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Comments on the 30 April Virginia Tea Party Republican schoolyard fight . . . oooopppsss . . . meant to say "Virginia Tea Party Republican 'convention' "

Late in the afternoon of 30 April, the Virginia Republican State Convention voted on its national delegate slate and it's abundantly clear that they remain bitterly divided. During more than six hours of negotiations, backroom dealings, efforts to oust Chairman Whitbeck, and speeches from leaders encouraging "unity," Virginia Republicans are anything but united.

Key Takeaways:

“Any hope of party unity has been thrown out the window” - Conservative Radio Show Host John Fredericks during a live broadcast at Republican Party of Virginia's state convention

Cruz/Trump tension is at an all-time high. Despite the fact that Ted Cruz came in at a distant third on Super Tuesday, the Republican Party of Virginia's national delegate slate included 10 Cruz supporters out of 13 total. This vote came after more than six hours of back and forth. The Cruz supporters threatened to scrap any remaining Trump delegates off of the slate if Trump supporters rejected the 3/10 “deal.” At the end of the day, the RPV's national at-large slate gave nearly 77 percent of the at-large delegates to Cruz - someone who received less than 17 percent of the vote in Virginia...

...Virginia Republicans couldn't even unify behind Chairman John Whitbeck, who managed to hold on to his seat amid efforts to oust him...

...Ed Gillespie still won't say who he supports for President. Ed Gillespie made a speech to Republicans about party unity during his early, low-profile speaking spot. Yet he still refuses to let Virginians know who he'd like to unify behind.

Congressman Rob Wittman, who has said he plans to run for governor in 2017, was there.  Said nothing.  No one asked him to say anything.  He was ignored.

No sign of Barbara Comstock. Barbara Comstock was nowhere to be found, but that didn't stop internal party strife over her race. A local spat created controversy over the Chairman of the Frederick County Republican Committee. During resolution discussions, Del. Jackson Miller admitted that Comstock faced an up hill battle:

“The reason I’m on this side of the motion is I have nothing personally against Mr. Berg, but what I do have a problem with is losing,” he said. “ Congresswoman [ Barbara] Comstock is going to have a tough election.” - [Winchester Star, 4/30/2016]

The Dick Black Question. Ted Cruz Virginia Co-Chair Dick Black went to Syria, praised and met with brutal, murderous dictator Hafaz Assad, and pledged support for him. Why is Virginia Republican leadership remaining silent? Are Chairman John Whitbeck and Ted Cruz still allowing Dick Black to represent them at the Republican National Convention?

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