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Okay - - - enuf is e-goddam-nuf

Time for the Berniebots to sitthefuckdown and shutthefuckup.

Back when Bernie first burst on the scene, he was cute and I paid some attention to him.

Now it's clear he's nothing but an angry, bitter old fart.

As a college student in Alabama in the 1960's, I marched with John Lewis and MLK.  I spent some time in Bull Connor's jail.  When I was dodging the Klan down back roads in Mississippi, where was Bernie??  Parading around Berkeley with some smelly hippies while the rest of us did the dangerous work.

I was putting it on the line when 99.5% of today's Berniebots were not even a wet spot on their momma's sheets.


1 comment:

  1. If Bernie can bring some progressive ideas to the milk toast Dems, I say more power to him.