who really should not even be trusted with a sharpened stick.  For example:

Latest reports from JADE HELM: "It's going down!!! It's going down right now!!"

Here it is, folks, the latest eyewitness reports from JADE HELM as Obama's secret armies move in to disarm Texans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's JADE HELM explained with charts and maps.


Meanwhile, the People of WalMart are still shopping, oblivious to the mortal danger around them!!

Class war in one graphic

Yes, the Confederate flag is about their heritage -- and their heritage is ignorance, hate, and lard asses.

Saturday afternoon in South Carolina, white supremacists, KKK members, neo-Nazis, Confederate treason sympathizers, and other white people known as the Republican “base” or “potential Donald Trump vice presidential candidates” showed up to wave the confederate flag and just be their normal badass racist selves.

As might be expected, since they advertised their intentions in advance , it went about as well as secession did beginning back in 1860.

By the end of the day they had retreated to a parking garage for their own safety before probably heading out to a Cracker Barrel for a yee-haw victory party and then back to the halfway house before curfew started and their parole officers were notified.

But out of chaos comes temporary order, and with it two perfect examples in the form of photos that illustrate what a sad and disgusting bunch of people these guys are who are standing up for white pride and heritage and the God-given strength they derive from their pure Aryan blood.

That would be these strapping young specimens captured in all their “Stars ‘n Bars” glory on the capital steps:

Image via Reuters
Image via Reuters.  Hmmm.  I wonder if there is a single high school diploma in this crowd?

Take a number ladies, no pushing and shoving. There is — unfortunately — plenty to go around.

But if they can’t stand the heat, well there is a kindly black man standing by who will graciously help them get their clammy white heat-stroked butts out of the sun and to safety.

SC state police officer Leroy Smith helps a white supremacist jackass to shelter as he is overcome by the heat.  Yes, Officer Smith is black.  He's one of the people these jackasses hate.  By the way,  "Officer Leroy Smith" actually is Director Leroy Smith, head of the SC Department of Public Safety -- he is the "top cop" in the entire state of South Carolina.  Also, look at the left edge of the photo where you will see the arm and hand of another black officer lifting a rope barrier so someone else (wearing a Nazi shirt) can go with the stricken man -- probably the guy's wife, both of them hate-filled white supremacists.

As they say: White pride goeth before the fall… onto your stupid face.

A few more photos from the KKK and Nazi rally in SC.  These people clearly are from the low end of the gene pool.  I doubt if there's a single high school diploma or a full set of teeth in the entire crowd.

Of course, people like this will always be with us - - they have lots of cousins to marry.

Note this brave Klansman -- meets a black man and pisses on himself.

Why is it, when I look at the photos of the white supremacists, I hear "Dueling Banjos" and Ned Beatty squealing like a pig?

Seven climate records broken in 2014. Of course there is no global warming.


1. Hottest Year: Records for the hottest temperature were set around the world with the highest average global surface temperature since record-keeping began, according to four separate analyses. Records were shattered everywhere. Europe and Mexico had their warmest years ever, while Argentina and Uruguay had their second hottest years and Australia its third warmest after enduring all-time record heat in 2013. Africa and Asia also had above-average temperatures.

2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Driving those temperature increases were all the major heat-trapping greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, which reported record high atmospheric concentrations. Carbon levels at Mauna Loa stayed above 400 ppm from April through June, and globally the average was 397.2ppm. Methane concentrations rose as well, with an increase that’s bigger than the average annual increase of the past decade.

3. Sea Surface Temperature: The average sea surface temperature globally was the highest on record, with especially warm temperatures in the western Atlantic and central and northeast Pacific. While this didn’t drive an El Niño event in 2014, scientists expect one to arrive in 2015.

4. Ocean Temperature: The heat content of the ocean’s waters also set a record, reflecting the fact that the oceans absorb more than 90 percent of the heat trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere by greenhouse gases. As greenhouse gases rise, therefore, so do ocean temperatures.

5. Sea Level Rise: Sea levels are setting records too. Sea levels are now about 67 millimeters, or about 2.6 inches, higher than they were in 1993.  Factors contribution to this rise include the melting of glaciers and other sea ice, the fact that water expands as it warms and melting land ice flowing out to sea.

6. Greenland Ice Melt: The Greenland ice sheet was above average in its rate for melt for 90 percent of the regular melt season. It hit a record low for August in how much of the sun’s energy is reflected off its surface. Melting darkens the ice sheet’s surface, making it less able to reflect the sun’s energy.

