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Another day, another financial debacle for Tea Party-led Kansas

In a story that should shock no one, the financial experiment that is Kansas will mark a new low this month, as revenues again miss their (already lowered) expectations by $33M.

Kansas will miss revenue expectations for June by more than $33 million, according to two sources in state government.
That comes on top of the $45 million shortfall the state already faced for the 2016 fiscal year, which ends June 30.
The revenue comes shortly after the State of Kansas was pushed to resolve school funding concerns by selling off state assets — though the Governor’s office assures the public that this budget short fall will not impact the funds allows schools to open, they also noted many school districts may have to wait on money, as the state will delay payments.
Budget director Shawn Sullivan told the State Finance Council last week that fund sweeps and a possible delay of state payments to school districts probably would be necessary to keep the state above zero for the end of the fiscal year, as required by Kansas law.
Nothing says economic success like being forced to sell off your assets to pay bills and then delaying future bills because you can’t afford them.

And this, folks, is what Tea Party economics gets you.

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