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Sarah Palin: Going bankrupt with no way out

Sarah Palin's estate in Arizona is for sale.  She's trying to make a tidy $1.5 million profit because she's broke; her PAC is broke; no one in her family is working; they can't pay for the airplane, the trips to Vegas and Hawaii, special care for the Down Syndrome child, Louboutin shoes, Louie Vuitton bags, new cars, snowmobiles, and all the other crap they have accumulated.

Courtesy of 

This pristine gated estate is sure to impress as you enter from a wraparound drive to access the private gated entrance. Masterfully designed & built this 7971 sqft home showcases 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, a 6 car garage & breathtaking mountain views from virtually every room! Quality & care echoes throughout, with beautiful finishes, fixtures, fireplaces, chandeliers, soaring ceilings, media theater, wine cellar & more. Craftsmanship extends to the resort themed backyard with fireplaces off the covered patio, veranda & rooftop deck off of the master suite. Luxury abounds with a built-in grill station, fire-pit, sparkling blue pool, spa, synthetic grass & a lighted sports court. This 4.9 acre equestrian estate offers opulence at it's finest. Contact us to schedule your private showing. 

Here's some video of the property.

So I guess we can assume that Palin's book sales were just not enough to keep her in the style to which she had grown accustom.

Not to mention that her Fox News contract is over. 

And of course we already know that the SarahPAC funds are drying up so fast the PAC will be bankrupt in 6 months or so.

So I guess she is starting to sell off her property and belongings in an attempt to keep her creditors at bay.

This is actually really big news because sources have said for years that Palin absolutely does NOT want to live in Alaska.

Not only is this an indication of just how little money is flowing into the Palin household right now, it also indicates that she does not expect that situation to change any time soon.

Let's see what her future looks like:

  1. Sarah Palin stuck in a state where she is no longer welcome, in the house that she cannot stand to live in, and in a marriage that is only held together by fear and loathing.  
  2. Her slutty daughter has gone through between 4 and 6 "trial marriages" in which she shacked up with a string of losers, all of whom dumped her and now she's pregnant with her second fatherless child.  The daughter -- Bristol -- has no job, no job skills, two children, no marital prospects, and her BFF is a prostitute.
  3. Her oldest son is an unemployed, unemployable dopehead who can't even get back into the Army.
  4. Her middle daughter managed to finish high school and cosmetology school and is working in a no-name beauty salon for near minimum wage and tips.
  5. Her youngest daughter has just entered high school and is as empty-headed as the rest of the family.
  6. Her youngest child is a 6-7 yr old with Down Syndrome who has no verbal skills, eats only soft food, and who hates his mother so deeply she must restrain him to have a picture made with him.
Things really came apart a little over a year ago when husband Todd, Sarah, son Track, daughter Bristol, and Bristol's 6-yr-old son showed up around midnight, shit-faced, knee-walking drunk; crashed a party; got into a huge drunken brawl; and the cops released photos and audio of the Palin family being themselves -- trailer trash.

Well I guess she has finally hit bottom.

I might have to drink my New Year's Eve bottle of champagne a little early.

 And to think -- Tea Partiers still worship this half-wit.


Let's review the finances of Sarah's Political Action Committee -- SarahPAC.

In July 2015, her PAC -- SarahPAC -- released its six-month financial statement.  The finances were a disaster.

Between 12/2012 and 12/2014, donations were off by -44%; from 12/2014 to 7/2015, donations dropped a whopping -82%.  Thus, in 30 months, donations all but dried up -- from over $5 million, to less than $500,000.

Cash on hand between 12/2012 and 7/2015 dropped by 95%, from $1.1 million to just over $500,000.

During mid-summer 2015 it was clear the PAC would be broke in 6 - 10 months.

The chart at this link illustrates the basics of the coming SarahPAC bankruptcy.

You see, SarahPAC is an unlimited PAC -- which means Sarah can spend the money donated to SarahPAC on ANYTHING -- clothes, groceries, plastic surgery, $900-a-pair Louboutin shoes -- ANYTHING.  For example, here's a photo Sarah's daughter posted to her Instagram page in February 2015:

 Note Bristol's comment -- bsmp2 Such a fun trip to #vegas with my mama

And who paid for this fun trip to Vegas?  The suckers who donated to SarahPAC did -- the proof from the SarahPAC July 2015 filing.

So, you suckers who donated to Sarah paid $16,061.54 for Sarah, her daughter, and who knows who else to fly to Vegas for partying -- and for Bristol to get pregnant.


On Christmas Day 2015, Sarah's Facebook page featured a photo that, according to the header data, was posted from NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA.

Why would Sarah and Todd Palin be in New Orleans around Christmas?

There can be only one reason for her to go there and that is to visit Jason Recher, the Registered Agent and Manager of Sarah's shell company NorthStar Strategies, LLC -- the other shell company is Grey Stategies, Inc. run by Doug McMarlin. 

Because Sarah is selling her Arizona house, she must be in a panic about money and is meeting with her financial managers trying to figure out how to avoid bankruptcy.

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  1. If she were able to sell the house at that price, I think they could skate by, but after reading the list of purchases, I wonder how many creditors have liens on the property for non-payment. That money you think she may profit could already be gobbled up by debt collectors who are simply waiting for her to show any profit.

    Robert @ Weik Bankruptcy Attorney