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Rightwingnutcases going apeshit over claims that Romanian hacker hacked Hillary Clinton's email server . . . it's all bullshit . . . which is why Fox is all over the story

So the internet is abuzz with news about his "Guccifer" fellow who now claims that he used Sydney Blumenthal's e-mail account, after guessing his password, to hack into Clinton's account as well.

There are a couple of red flags that his story might be pure BS, but Fox News is fairly convinced:  

EXCLUSIVE: The infamous Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer,” speaking exclusively with Fox News, claimed he easily – and repeatedly – breached former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal email server in early 2013. 

 "For me, it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody," Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker "Guccifer," told Fox News from a Virginia jail where he is being held. 

Guccifer’s potential role in the Clinton email investigation was first reported by Fox News last month. The hacker subsequently claimed he was able to access the server – and provided extensive details about how he did it and what he found – over the course of a half-hour jailhouse interview and a series of recorded phone calls with Fox News.

Fox News leaves a little wiggle room in case this guy, Marcel Lehel Lazar, turns out to be yanking their chain, but you can sense their excitement in the almost breathless way they are reporting this. Also making damn sure that everybody knows that THEY had the story first.

Except of course they didn't.

NBC had already interviewed this individual, who is serving a four year sentence for his crimes which include hacking into the Bush family e-mail accounts, before he was extradited.

Here is how NBC reported the story today: 

When pressed by NBC News, Lazar, 44, could provide no documentation to back up his claims, nor did he ever release anything online supporting his allegations, as he had frequently done with past hacks. The FBI's review of the Clinton server logs showed no sign of hacking, according to a source familiar with the case. 

Brian Fallon, national press secretary for Clinton's presidential campaign, said Guccifer's claims were baseless. 

"There is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell," said Fallon. "In addition to the fact that he offers no proof to support his claims, his descriptions of Secretary Clinton's server are inaccurate. It is unfathomable that he would have gained access to her emails and not leaked them the way he did to his other victims. 

"We have received no indication from any government agency to support these claims, nor are they reflected in the range of charges that Guccifer already faces and that prompted his extradition in the first place," Fallon added. "And it has been reported that security logs from Secretary Clinton's email server do not show any evidence of foreign hacking."

Apparently this Lazar fellow also claimed that there was nothing interesting in the e-mails, but then in other reports that he saved data, which obviously he never used.

So right now the Right Wing blogs, and of course Bernie supporters, are losing their minds over this and claiming that it proves Clinton is doomed.

However the first thing to remember is that there is still no evidence that this even happened. Secondly, if it did, then, the State Department e-mail system was ALSO hacked. And thirdly that it is incredibly unlikely that this will have any effect whatsoever on Hillary's campaign in the real world.

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