7. Antarctic Ice Melt: Antarctic sea ice set a different record—for highest sea ice extent, which has broken records three years running. One possible reason for that is changing wind patterns, scientists say. Without land to block it as in the Arctic, ice near land blows out to sea, exposing open water, which then freezes. While it might sound counterintuitive to the idea of a warming planet, it’s indicative of  potentially climate change-driven atmospheric shifts.

More rightwing bullshit: "Seven Islamic attacks in seven years under Obama!"

FOX Nation with the help of the Daily Caller have created a new meme to fault the Obama Administration with an increase in Islamic-inspired violence. The article Seven Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Seven Years For Obama Administration ... Something Has to Change exhibits a level of hypocrisy that is typical of Tucker Carlson's 'news' magazine. Apparently, the right wing 'news' source is trying to paint President Obama as far too easy on Islam, which is the world's fastest growing religion. Instead of offending billions of people, the president has the audacity to target the violent offenders who hide behind the faith to commit atrocities and not launch a holy war, that so many Republicans are encouraging

It was only a matter of time that someone on the right blames President Obama for this latest instance of gun violence, an attack that was quickly labeled a terrorist attack due to the ethnicity of the gunman. The issue of gun control is no longer addressed, as this is so common in our society, it's just another mass shooting. This time, the shooter was a naturalized citizen of Kuwaiti heritage, so the issue of Islamic terrorism took front and center. One of Tucker Carlson's students of the school of hate, fearmongering and xenophobia, Eric Owens, has a history of misogyny and jingoistic nationalism. He neglects the history of the president who presided over the biggest Islamic terrorist attack in history: 9/11. 

Under the Bush Administration, there were far more "Benghazi's" and examples of domestic terrorism inspired by people affiliated with the Muslim faith.


2/12/10:  Amy Bishop, 3 killed, 3 injured
1/18/11 Jared Lee Loughner, 6 killed, 11 injured
10/12/11  Scott Dekraai, 8 killed, 1 injured
 7/20/12  James Holmes, 12 killed, 58 injured
8/5/12  Wade Michael Page, 6 killed, 3 injured
9/28/12  Andrew Engeldinger, 6 killed, 12 injured
12/14/12  Adam Lanza, 27 killed, 12 injured
9/16/13  Aaron Alexis, 13 killed, 3 injured
5/23/14  Ellit Rodger, 7 killed, 7 injured
6/18/15  Dylan Roof, 9 killed

Grand total of victims BY NON-MUSLIM WHITE SHOOTERS under Obama:  97 killed, 110 injured.  Compared to 24 killed and "scores" injured by Muslim shooters.

Fox is right -- something's got to change.

No, you rightwing jackasses, Clinton did not ban weapons on military bases and neither did Obama. Just another of your bullshit lies.

The conservative fixation on conspiracy theories raises its head yet a-freaking-gain. No, Fox News mouth-haver supposedly versed in these things and therefore worthy of national attention, President Bill Clinton did not take away the military's guns:
[Chad Jenkins] replied, “Well, and look at the Fort Hood shootings. We had two shootings now that were mass casualty situations and now the recruiting station. Unfortunately, the executive order put in place by President Bill Clinton back in the nineties took away the rights for service members to carry, conceal, and to protect themselves here in the homeland.” 
None of what Chad Jenkins said was true.
And was never true; there was no "executive order," there was a George Herbert Walker Bush-era Army regulation that was put in place during the first months of the Clinton administration with no apparent input by the new president. And it did not ban weapons on bases, as even a cursory look on any military base will demonstrate, but clarified who would or would not be allowed to be armed on bases (security forces, yes; office clerks, no). And the military, being notable experts on the proper use of weaponry, has always maintained tight restrictions on how those weapons are issued and carried—which is why you do not hear the same countless "man leaves gun in bathroom" or "man accidentally shoots three people when he drops his loaded gun" stories that pepper American civilian life. 

But no, no executive order, you can still find plenty of guns on bases, and it was not, despite nearly a quarter century of saying so, even close to being a nefarious plot by Bill Clinton. And yet this flagrant lie still will not die, and is still repeated on Fox News, and by blowhard presidential candidates (Trump), and in all the other little pockets of America that get their news primarily via barely intelligible email chains forwarded to them by their uncles. And they'll still believe it another twenty years from now, because thinking it makes them feel good, and isn't that the only point of knowing a "thing?"

