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More rightwing bullshit: "Seven Islamic attacks in seven years under Obama!"

FOX Nation with the help of the Daily Caller have created a new meme to fault the Obama Administration with an increase in Islamic-inspired violence. The article Seven Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Seven Years For Obama Administration ... Something Has to Change exhibits a level of hypocrisy that is typical of Tucker Carlson's 'news' magazine. Apparently, the right wing 'news' source is trying to paint President Obama as far too easy on Islam, which is the world's fastest growing religion. Instead of offending billions of people, the president has the audacity to target the violent offenders who hide behind the faith to commit atrocities and not launch a holy war, that so many Republicans are encouraging

It was only a matter of time that someone on the right blames President Obama for this latest instance of gun violence, an attack that was quickly labeled a terrorist attack due to the ethnicity of the gunman. The issue of gun control is no longer addressed, as this is so common in our society, it's just another mass shooting. This time, the shooter was a naturalized citizen of Kuwaiti heritage, so the issue of Islamic terrorism took front and center. One of Tucker Carlson's students of the school of hate, fearmongering and xenophobia, Eric Owens, has a history of misogyny and jingoistic nationalism. He neglects the history of the president who presided over the biggest Islamic terrorist attack in history: 9/11. 

Under the Bush Administration, there were far more "Benghazi's" and examples of domestic terrorism inspired by people affiliated with the Muslim faith.


2/12/10:  Amy Bishop, 3 killed, 3 injured
1/18/11 Jared Lee Loughner, 6 killed, 11 injured
10/12/11  Scott Dekraai, 8 killed, 1 injured
 7/20/12  James Holmes, 12 killed, 58 injured
8/5/12  Wade Michael Page, 6 killed, 3 injured
9/28/12  Andrew Engeldinger, 6 killed, 12 injured
12/14/12  Adam Lanza, 27 killed, 12 injured
9/16/13  Aaron Alexis, 13 killed, 3 injured
5/23/14  Ellit Rodger, 7 killed, 7 injured
6/18/15  Dylan Roof, 9 killed

Grand total of victims BY NON-MUSLIM WHITE SHOOTERS under Obama:  97 killed, 110 injured.  Compared to 24 killed and "scores" injured by Muslim shooters.

Fox is right -- something's got to change.

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