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Excerpts from Boehner's resignation speech

Here for you Tea Partiers are the relevant portions of Boehner's resignation speech.

“Look, we’ve screwed this Republican Party thing up royally. The long path from Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority, through Ronald Reagan’s Moral Majority, to George Bush’s Gerrymandered Majority has led us here,” well-known political has-been Boehner said. “We took every crank, Jesus freak, moron, nutjob, racist, sexist and ammosexual and told them that actually their pathologies were patriotism, just so that they would vote for us and against their economic self-interest.”

“Who knew that if you empowered the delinquents on the short-bus, eventually they were going to want to drive it,” well-known weeper Boehner said, a wistful tear in his eye. “The experiment has escaped the laboratory.”

And here's the rest of the speech.

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