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Missouri is SEVENTH state to find no illegal activity at Planned Parenthood. Of course, facts won't stop the rightwing loons.

A number of states have launched investigations into Planned Parenthood after the release of the Center for Medical Progress’s blatantly deceptive videos, including Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and South Dakota, and so far every state has completely vindicated the women’s health organization of any and all wrongdoing.

Today Missouri joins this growing list of states, as Attorney General Chris Koster’s office announces they have found absolutely no evidence Planned Parenthood is illegally selling fetal tissue.
An investigation in Missouri found no evidence that Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis clinic mishandled fetal tissue or engaged in unlawful activity, Attorney General Chris Koster’s office said on Monday.
Koster’s office had launched an investigation after an anti-abortion group released videos over the summer alleging that Planned Parenthood in other states illegally sold fetal tissue.
“The evidence reviewed by my investigators supports Planned Parenthood’s representation that fetal tissue is handled in accordance with Missouri law,” Koster said in a news release. “We have discovered no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis facility is selling fetal tissue.”
How much more money will the Republican Party waste on “investigations” prompted by a bogus religious right smear attack?  Likely they'll spend lots and lots -- just as they are wasting money on Benghazi and just like they wasted money of Whitewater.

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