And Obama is forever just a week away from taking all your guns, and all the scientists of the world are scheming to make our air clean for no good reason, and there's a secret plan to impose martial law in Texas because the northerners just don't like how damn free those Texans have it. It's always something.

Poll shows what we already knew about Virginia Republicans: They are extremist dingbats

The following poll results, courtesy of Public Policy Polling, confirm exactly what many of us already thought about Virginia Republicans: they are wackadoodles -- extremists -- nutcases -- dingbats. 

Note who they like the most: Scott Walker (+40 points favorable); Marco Rubio (+38); Ben Carson (+36); Mike Huckabee (+30); Ted Cruz (+24); several of whom - Cruz, Carson, Huckabee, possibly Walker as well - are firmly in the "extremist nutjob" category.

 Meanwhile, who are they NOT as thrilled about? That's right, the perceived "moderates" (even though they're "severely conservative" themselves Jeb Bush (barely in positive territory at +4 points) and Chris Christie (under water at negative 19 points. Then there's former Gov. Jim Gilmore, who gets no love at all from Virginia Republicans, with a negative 15-point net unfavorable rating, and 39% not even sure about who the guy is apparently! 

Ouch. Anyway, if you ever hear someone in the corporate media or whatever try to claim that Virginia Republicans are not extreme (even after they nominated the "Extreme Team" of Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain for the top three statewide offices in 2013), just point them to this poll.

The video claiming Planned Parenthood is selling dead babies is bullshit -- very deceptively edited, omits most of the conversation

A deceptive video from a conservative group purports to show a Planned Parenthood official discussing prices for the illegal sale of fetal tissue from abortions. But the full, unedited footage and transcript released by the group undermines their sensationalist claims, showing at least three crucial edits that reveal the Planned Parenthood official was instead discussing the reimbursement cost for consensual, legal tissue donations.

Conservative Group Claims Planned Parenthood "Sells The Body Parts Of Aborted Fetuses"

Center For Medical Progress: Video Proves Planned Parenthood Is "Selling Aborted Baby Parts." In a July 14 video, The Center for Medical Progress claimed to have recorded Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Senior Director of Medical Services Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing how the organization "sells the body parts of aborted fetuses." The nearly 9-minute video and an accompanying press release claimed that the organization was in violation of 42 U.S.C. 289g-2, a federal law regulating the use and sale of fetal tissue. According to the organization's press release:
New undercover footage shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, and admitting she uses partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.
In the video, Nucatola is at a business lunch with actors posing as buyers from a human biologics company. As head of PPFA's Medical Services department, Nucatola has overseen medical practice at all Planned Parenthood locations since 2009. She also trains new Planned Parenthood abortion doctors and performs abortions herself at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles up to 24 weeks.
The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). [The Center For Medical Progress, 7/14/15]

