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You can learn a lot by listening to Republicans. Here's a list of what I learned from Republicans in March 2016.

These are REAL, ACTUAL, NO-KIDDING statements made by prominent Republicans.

Rape and incest are less likely to result in pregnancy, so if you get pregnant and claim rape or incest you're probably just confused. (Idaho State Rep. Pete Nielsen)

There are no gay members of the Mormon church. (Mormon Elder David Bednar)

Only self-loathing Jews get along with President Obama. (TX Rep. Louie Gohmert)

Ted Cruz is a disgraceful, half-term, do-nothing senator. (Disgraceful half-term do-nothing governor Sarah Palin)

Supreme Court justices sign bills into law. (Donald Trump)

The rise of Donald Trump is all Barack Obama's fault (Bobby Jindal)

Donald Trump smells like Ronald Reagan. (Phyllis Schlafly)

Donald Trump is rehabilitating Adolf Hitler's image. (David Duke)

America should create a police state within the U.S. Muslim population. (Sen. Ted Cruz)

When Hillary Clinton becomes dictator she’ll put a transgender person in your soup. (Michael Savage)

The Republican National Committee is just one big gay foam party. (Travis County, Texas GOP chairman Robert Morrow)

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