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Oregon standoff ends; one terrorist dead; 8 or more in custody; eyewitnesses knock down the lie about dead terrorist shotwhile on his knees, hands up

This will be a short blog entry.

Those of you following news of the terrorist takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon know the standoff ended last night (26 January) with the arrest of several terrorists; one terrorist wounded; and the loony "Blue Tarp Guy," LaVoy Finicum, shot dead.

Local people had scheduled a town hall meeting with the terrorist leaders, trying to persuade them to leave.  A group of terrorists were in two SUV's headed for the meeting when they ran into a federal and state roadblock where they were captured, one wounded, Finicum killed.

Now the rightwing is trying to turn Finicum into a martyr with claims that he was out of his vehicle, on his knees, hands up, kneeling in front of federal officers. B U L L S H I T.

Eyewitnesses state Finicum refused to surrender, was armed, charged at officers, was shot.

The Bundy militants and their supporters are trying to turn LaVoy Finicum into a right-wing martyr, but two eyewitnesses deny that he was shot and killed in cold blood by law enforcement officers.
Finicum was part of a convoy headed Tuesday evening from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to the John Day Senior Center, where the armed militants apparently intended to set up a Committee of Safety as a form of shadow government ahead of a possible armed takeover of federal land in Grant County, Oregon.
State Rep. Michele Fiore (R-Nevada) and the “Bundy Ranch” Facebook page shared similar accounts of Finicum’s fatal shooting, each claiming the rancher had been shot with his hands up while his friends were arrested.

Michele Fiore is the dingbat from Nevada whose Christmas card for 2015 featured her entire family -- grandma, dad, mother Michele, and children -- including a 5-yr-old -- all posed brandishing AR-15 rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

In other news of these terrorists:

John Ritzheimer of Arizona is a loud-mouthed terrorist constantly threatening federal officers, Muslims, and anyone else he doesn't like.  Ritzheimer claims to be a former Marine and portrays himself as a real badass.  A few hours before the feds moved in, Ritzheimer slipped out of the refuge and went back home to Arizona where he, first, pleaded on Facebook for donations to pay a lawyer, then, second, turned himself in to local cops who turned him over to the FBI.

The two dozen or so other loons who remained in the refuge were given by the feds until 4:00 AM to leave or else.

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