At Least 3 Major Edits To The Video Undermine The Deceptive Attack

Unedited Transcript: "Nobody Should Be 'Selling' Tissue. That's Just Not The Goal Here." The Center for Medical Progress also released a full transcript and longer version of the video with Dr. Nucatola -- featuring more than 150 minutes of additional footage -- which include crucial portions that were edited out. In one case, Nucatola says, "no affiliate should be doing anything that's not like, reasonable and customary. This is not- nobody should be 'selling' tissue. That's just not the goal here." From the Center for Medical Progress' transcript (emphasis added):
Buyer [ACTOR]: Ok. I'm just trying to brainstorm. Because, I think offering some people, not only, just offsetting their cost in other areas, seeing the potential for that, besides the potential, for the patient, I'm still going down that road, even though I know, I understand what you're saying. This cannot be seen as, "We're doing this for profit."
PP [NUCATOLA]: No. Nothing, no affiliate should be doing anything that's not like, reasonable and customary. This is not- nobody should be "selling" tissue. That's just not the goal here.
Buyer [ACTOR]: Right. And, I never see that as, I don't look at it that way, we're not selling tissue, we're selling the possibility of what the research can offer. [The Center for Medical Progress, 7/14/15]
Video Jumps Nearly 8 Minutes In The Middle Of The Conversation About Money. In the short version of the video, a confusing exchange takes place misleadingly implying that at one point, Dr. Nucatola discussed the cost of the tissue, but timestamps on the footage reveal nearly eight minutes of conversation was removed:
ACTOR: Okay, so, when you are, or the affiliate is determining what that monetary --
ACTOR: So that it doesn't raise any question of this is what it's about, this is the main -- what -- what price range would you --
NUCATOLA: You know, I'm -- I could throw a number out that's anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the facility, and what's involved.
ACTOR: The $30 to $100 price range, that's per specimen that we're talking about, right?
NUCATOLA: Per specimen, yes. [The Center for Medical Progress, 7/14/15]
But The Unedited Footage Reveals PPFA Official Was Discussing Reimbursement Costs For Legal Donation Process During Those Missing Minutes. The unedited video reveals the full context for Nucatola's cost comments. Right after the video jumps forward, Nucatola specifically references exact "shipping" and other associated costs which could legally be reimbursed, before discussing affiliates' general "bottom line" attempts to "break even":
ACTOR: Okay, so, when you are, or the affiliate is determining what that monetary --
ACTOR: So that it doesn't raise any question of this is what it's about, this is the main -- what  - what price range would you --
NUCATOLA: You know, I'm -- I could throw a number out that's anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the facility, and what's involved. It just has to do with space issues, are you sending someone there that's going to be doing everything, or is their staff going to be doing it? What exactly are they going to be doing? Is there shipping involved, is somebody coming to pick it up -- so, I think everybody just wants to -- it's really just about if anyone were ever to ask them, well what do you do for this $60, how can you justify that? Or are you basically just doing something completely egregious, that you should be doing for free. So it just needs to be justifiable.
And, look, we have 67 affiliates. They all have different practice environments, very different staff, and so with that number --
ACTOR: Did you say 67?
ACTOR: Okay. And so of that number, how much would personality of the personnel in there, would play into it as far as how we're speaking to them --
NUCATOLA: I think for affiliates, at the end of the day, they're a non-profit, they just don't want to -- they want to break even. And if they can do a little better than break even, and do so in a way that seems reasonable, they're happy to do that. Really their bottom line is, they just, they want to break even. Every penny they save is just pennies they give to another patient. To provide a service the patient wouldn't get otherwise. [The Center for Medical Progress, 7/14/15] 
PPFA Official Repeatedly Referred To "Tissue Donation," Not Sale, In Unedited Transcript. Dr. Nucatola repeatedly refers to "tissue donation" during the conversation. From the Center for Medical Progress' transcript (emphasis added):
NUCATOLA: Right now, when they are consenting to tissue donation, they're just consenting to what happens with the tissue after the procedure is done.
You could do a workshop on tissue donation and what it means. We want to do a little reception at the National Medical Conference or Forum or something.
I do think feedback is good too. Sure, anyone can come get the tissue donation and send it off. I think affiliates would like to know, we send specimens to research who are working on this and this. I think that kind of positive feedback in the end it will just be a better relationship, it just kind of adds a whole human touch. [The Center For Medical Progress, 7/14/15]

PPFA: "No Financial Benefit" From Legal Donations Of Tissue

Planned Parenthood Statement: Fetal Donations Were Done "Under The Highest Ethical And Legal Standards," And Provide Them "No Financial Benefit." In a July 17 statement, Eric Ferrero, Planned Parenthood's Vice President of Communications, explained that the organization's clinics "help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research" with "the highest ethical and legal standards." Ferrero noted that the organization received "no financial benefit" from the arrangement aside from reimbursement of "actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue" -- consistent with industry standards:
"In health care, patients sometimes want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs, such as treatments and cures for serious diseases. Women at Planned Parenthood who have abortions are no different. At several of our health centers, we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research, and we do this just like every other high-quality health care provider does -- with full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards. There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or for Planned Parenthood.  In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.
"A well funded group established for the purpose of damaging Planned Parenthood's mission and services has promoted a heavily edited, secretly recorded videotape that falsely portrays Planned Parenthood's participation in tissue donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research.  Similar false accusations have been put forth by opponents of abortion services for decades. These groups have been widely discredited and their claims fall apart on closer examination, just as they do in this case." [Planned Parenthood Federation of America, 7/14/15]

