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Will wonders never cease?? Houston, TEXAS, livestock show and rodeo bans concealed and open-carry weapons.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has decided to ban open carry and concealed handguns from their events. Is it because they hate America?
"The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in an effort to provide a safe environment and promote a family-friendly atmosphere at the city's iconic entertainment event, will prohibit concealed and open carry of handguns by private citizens at the 2016 Show," the organization said in a release Tuesday afternoon.
So far, open carry laws have been a bit of a hassle for everybody in the Lone Star State—whether it’s people with permits being asked for their permits in Walmart, or open carry advocates trying to terrorize people into seeing how safe being threatened with guns everywhere can be, open carry laws suck. This isn’t the first major Texas business to say get out of here with your guns.
A number of businesses – most notably the Houston Zoo – have stepped forward to say they will not allow the open carry of weapons on their grounds, however RodeoHouston's decision may be the biggest made so far involving a public event (especially an event that so vividly recalls  the gun-loving mystique and lore of the cowboy and American West).
People don’t feel safe knowing that a ton of people are getting drunk, watching rodeo and carrying guns because you know there are fights whenever big groups of people get together. It’s also guns. Just having guns anywhere en masse is a big issue. Like, let’s say, the doctor’s office. 

What do you bet this decision was made because of the cost of their liability insurance if they allowed guns all over the place?

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