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Today's GOP: Riding the short bus and licking the windows . . . and now they want to drive the bus

First, a word of explanation.  Not everyone is familiar with the expression "riding the short bus."  Frankly, it is an unkind and derogatory expression.  As most of us know, school systems accommodate special needs students, many of whom must have special transportation -- special school buses.  Because these special buses carry only a few students, they are much shorter than normal school buses -- hence, "the short bus."  Because the students who ride the short bus are "special needs students," the term "riding the short bus" has come to describe a person or a group of people who are . . . let's say, who are a bit slower than the rest of us . . . intellectually challenged as it were. "Licking the windows" -- occasionally one of the special needs kids has strange habits, such as licking the windows.

Today's GOP is like a group of kids riding the short bus and licking the windows . . . but now they think they can drive the bus.

Here is thoughtful commentary about how John Boehner's resignation is a result of the dingbats, loons, wackadoodles, Klansmen, Jesus freaks, gunnuts, and other crazy people who now make up the GOP and it's creature, the Tea Party.

*Peter King: Boehner exit means 'the crazies have taken over the party' ("I think whoever runs for speaker should make it clear that he's not going to give in to these people...The time for appeasement is over.")

*Boehner didn't have a prayer ("...for most of his speakership, he could not be that leader, because his caucus constantly tugged him toward extremism and implacability. He kept his title, but he lost any ability to lead. Finally, he had enough.")

*Boehner's tenure defined by missed chances and internal revolts

*Mr. Boehner's resignation is a political cop-out ("... a speaker's primary responsibility is to the nation, not the House. And what the nation needs is a Congress willing to make compromises in the national interest - compromises that Mr. Boehner may have favored but rarely had the stomach to promote." Bingo.)

*The GOP civil war infects 2016 ("The internal struggle that helped doom Boehner now bleeds into the presidential race." Now? It's been doing that a looong time.)

*The Revolution Devours Its Own ("John Boehner was brought down by the same conservative forces he once courted." Yep, the Tea Party monster devoured him.)

*John Boehner was really bad at his job. Now things are about to get epically worse ("The right was never controllable. Boehner's enduring shame will be having not reached across the aisle to govern." Yep.)

For a more direct commentary, read Juanita Jean's Beauty Shop's take on the resignation.

“Look, we’ve screwed this Republican Party thing up royally.  The long path from Richard Nixon’s Silent Majority, through Ronald Reagan’s Moral Majority, to George Bush’s Gerrymandered Majority has led us here,” well-known political has-been Boehner said.  “We took every crank, Jeebus freak, moron, nutjob, racist, sexist and ammosexual and told them that actually their pathologies were patriotism, just so that they would vote for us and against their economic self-interest.”

“Who knew that if you empowered the delinquents on the short-bus, eventually they were going to want to drive it,” well-known weeper Boehner said, a wistful tear in his eye.  “The experiment has escaped the laboratory.”

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