Donating Fetal Tissue Is Legal With Consent Of Donor

Federal Law Does Not Prohibit Donations Of Fetal Tissue With Consent. Federal law regarding the use of human fetal tissue does not prohibit the use of donated materials. [Title 42 U.S. Code § 289g-2, Accessed 7/14/15]
Health And Human Services Independent Review Board: Providers May Accept Payment "For Reasonable Expenses" With "Informed Consent." The set of standards outlined by the Health And Human Services Independent Review Board guidebook, the industry standard for medical research, explains that payment for fetal tissue may be obtained "for reasonable expenses occasioned by the actual retrieval, storage, preparation, and transportation of the tissues" (emphasis added):
Prohibiting Payments and Other Inducements
  • Payments and other forms of remuneration and compensation associated with the procurement of fetal tissue should be prohibited, except payment for reasonable expenses occasioned by the actual retrieval, storage, preparation, and transportation of the tissues.
Informed Consent
  • Potential recipients of such tissues, as well as research and health care participants, should be properly informed about the source of the tissues in question.
  • The decision and consent to abort must precede discussion of the possible use of the fetal tissue and any request for such consent that might be required for that use.
  • Fetal tissue from induced abortions should not be used in medical research without the prior consent of the pregnant woman. Her decision to donate fetal remains is sufficient for the use of tissue, unless the father objects (except in cases of incest or rape).
  • Consent should be obtained in compliance with state law and with the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. [Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Guidebook, Accessed 7/14/15]

Activist Behind Video Worked For Organization Notorious For Deceptively Editing Videos

David Daleidan Is A Former Writer For Discredited Anti-Choice Organization Live Action. David Daleiden, the contact person regarding The Central For Medical Progress' video, is a former writer for discredited anti-choice organization Live Action News. The group has previously come under fire for deceptively editing undercover footage of abortion clinics in order to make false claims about Planned Parenthood. [Live Action News, accessed, 7/14/15; Media Matters for America, 2/4/11; Media Matters for America, 5/31/12]

JADE HELM 15 kicks off, rightwing websites go apeshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U. S. Army drills to train special operations forces for conflicts overseas began on Wednesday in several states including Texas, where fears of military overreach prompted the governor to ask the State Guard to monitor the exercises.

The Jade Helm 15 exercises run through Sept. 15 on public and private land with about 1,200 troops training in an area that sprawls for more than 1,000 miles. It was the first time the Army has undertaken such large-scale special ops drills, military officials said.

They will allow soldiers to “further develop tactics, techniques and procedures for emerging concepts in Special Operations warfare,” U.S. Army Special Operations Command said.

The exercises had an unintended consequence when they were announced earlier this year: elaborate conspiracy theories from a small but vocal groups of people who are deeply suspicious of the federal government.

“Everyone needs to be worried all the time, with the Hitler wan-a-be in the whitehouse,” Texan David Childers wrote in a social media discussion about the drills.

Fears mushroomed across right-wing blogs, with some theorizing the military will launch psychological operations to infiltrate society. Others maintained tunnels would be built to move troops and arms for surprise attacks on civilians.

A financial crisis will be cooked up that leads to nationwide chaos and then a call from Washington for troops on American streets to restore order, they said.

Responding to the worries, Republican Governor Greg Abbott said he would deploy the State Guard to monitor the drills to protect civil liberties and property rights.

His April announcement was met with criticism from Texas Republican leaders who said suspicion of our own troops must stop and an editorial from the Dallas Morning News that called the Abbott move “cringe-worthy.”

The governor’s office this week said the monitoring will consist of a handful of Texas Guard members meeting drill organizers on a regular basis at a Guard base in Austin to discuss what has gone on and what is planned.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command has tried to reassure the public about the drills.

“All we want to do is make sure our guys are trained for combat overseas. That’s it,” Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lastoria, a spokesman for Army Special Operations Command, said at a town hall in Bastrop, Texas, in April.

Send Sarah $15 and she'll block the US-Iran nuclear deal -- or maybe she'll use the money to buy diapers for her next bastard grandchild.

From my inbox:

Dear .........
Our world just got a lot more dangerous. Last night, Iran got the deal they have been dreaming about. The Obama Administration, lead by John Kerry, just allowed Iran to develop nuclear weapons. 
Congress must act within 60 days to stop this deal. They must set aside it’s petty arguments and unite to stop a bad Iran deal that gives Iran sanction relief, lifts the arms embargo, and nuclear weapons. 
As reported by CNN, intel reports have Iran making a nuclear weapon in at least a year. The Obama Administration lead by John Kerry just put our lives at risk, but there is one glimmer of hope. Congress can squash a bad Iran deal and it’s time to let them know how you feel! 
Donate $15 so we can use our influence to stop this bad deal! Congress needs a message and we need to deliver that message! 
This same regime exports terror all across the region and now they will have the capability to create nuclear weapons. Donate now to crush this BAD IRAN DEAL! 
At the end of the day our nation is run by the will of the people, only you can send a message loud enough that causes congress to act! Let’s send congress that message, together let’s crush this bad deal! 

