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Less than two weeks ago, the FBI broke up a terrorist plot in Virginia

Two men in Virginia, Robert C. Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney have both been charged with conspiracy to possess firearms in an attempt to incite a race war by bombing black churches and synagogues, as reported on the Southern Poverty Law Center website. 

Whoa… how did this slip under the radar? Well, maybe it had something to do with recent history and media reaction for warning about right-wing terror threats. As you may recall, in February of this year, the Department of Homeland Security released an intelligence assessment warning that extreme right-wing groups and lone actors with extreme right-wing ideological leanings may be as great if not a greater threat to commit acts of terrorism in the U.S. than Islamic extremists. While that report focused more on the “Sovereign Citizen” movement, other similar intelligence reports over the past decade have warned of the dangers of these right-wing groups, or acts of violence perpetrated by lone-wolf actors with similar views. The proof of these dangers is well-documented by various sources. 

Most famously, back in 2009 DHS secretary Janet Napolitano warned of the growing threat of right-wing extremism in the wake of the election of Barack Obama. The backlash from right-wing punditry was swift and severe, as they interpreted this report as being baseless, and a mere political ploy to denigrate the burgeoning Tea Party movement. It was effective enough that Napolitano actually semi-apologized for such a “slight.”

Now I always found it fascinating that it was characters like Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Laura Ingraham who made the leap to associate right-wing terrorists like the would-be church bombers pictured above with seemingly “mainstream” right-wing agitators such as themselves or groups like the Tea Party movement. I didn’t do that. Janet Napolitano didn’t. They did. Chew on that, if you will.

The point being, in the current world of hyperventilating over the dangers of “political correctness” ..ahem.. paging Dr. Carson... it is seemingly quite PC, even for the “mainstream media” to see the inherent dangers of Islamic terrorism in anyone and everyone who merely speaks Arabic, be they women, children, or even anyone who has already passed through the rigorous refugee vetting process. Meanwhile, as we learned in 2009, and evidently by the radio silence of what the FBI thankfully thwarted in Virginia, calling right-wing terrorism what it is, is not at all “PC” today.

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