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What a contrast: Chelsea Clinton and Bristol Palin

Both Chelsea Clinton and Bristol Palin are pregnant with their second child.  There are some differences that need to be noted.

1.  Chelsea is married and has been married since long before she became pregnant with her first child.  Bristol is not married, never been married, and doesn't even know the identity of the father of her second child.

2.  Chelsea's mother immediately and publicly recognized her daughter's pregnancy and was elated with the prospect of a second grandchild.  Bristol announced her second pregnancy and her mother ignored the pregnancy until she was, grudgingly, forced by an interviewer to acknowledge the pregnancy.

3.  Chelsea's child will join a tightly-knit, normal family.  Bristol's child will join a dysfunctional family in which no one is employed; the family lives off scammed donations; the family goes out at midnight, shit-faced drunk, and gets into a drunken brawl.

4.   Chelsea's child's grandmother -- the next President of the United States -- is a respected leader.  Bristol's child's grandmother is material for jokes by late-night comics.

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