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Let's cut through the crap: Republicans, Tea Partiers, "conservatives" HATE AMERICA

To this day I still find it shocking that Republicans took great pride in their decision to deliberately sabotage the government! They broadcasted it shamelessly, stating their primary goal was – not to govern, but – to make President Obama a one-term president!

Theirs was an audacious goal and an even more audacious dereliction of the duties attached to their jobs, and Republicans have continued to play the ‘Block-the-President’ game since 2009 with painful repercussions for civilians and veterans alike. The fact they have been able to get away with deliberately hurting actual citizens for so long, even after the majority of Americans gave the Obama-Admin a second term, is scary. In addition, watching them in action it is hard not to conclude that the media have played a major role in encouraging the Republican leadership to dismiss the result of both elections. The MSM have done so, IMO, by not highlighting, en masse, GOP malfeasance when it occurred, and not calling out the fact that Republicans have a tendency to routinely ignore results that don’t go their way.

“If democracy means anything it means that, if you are outvoted, you accept the results and prepare for the next election. Republicans are refusing to do that. It shows contempt for the democratic process.” ~Thomas Friedman – NYTimes

The Republicans’ persistent obstruction has been the only issue on which GOP politicians have been consistent, and unfortunately no one (other than the president, and an odd media voice here and there) have challenged them consistently re this blatant disrespect to the American people. For over six years Republicans have loudly stated they would not do their jobs; and they not only haven’t done so, they have faithfully, religiously, and gleefully stood in the path of others attempting to do theirs. They have tried blackmail tactics re budgets, engineered one government shutdown (and are muttering about another), and have attempted dozens of repeals of the same law] all while collecting a handsome salary! Nowhere has evidence been found that Republicans have once considered the impact of their non-participation in governing on average Americans who may be suffering through difficult financial times. In fact, they actually celebrated their decision to shut down the government in 2013!!! 

This is unconscionable behavior – behavior that Republicans have been able to perpetuate to their advantage over the years! Tell me, why is there no mechanism in place to curb this type of bad faith governing? That the nation has to suffer through deliberate and destructive tactics for years until the next election shows a weakness in the system that ought to be addressed, don’t you think? Americans young and old – veterans, food stamp recipients, underpaid women and others – all have been caught in the trenches of the GOP war against one man – the president of the USA! There is little doubt that the Republican Party’s total focus on thwarting any recovery President Obama tries to accomplish has hurt this nation in so many ways we will need decades to recover.

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