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Why conservatives lie and believe their lies

Many on the left (and middle) are puzzled when some on the right (see Carly Fiorina, et. al.) seem to be unimpressed by truth, accuracy, and logic.

 A little thought clears this up. Many on the Right are faith-based. This may not seen relevant, but bear with me. Faith is defined as “belief in things not seen”. John 20:29 says "Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." (KJV).

Rightwingers -- conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers -- equate belief with reality.  That is, their approach is "If I believe it, it is real and true." 

Therefore when someone says "Obama is (choose one: not American, Muslim, the Antichrist, many others) they believe it, therefore it is true. When Trump says that (choose one: Mexicans are rapists, Muslims should not be allowed entry into the U.S., others), his followers believe  him because they want to. 

Fox News appeals to them not because Fox tells the truth, but because Fox tells these folks what they want to believe, therefore (in their minds) legitimizing it. (They love to use the phrase "(they) tell it like it is", confusing emphasis with accuracy).

The link between faith-based thinking and modern conservatism should not be ignored. Neocons of the George W Bush era believed they could alter reality. In the minds of their followers, they have.
Some say there is no objective reality, there is only what you believe. 

My response: if you go up to the roof and jump off, no amount of belief will enable you to fly. You may believe you are flying right up until you become a stain on the sidewalk, but it ain't necessarily so. I am not saying all who have religious beliefs are delusional; however it is a slippery slope . 

When you choose to believe in things that have no evidence, it's a small step to equate belief with truth.  And when you reach the point that you accept something as true simply because you believe it, then, you are ready for the Tea Party.

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