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What's the problem? Let the dumbasses secede!!

Honestly, Texas Republicans should be proud if only 22 of their local conventions end up advocating for Texas secession.
A handful of Texas Republican district or county conventions in March passed resolutions calling for a vote on secession, paving the way for a potentially awkward debate at the state GOP conference in May.
A Nederland-based pro-independence activist group, the Texas Nationalist Movement, said at least 22 of the hundreds of conventions passed secession items.
This is the state party that's given us at least half of the most insane members of Congress this past decade, blessing America with everyone from Louie Gohmert to Steve Stockman and any number of other nutcases. The state recently graced America with the Worst President Ever, and ambitiously seeks to top that with a little number called Eduardo Rafael Cruz, a man whose claim to fame is the theory that we don't need a functioning federal gubbermint at all.

This is the state party that brought us the JADE HELM conspiracy theory, the notion that Barack Obama was sending American military troops to "take over" Texas and put it under ... American rule.

State Republicans should be breathing a sigh of relief that two dozen-ish of their state conventions didn’t pass resolutions declaring that Texas was already an independent nation.

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