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Turns out the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood murderous terroirst thug is NOT "transgendered."

Within a few minutes after the terrorist thug murdered three people in Colorado Springs, Ted Cruz claimed the guy was a "transgendered liberal activist."  Cruz's claim was based on a rightwing propaganda machine claim that the terrorist shooter was registered to vote as a female.

Turns out it was a clerical error.  In fact, I'm beginning to suspect Ted Cruz is one big clerical error.

The Planned Parenthood shooter wasn’t a transgender leftist activist as Republicans claimed. It turns out that a clerical error on his voter registration card is responsible for the shooter being labeled a female.

According to The Gazette:

Ryan Parsell, El Paso County’s chief deputy clerk and recorder, said his office incorrectly recorded Dear’s gender in October 2014, leading to the issuance of both a driver’s license and voter’s registration card erroneously identifying him as a woman.

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  1. Big deal! JEB! registered to vote as a Hispanic. And that was no 'clerical error'.