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The numbers are out and Sarah Palin's political action committee -- SarahPAC -- is going broke, fast.

The six-month FEC filings are out and, as predicted, Sarah Palin's SarahPAC is going broke FAST.

According to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission by SarahPAC:

  • Sarah PAC started in January with $825,555.95 in the kitty.
  • They brought in donations of $489,813.81.
  • And spent a whopping $753,232.84.

Which means over a six month period SarahPAC actually spent  $417,490.70 more than they made in donations. So they spent almost twice as much as they brought in.  Remember, Sarah is a fiscal conservative who does not believe in spending more than you make.

Which leaves them with only $562,136.92 on hand.

Now remember this is NOT a quarterly report but rather a biannual report containing all receipts from the beginning of January to the end of June.

Well now we know for sure, SarahPAC is about to go bankrupt.  

SarahPAC brought in a mere $489,813.81 over a six-month period.  Compare this to the glory days when she was bringing in over $5 million a year.

Notice on page 4 of the report SarahPAC claims to have donated $25,000 to other candidates.  SarahPAC spent $753,232.84 on all expenses.  So -- SarahPAC donated only 3 percent of their expenses to help other candidates. HOWEVER -- only two weeks ago SarahPAC issued a fund-raising appeal in which she claimed to have spent over $40,000 to support conservative candidates.

Not only is SarahPAC -- her ONLY source of income -- going broke, but she continues to lie about it.

Let's say this again:  The PAC is Sarah Palin's only source of income for herself and her family:
-- Husband Todd is unemployed and recently bought a new airplane.
-- Son Track is an unemployed, unemployable drunk with a drug habit.
-- Daughter Bristol works occasionally at a dermatologist's office in Anchorage. However, she's a single mother with a 6-yr-old and she is knocked up again.  Bristol may be supplementing her income by servicing clients for her friend, Marina Lupas, who runs an "exotic escort service."
-- Daughter Willow is a hairdresser in a low-rent Anchorage salon. 
-- Daughter Piper (age 12) is in school.
-- Son Trigg is 6 and is a Down Syndrome child who requires -- but does not receive -- special care and education.

Given the Palin family's proclivity for trips to Vegas (first class all the way), new houses in Arizona, boats, snowmobiles, new cars, and on and on and on, the $562,136.92 on hand in the PAC will see them through the end of 2015.

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