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Send Sarah $15 and she'll block the US-Iran nuclear deal -- or maybe she'll use the money to buy diapers for her next bastard grandchild.

From my inbox:

Dear .........
Our world just got a lot more dangerous. Last night, Iran got the deal they have been dreaming about. The Obama Administration, lead by John Kerry, just allowed Iran to develop nuclear weapons. 
Congress must act within 60 days to stop this deal. They must set aside it’s petty arguments and unite to stop a bad Iran deal that gives Iran sanction relief, lifts the arms embargo, and nuclear weapons. 
As reported by CNN, intel reports have Iran making a nuclear weapon in at least a year. The Obama Administration lead by John Kerry just put our lives at risk, but there is one glimmer of hope. Congress can squash a bad Iran deal and it’s time to let them know how you feel! 
Donate $15 so we can use our influence to stop this bad deal! Congress needs a message and we need to deliver that message! 
This same regime exports terror all across the region and now they will have the capability to create nuclear weapons. Donate now to crush this BAD IRAN DEAL! 
At the end of the day our nation is run by the will of the people, only you can send a message loud enough that causes congress to act! Let’s send congress that message, together let’s crush this bad deal! 

So to be clear this e-mail is suggesting that the PAC supporting a woman who has been out of politics for six year, has since starred in a poorly received reality show, and is no longer a contributor on Fox News, has some ability to impact the decision concerning a nuclear agreement with Iran?

And not only that but the only thing they need to help them leverage this great influence of theirs is donations of fifteen dollars each?

Why fifteen?  Could it be a consultant to whom they paid over $100,000 told them $15 is the best amount for which to ask?

If Palin's last remaining supporters were to donate $25 each could the PAC repeal Obamacare?

For $30 could they overturn the Supreme Court decision supporting marriage equality?

For a $50 donation could SarahPAC forcibly install Sarah Palin into the White House?

Seriously just how ignorant do you have to be to think that ANY money you send to Palin PAC will have ANY influence on ANYTHING?  Of course, when we talk about Sarah's supporters, we're talking about Tea Partiers and there's no limit to their ignorance and delusions.

I imagine that when the newest quarterly report comes out in early August, the SarahPAC numbers will show that they won't have enough to cover their own expenses much less influence anything happening in Washington D.C.  But, hey, Teabaggers -- don't let that discourage you!!  With her daughter Bristol knocked up again, Sarah's gonna need money for diapers, formula  -- but not for birth control.

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