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Yes, the Confederate flag is about their heritage -- and their heritage is ignorance, hate, and lard asses.

Saturday afternoon in South Carolina, white supremacists, KKK members, neo-Nazis, Confederate treason sympathizers, and other white people known as the Republican “base” or “potential Donald Trump vice presidential candidates” showed up to wave the confederate flag and just be their normal badass racist selves.

As might be expected, since they advertised their intentions in advance , it went about as well as secession did beginning back in 1860.

By the end of the day they had retreated to a parking garage for their own safety before probably heading out to a Cracker Barrel for a yee-haw victory party and then back to the halfway house before curfew started and their parole officers were notified.

But out of chaos comes temporary order, and with it two perfect examples in the form of photos that illustrate what a sad and disgusting bunch of people these guys are who are standing up for white pride and heritage and the God-given strength they derive from their pure Aryan blood.

That would be these strapping young specimens captured in all their “Stars ‘n Bars” glory on the capital steps:

Image via Reuters
Image via Reuters.  Hmmm.  I wonder if there is a single high school diploma in this crowd?

Take a number ladies, no pushing and shoving. There is — unfortunately — plenty to go around.

But if they can’t stand the heat, well there is a kindly black man standing by who will graciously help them get their clammy white heat-stroked butts out of the sun and to safety.

SC state police officer Leroy Smith helps a white supremacist jackass to shelter as he is overcome by the heat.  Yes, Officer Smith is black.  He's one of the people these jackasses hate.  By the way,  "Officer Leroy Smith" actually is Director Leroy Smith, head of the SC Department of Public Safety -- he is the "top cop" in the entire state of South Carolina.  Also, look at the left edge of the photo where you will see the arm and hand of another black officer lifting a rope barrier so someone else (wearing a Nazi shirt) can go with the stricken man -- probably the guy's wife, both of them hate-filled white supremacists.

As they say: White pride goeth before the fall… onto your stupid face.

A few more photos from the KKK and Nazi rally in SC.  These people clearly are from the low end of the gene pool.  I doubt if there's a single high school diploma or a full set of teeth in the entire crowd.

Of course, people like this will always be with us - - they have lots of cousins to marry.

Note this brave Klansman -- meets a black man and pisses on himself.

Why is it, when I look at the photos of the white supremacists, I hear "Dueling Banjos" and Ned Beatty squealing like a pig?

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