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Rightwing, Tea Party heads exploding as Fortune 500 companies pledge to go with 100% renewable energy

Courtesy of Reneweconomy: 

Fortune 500-listed companies Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, NIKE, Inc, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Steelcase, Voya Financial, and Walmart have pledged to source 100 per cent of their electricity from renewable energy. 

The pledges are part of the “RE100” global campaign by non-profit groups, The Climate Group and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which encourages companies to commit to 100 per cent renewable energy. 

CEO of The Climate Group, Mark Kenber, said: “Research shows that the most ambitious companies have seen a 27 per cent return on their low carbon investments – no wonder new names keep joining RE100. 

“Lowering risk, protecting against price rises, saving millions and boosting brand is what shaping a low carbon economy is all about,” Kenber said. 

“Today these companies are signalling loud and clear to COP21 negotiators that forward-thinking businesses back renewables and want to see a strong climate deal in Paris.” 

The private sector is key to reducing global carbon emissions as it accounts for more than half of the world’s electricity consumption.

Some of the companies have target dates as far out as 2050, but others are shooting for faster turnarounds at around 2020 or even 2015.

Meanwhile, Tea Partiers continue to rave and rail against "Agenda 21" and "Smart Growth" as well as shrieking in favor of offshore drilling --  while the smart people start moving into renewable energy.

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