So to be clear this e-mail is suggesting that the PAC supporting a woman who has been out of politics for six year, has since starred in a poorly received reality show, and is no longer a contributor on Fox News, has some ability to impact the decision concerning a nuclear agreement with Iran?

And not only that but the only thing they need to help them leverage this great influence of theirs is donations of fifteen dollars each?

Why fifteen?  Could it be a consultant to whom they paid over $100,000 told them $15 is the best amount for which to ask?

If Palin's last remaining supporters were to donate $25 each could the PAC repeal Obamacare?

For $30 could they overturn the Supreme Court decision supporting marriage equality?

For a $50 donation could SarahPAC forcibly install Sarah Palin into the White House?

Seriously just how ignorant do you have to be to think that ANY money you send to Palin PAC will have ANY influence on ANYTHING?  Of course, when we talk about Sarah's supporters, we're talking about Tea Partiers and there's no limit to their ignorance and delusions.

I imagine that when the newest quarterly report comes out in early August, the SarahPAC numbers will show that they won't have enough to cover their own expenses much less influence anything happening in Washington D.C.  But, hey, Teabaggers -- don't let that discourage you!!  With her daughter Bristol knocked up again, Sarah's gonna need money for diapers, formula  -- but not for birth control.

San Francisco officials get it right; ignore Fox "reporter" because "Fox is not real news and you are not a real reporter"

San Francisco’s city officials have no time for Fox News’ latest attempt to gin up anti-immigrant hysteria over the alleged murder of a white American woman by an undocumented immigrant. 

Bill O’Reilly sent one of his employees to ambush different members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, accusing them of enabling the murder of Kate Steinle by declaring the city a “sanctuary city” where undocumented workers can access health care, police and fire assistance and other public services without fear of deportation or other forms of government reprisal. 

City Supervisor and human rights attorney Jane Kim told the Fox representative that the issue at play in Kate Steinle’s death isn’t immigration, but gun control, and how to keep weapons out of the hands of felons and the mentally ill.

Katy Tang, on the other hand, excoriated the microphone-wielding Fox employee for ambushing her and accusing her of complicity in a murder.

“Of course Fox News would be this rude,” she said, turning to walk away. When he chased her and continued to pepper her with questions about her role in the death of Kate Steinle’s death, she said, “You’re interviewing the wrong fucking person.”

Scott Wiener didn’t even break his stride as he made his way to his office. 

“Fox News is not real news,” Wiener said calmly. “And you’re not a real reporter. I talk to real news only.”

GOP response to President Obama's Iran nuclear limitation deal

Let's check out the GOP response to today's announcement of a deal between Iran and the Group of Six that limits Iran's attempts to develop a nuclear weapon.

If Ronald Reagan had reached the Iran deal, GOP would demand he be placed on all currency and etched into Rushmore. 

House Speaker John Boehner blasted the deal as “unacceptable,” saying that if it is “as bad a deal as I think it is at this moment, we’ll do everything we can to stop it.”

And, he's in a handicapped parking spot

Do you suppose he thinks the sign refers to mental handicaps?

Lindsey Graham nails it: Trump is destroying the Republican Party

Donald Trump and his continuing hate-filled, ignorant rants ARE the Republican Party and their creation, the Tea Party.

This fact is not lost on certain Republican presidential candidates, such as Lindsey Graham who said this just today: 

“As to the Republican Party, if we do not reject this way of thinking clearly without any ambiguity, we will have lost our way. We will have lost the moral authority, in my view, to govern this great nation,” Mr. Graham said Sunday. “We should reject this demagoguery. If we don’t, we will lose and we will deserve to lose.”

The problem is to reject Trump and his demagoguery is to dismiss the base of the Republican Party and the entire Tea Party.

Trump knows this; Lindsey Graham does not.

Here we go: Weekly round-up of crazy shit from the rightwingerdingers -- you won't believe people can be this loony.

