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It appears that Donald Trump's base -- the hate-filled Nazi white supremacists -- are firmly on board

Tt appears that Donald Trump's base, the white supremacists, are still firmly on board.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast: 

A Donald Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pa. last week brought out a large and varied crowd: teens in business suits, Republican members of Congress, and racist skinheads. 

Almost a dozen white men decked out in the regalia of a white supremacist group hung out toward the back of the Trump-loving crowd, cheering heartily at the mogul’s calls for stricter immigration enforcement and eyeing police as they dispatched protesters. 

The group is called Keystone United -- also known as the Keystone State Skinheads -- and it’s one of the better-organized state-level white supremacist franchises in the country. 

Its members sport tattoos of Norse symbols and shiny black jackets with patches displaying their logo, a white pit bull, and the letters KSS. They have a lot of trouble with the law. 

And they love Trump.

And why wouldn't they love Trump?

He is everything they could hope for in a leader, except for the little mustache, of course.

Remember folks, if you are not going to turn out and vote for Hillary Clinton in November, these are the people whose leader you will help elect. 

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