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Wonder why Congress can't get a goddam thing accomplished? It's because of bullshit like this by House Republicans

No wonder House Republicans can't accomplish a goddamned thing. They're too busy "investigating" all those bogus conspiracies they think will make political hay for them. Here's the latest, and of course it's about Obamacare.
House Republicans are subpoenaing documents related to ObamaCare payments that they say break the law.
Two House committees issued the subpoenas on Wednesday, saying the administration has refused to comply with document requests for over a year. The administration counters that the matter is part of an ongoing lawsuit. […]
The top Democrats on the same two committees, Reps. Frank Pallone Jr. (N.J.) and Sandy Levin (Mich.), fired back in a statement, saying that Republicans are dusting off "the same old playbook" of attacking the Affordable Care Act and trying to make "an end run around the judicial process," since the matter is already the subject of a lawsuit. 
“Instead of pursuing partisan witch hunts, Congress should be focusing on the pressing health issues before it — like helping the residents of Flint and providing resources to combat the Zika virus," Pallone and Levin said. "The American people deserve better.”
Those payments, "cost-sharing reductions," are in fact at the heart of pending (bullshit) litigation brought by—you guessed it—the Republican House of Representatives. They contend that the money that's been paid out—to help low-income people with high out-of-pocket costs that make their Obamacare plans less affordable—has not been explicitly appropriated by them. The administration argues that the funds don't need to be appropriated annually because they were included in the permanent appropriation that also set up the subsidies most Obamacare customers receive.

It's a whole different world House Republicans are living in, one in which BENGHAZI!!!!! and Planned Parenthood and Obamacare ARE THE ONLY THINGS. It's a strange little bubble in which they exist, one that is keeping all the rest of us from having nice things. Like a way to fight Zika.

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