Here is a collection of absolutely bizarre, loony, ridiculous, laughable, and nutty utterances from rightwingers, biblethumpers, and assorted dimwits.

Jeb! says Obama is causing problems for the US because he uses big words.

Big syllable words and lots of fancy conferences and meetings and – We’re not leading. That creates chaos. It creates a more dangerous world.
 Biblethumping "christian expert on sex" says women should submit to marital rape because doing so makes Jesus happy. is run by a 40-something Christian self-proclaimed expert on “Feminism and the deterioration of gender roles in America and in Western society.” His credentials include “more than 15 years” cumulative marriage experience (he is divorced and remarried).

In his July 11, 2015, post titled, “Is My Husband Raping Me?,” Mr. Biblical Gender Roles responds to an extremely distraught female reader whose husband frequently demands sex against her wishes, even when intercourse is painful for the wife.

Here’s the appalling “biblical response” to the question of whether it is wrong for a husband to have sex with his wife when she is in pain, according to Mr. Biblical Gender Roles:
“It depends. Had he just had sex with her in the last few days? Then perhaps he should have put her need to not experience more pain and discomfort ahead of his need for sex. But if she had been in pain for weeks or a month and he finally came to her and said ‘Babe I need this, I promise I will make it quick’ – then she should have put his need for sex above her need to not experience additional discomfort.”

Marco Rubio says women do not have the right to choose anything and he'll enforce his opinion at home and abroad.

Right Wing Watch reported that Rubio called the historic Roe v. Wade decision “historically and egregiously flawed” and said that he would fight to restrict women’s right to choose “at home and around the world.”

Biblethumping rightwing "preacher" says Jesus' admonition to "render unto Caesar" means churches should turn immigrants over to the cops.

Fox News contributor and Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress said over the weekend that Jesus wanted churches to turn over undocumented immigrants to law enforcement instead of giving them food and shelter. 

And there you have it, folks.  I'd like to post even more rightwing outrages but these few make we want to puke and I can't stand any more.

Rightwingerdingers continue foaming at the mouth, biting tires over SCOTUS ruling

It's been two weeks since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-gender marriage and the level of rightwingerdinger and biblethumper raving, foaming at the mouth, biting tires, and chasing their  tails is at a fever pitch.

Tony Perkins:  After gay-marriage ruling, stop saying "God Bless America."

Louie Gohmert, the dumbest man in Congress, says "Flee America!"

 Todd Starnes calls for "hornets and cicadas" to attack America after same-gender marriage ruling.

Tom DeLay knows of "secret DOJ plan to legalize 12 perversions!!"

Rightwing biblethumpers:  "Expect gunfire and rebellion after gay marriage ruling."

Remember:  This is the Republican, Tea Party base speaking.

Texas Governor Rick Perry dares to differ with Donald Trump's hairpiece about "the border"

Ted Cruz (R, Canada) says he agrees with Donald Trump's hairpiece on the immigration issue.  Meanwhile, Texas Governor Rick Perry has a different take on the matter.

It is somewhat amusing that Perry proclaims his efficient handling of illegal immigration in Texas by the amount of money he spent…ONE BILLION DOLLARS. A Texas economic firm issued a report in September saying that troops’ presence discouraged business and tourism in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It estimated that one year of National Guard deployment at the border would cost more than 8,000 jobs statewide and $650 million in gross product. 

Moreover, the efforts of the National Guard have been ineffective. The troops aren’t shooting children as they cross the border. The children are glad to see the troops so they can direct them to shelters.

"Support the troops" my ass!!!! George Bush billed a wounded veterans' group $100,000 for a speech. And that's not all.

So much for the GOP and their "support the troops" rallies.

George Bush picked up a quick $100,000 while the soldiers who were maimed because of his lies are struggling to learn how to pick up a pencil.


"Wounded Wheels," which claims to give away cars to wounded veterans, has not given away a single car.

The Virginia Pilot newspaper has printed the results of their investigation into "Wounded Wheels," a non-profit run by FantomWorks, a local classic car restoration shop.  Wounded Wheels claims they restore classic cars and give them to wounded veterans.

FantomWorks also has their own local "reality" TV show.

Turns out, public documents show Wounded Wheels has collected over $90,000 but has not given away one single car.  Instead, they have paid $30,000 to FantomWorks.

Senator Mark Warner has called for an IRS investigation.

NOTE:  The Virginia Pilot webpage requires a subscription to read the full article.