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Let's lay to waste this bit of rightwing bullshit

In the wake of the Orlando murders, the rightwing noise machine -- supported by various gunnut, "special ops," and similar loon-based websites -- have started telling us that, well, no, the killer did not use an AR-15,  Instead, he used a SigSauer MCX carbine.

Well, that's a relief.  And I know the families of the people he killed are relieved to know their loved ones did not die with an AR-15 bullet.


If you espouse this "not an AR-15" claim, then, the only thing you are doing is revealing just how goddam stupid you are.

One of the jackasses spreading this irrelevant bullshit is former Marine, Dakota Meyer, recipient of the Medal of Honor and recently married to Bristol Palin, with whom he had a baby born last November.  The fact that he's associated with the Palin family tells us all we need to know about his intelligence.

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  1. Still hoping they allow firearms at the Republican convention. Let's see how that goes.