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JESUSCHRISTONACRUTCH!!! Can the "Benghazi Republicans" get any more stupid??

Actual line of questions asked by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS).
  • Ambassador Stevens did not have your personal email address, we've established that. Did he have your cell phone number?
  • Did he have your fax number?
  • Did he have your home address?
  • Did he ever stop by your house?
  • Mr. Blumenthal had each of those and did each of those things.
Clinton's responses: Stevens had a 24-hour State Department hotline and could have reached her through that at any time if needed. He had the State Department fax number. No, he didn't have her home address and, that being the case, had not stopped by.

Pompeo clearly thinks the fact that Blumenthal had these pieces of information is some kind of ace in the hole. But Stevens was an employee of the massive government department Clinton headed. Blumenthal was a family friend of decades. Pompeo did not win this exchange, let's say.

But this is what Republicans have. Hillary Clinton's friend could communicate with her in ways that people who worked for her could not. So they're going to keep beating that dead horse.

Hillary Clinton did not have to destroy the Republicans on the "Benghazi Committee" -- they did that to themselves.

This full day of testimony by Hillary Clinton is a HUGE advertisement for her to be elected President -- she should thank the GOP for the free political advertising.

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